Question Is it possible to change the region of the Galaxy Watch 4?

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Jun 14, 2008
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Samsung Galaxy S22

You can only jump between existing scripts inside Firmware...

You can look what you can choose by ADB for instance...

In US Firmware you should find folders with:

This means you can choose between XAA OR VZW OR ATT...

You can not change to DBT as DBT is not isnode US Firmware...

If you use ADB... then IMHO more clear...

About safe....


your OWN RISK!

Because I am not Samsung.

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Dec 5, 2020
Android Wear
Pero ya hay firmwares para la versión 895U y 895F en este foro.
Y al menos un miembro [USUARIO=1030585]@adfree[/USUARIO] está tratando de hacer una combinación de firmware según tengo entendido.
Acabo de comprobar el proceso de flasheo de cambio de modelo U a modelo F en SGW3 y espero que sea similar en SGW4.
Where? Please

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    Only as info.

    Meawhile confirmed by more then me userS...

    It is possible to change active CSC
    WITHOUT Root
    WITHOUT Combination Firmware
    WITHOUT soldered wires... aka USB cable

    Latest confirmed Firmware Version is GVK6 (SM-R875F) LTE

    So IMHO GVK7 should also work...

    You can go in every direction you want... more then 1 time... you can test every CSC inside your Firmware...

    It is based on this Exploit trick to bring system user... system shell...

    No idea how long Samsung need to fix this... I think not so fast with AWA3 Firmware...

    If you are able to use ADB... then IMHO not impossible...

    Its not perfect How to... but tiny beginning...

    If I can help... then I will try to help...

    Only as info...

    Should work also on GW5 including AWA3 Firmware Version...

    Best Regards
    I just purchased a Galaxy Watch 4 in my country (Israel) and when setting it up I found out that it is a grey import with the country list being limited to a small group of Mid-South American Spanish speaking countries (Cuba, Colombia, Guatemala, etc.).

    I understand this affects my ability to use Samsung Pay in my country. Would the region lock affect anything else in addition to this?
    Also, Would it be possible to somehow change the region of the watch?

    I have exactly the same problem,

    Do you have a solution ?
    Oh my gosh, me too. There's gotta be someone that knows how to change CSC 🙏
    I changed my country on my non LTE version Samsung Watch 4 Classic .

    This is what I did ( using the tools provided on this forum) :

    I first followed the steps in this video ( I had to do this in order for my BP & ECG to work) -

    Then followed the steps below to change country ( worked 100%) :

    Steps on phone :
    • open Samsung Health app
    • click on the "3 dots" in right hand top corner
    • click on "settings"
    • click on " about Samsung health"
    • click on "set features"
    • click on "common"
    • change "CSC Country code" to (whatever you want)
    • close
    • Force STOP "Samsung Health app" - via phone settings / Apps
    • reopen "Samsung Health app"
    • country changed
    Hello. can you describe step by step what to do after you enter the code
    Note* This method can be done if it is LTE varient
    Step 1: your watch dial pad enter the following
    *#272*IMEI# ( enter IMEI number of your watch)

    Step 2 : Select the region code or Russia (SER)
    And select the option install (the watch will reset and reboot automatically)

    Step 3 : pair with Mobile again and install the samsung pay plugin in your mobile

    Step 4: open samsung pay in your watch and follow the steps it will prompt to mobile to add the card

    I'm in India after doing these steps even LTE works fine and I get samsung pay too

    I have attached the samsung pay watch plug-in for the mobile