Question Is there a way going back to one ui 3.1?

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Aug 17, 2010
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
Forgot to say I wanted to publish this video at first but skip it as I noticed the guy cheated his tutorial when he removed the .MD5 extension without any notification and not showing it...

The charging time of the different files BL, CP, CSC and more importantly the AP file in PC Odin was so short I knew there was something wrong... lol :)
I always remove the .md5 extension. The files load so much faster in odin.
Jan 28, 2022
Ok, I though I was done your this thread but as you nicely follow my instructions you may try to flash an official Samsung firmware with PC Odin. lol

As a pre-requisite, you need a Windows PC, a driver for samsung mobile phone, PC Odin.
Both driver and PC Odin are attached with this post and so don't forget to unzip them before using them.

Then you need to know your exact model and your CSC which you can find in your "settings", "about this phone", "information on the software", "version of the carrier software" (I have a French phone so words or phrases could be different).
The CSC is 3 letters and take the one at the very right of the list if you have more than 1 CSC...

Then follow this youtube video which is not mine, and with one restriction at 2:18 : don't allow OEM unlocking !!!
Just USB debugging !

Take time to watch it more than once to feel confident enough and to be sure you understand what you are doing...

The difference with your own link is that the guy shows you you have to attach one end of your cable to your phone and the other end to your PC to reach the bootloader mode... ^^
This was not needed before Android 11...

If everything is clean and smooth you may try to restore all your apps and data you previously backed up.

EDIT : don't forget to charge your phone batterie to the max before flashing !!!

Good luck

The user above pretty much said everything about the flashing process.

Watch this too:
A very similar video to the above one but I'll link it anyways.

To download Firmware, I personally use Frija, google it and you'll find it here:
You'll need your exact model number which is found in the "About phone" right at the bottom of the Settings app. Its gonna be something like SM-A52XX. Next is your CSC, which can be found in the "Software information" tab in the "About phone" section itself. It is usually under the "Service provider software version" where you'll see a 3 letter code like XFE or LUX or BRI. When you have those, enter the model number into the Model tab of Frija and the CSC in the CSC tab of Frija. Before pressing the Check Update button in Frija, Press the 3-dots in the top right corner of Frija and go into the Settings tab, then turn on Binary Nature if it is not already on. Then Check Update and it will get the correct firmware for you if you've put everything in correctly.

Then you can get Odin and the required drivers from the links above.

Everything else have been shown in the videos linked. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

THANKS to both of you, ill read and watch carefully both videos and instructions before applying it on my own phone.
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Nov 22, 2010
I always remove the .md5 extension. The files load so much faster in odin.

Of course it will load much faster (if you know it) and that's the reason I explained it in my tutorial for rooting.

But in the youtube video they didn't explain anything and that could be confusing and disturbing to those who watch at these videos.
The same with the USB cable...

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    There is no link between the bootloader and any version of OneUI ! ^^

    I upgraded from Android 11 to Android 12 with OneUI 4.0, then downgraded to Android 11 with OneUI 3.1 and once again upgraded to Android 12 with OneUI 4.0 with no problem at any level ! ^^

    Didn't find any incompatibility with any apps exception with Magisk v23, but I don't use this phone very much as it is a secondary phone and my main phone is a Galaxy Note 9... ;)
    I stand corrected, the bootloader is still at version one on newest firmware with A52s and I am sorry for this misstatement. I still stand by my advice to OP about rather fixing the problems by factory reset and one by one installation of apps and games.

    Since no one I know or have talked to has had any problems with Android12 on the A52s, rather on the contrary the phone has become better, I think that the OPs problem has nothing to do with the new firmware.
    Why don't you do a factory reset as suggested by @koimr ???

    I don't think all other A52 5G owners have the same problems than you...
    Because i already done it, and its still messed up.

    As far as reddit goes, im not the only one with a52s that has these problems.

    This phone is brand new(2 months) and it worked like a charm untill this update..

    I just hoped for a way to go back to 3.1
    Not according to Samsung on the phone. :D
    How can you say that ??? Might be a kinda blind guy as it is written everywhere ! ;)
    It is distributed both from the Galaxy Store and from the Google Store as part of Samsung as many other tools from Samsung. Think to update it from time to time...
    Plus it was less than useful in my case where I had NOT used it right at the start, so by the time I thought of the S8 I'd already had the impact of the other methods.

    Luckily Super Backup and Swift Backup do a good job of backing up the essentials - I don't mind losing games scores but losing Contacts, SMS & Calls would have been a terrible thing.

    With SmartSwitch you don't lose anything and mostly not Contacts, SMS, Calls and your settings, including the storage and so the backup could be very big if you have many audio and videos files... But you can exclude them from the list if you wish. I own 3 1 TB SDCards on my different phones and tablet (2 Galaxy Note9 with 256/512 GB storage and a Galaxy Tab S6 with 256 GB and now this A528B).
    You can also do your backup on Samsung Cloud or on your PC with PC SmartSwtich...
    Actually you lose a few things, but I think it's at purpose, even though I can't understand or at least I can't accept it is that SmartSwitch don't backup your themes and your back grounds anymore and also your Samsung password... ^^
    It did it before but nomore now... At least with my A528B...
    Also, I figured if he didn't know Odin etc. he'd ask. I hadn't read all the thread, just responded to his OP.
    I used to help people for over 35 years on different medium, including at the time of Usenet and in Google groups and I know or I can guess when somebody don't or when he is lying lying because he won't admit he is a rookie or a totally noob. It's just a pity as he won't learn much and it's better to put the blame on the manufacturer or on someone else... ^^
    I don't know if the bootloader got updated with the update on the A52s. If that's the case then you're stuck with OneUI 4. If the bootloader wasn't updated then you could go back to OneUI 3.1 safely with Odin.
    With a new major Android version, there is a new bootloader. A11 to A12 is a major update, so no going back. As to the OPs problem, you will soon find out what app, game or setting is causing your problem if you do your detective work. Factory reset and installation of apps and games one at a time. Some apps and games are not compatible with A12 yet.
    I've recently been bouncing from UI 4 to UI 3.1 numerous times, trying to diagnose and fix an issue with my S20+ 5G - even used firmware from 2 different countries. (XSA & XSG)

    Used Odin3 v13.14.4 which I think is the latest on Sammobile.

    Note: BACKUP - I had a problem on one flash using HOME_CSC back to 3.1 where it bootlooped - I should have tried simply turn off then start from scratch to see if it cleared but instead I did a factory reset. So be prepared for needing a reset.

    Note: Samsung and other backups do not backup your data - I used Super Backup to save out my Contacts, SMS's and Calls. Also used the Backup to External option - faster than to online account.

    Another possibility I tried at the end that I should have done at the start when I had everything - Smart Switch to my S8 first, then I could have used SS to get everything back.
    but using odin is safe for a future updates? it wont block me from future updates like rooting does?
    contacts are stored in the sim card so that not a problem. call logs doesnt mind me to lose such as SMS.
    pictures\videos - i can move to my laptop and then move it back to my phone.
    apps - ill just download them again. not a big of a deal.

    sorry for the dumb questions im just a rookie when it come to all of these firmware changes via 3rd party kind of things.

    Another point - it's not uncommon for a new firmware to use battery in what seems excessive amounts for the 1st day or so. I did see a technical explanation years back but I can't recall what it was.

    It's a good idea to let it settle in a bit before trying corrections.
    its been a week already tbh.
    ill give u a walk through:
    120hz always on, AOD, WIFI+DATA always on. all of these since day 1.

    - pre update - my battery dropped 7%-10% per hour of reddit\browsing\youtube\multitasking for my work.
    - post update - 25% per hour on these very same tasks.

    - pre update - not a single drop of % over night.
    - post update - 3-5% drop over night.

    - pre update - only charged it once a day - over night. phone lasted me for a complete day. no matter what i did, or how i pushed this phone to the edge, the battery didnt die at all. lowest i got is to 17%.
    - post update - on the very same useage as before - charge it twice a day.

    - pre update - no lags, 120hz felt like 120hz, phone was buttery smooth
    - post update - lags while scrolling\swiping, 120hz feels like 90hz sometimes. feels like refresh drops, like system is lagging

    I was also thinking about the use of PC Odin and flashing a firmware but 2 things came into my mind :

    1) We don't know if his phone is a branded one or from USA...
    2) I guess @Justaquestion2 might be a totally noob guy, so need to propose a tricky procedure to him. lol

    He said to me he already tried to do a hard reset and a wipe cache and then he asked to @dexlemaffo "Ill try that. Is it a common thing which i can find a guide on how to on youtube/google?".... ^^

    EDIT : Smart Switch is THE Samsung backup solution.
    not from the US. phone is unlocked for every provider i want.
    yeah, im a total noob when it comes to firmware changes.

    i said i tried the factory reset, not the cache wipe. ill try that when ill get back home.
    ive done factory reset before on my old androids, thats how i know how to do it, never did a cache wipe before. thats why i asked.

    u act like im some paid actor to talk trash on android.
    no need to look for "cracks" in my messages to seek for help. i aint lying to yall. i just look for help here. reddit guys guided me to this community.
    thats about it.