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is the Vanku Px6 7 inch the unit to buy in late 2021?

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Senior Member
Jan 2, 2012
Tacoma, Wa
Hey all, buying a Double Din so that I can add a backup cam and navigation to my 01 corvette. Ive used a pioneer with Android Auto on another car in the past and I loved it in theory, but it was a bit buggy and slow. I also like the idea of hooking up an OBDII reader and putting some additional gauges up on the radio screen.

Current price is $269

Should I consider other options?


Senior Member
Sep 26, 2011
I was looking into the same unit, there are not many alternatives using the PX6 chip with a similar form factor. Seems like a good deal to me. However, while the lack of integrated CarPlay / AndroidAuto dongle is manageable, I don't understand why they would leave a DSP chip out of it