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Is there a .cab version of the HTC Album?

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Jan 9, 2007
I am currently one of DCD's ROMs I don't remember which one off had I have running at the moment. I do know it is one of DCD's 2.x.x ROMS with the new radio. I know I could build some sort of kitchen & do this w/ the OEM, I just do not have the time & would like to just install a .cab version. If available? I did to a search for this already, I found one .cab install in this thread:

xda-developers > Wizard > Wizard Mobile 6 > TNT Series Add ons (Cab Files - Please share us)

It did not work when installed obviously....so any help would be appreciated...if I did over look a thread w/ what I'm looking for sorry in advance

Thanks! Keystone
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