Is it possible to recover the Moto C Plus in these conditions?

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Jun 10, 2021
Hi, I have a moto c plus moto c plus xt1726.
His USB port is damaged and doesn't work, but I was still able to install roms through TWRP.

The problem: Yesterday I tried
Install a Custom Rom through TWRP, but something went wrong.
The smartphone doesn't leave the blue logo anymore:


Then I accessed the recovery mode (Volume+ and Power). The installed rom seems to have modified the recovery interface, and now it looks like this:


The problem is I can't reinstall the rom.
I accessed "Apply Uptade", selected the sd card, then the rom(zip), but I get the error message:


I can't recover the moto c plus because the usb port doesn't work, and I also don't have access to android anymore, and consequently I don't have the TWRP anymore.