Question Is it worth rooting?

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So I will lose warranty in June, and require my phone to be rooted for a few reasons however, I just wanted to know is it likely that the screen could die like others mentioned? and will Samsung repair screen if it's rooted? Also how would I root it? Also could Google Pay work?

I Need root access since I live in a bad reception area and want to use Auto airplane toggle as it would save battery life and other mods.

Anyways, Sorry for bombarding people with questions 😅


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If your warranty is done by June, and you root the device after your warranty period, then it doesn't matter if you have a dead screen. You will still have to pay to get it replaced. In case you root before that, you will lose all functions related to Knox.


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Every time I try updating my phone I get this error what do I do please help!?


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