Is there a way to utilize the fullscreen and cutout area?


Apr 12, 2019
On some apps (e.g. Temple Run) there's a black bar at the top and even in landscape mode some Google apps have the black bar aswell and it's super fustrating to have a screen like this and having a black bar on it. On other phones (e.g. Samsung) there is an option called "full screen apps" which where you can force your phone to open apps in full screen and it works just fine.

Is there a way to solve this problem? With root or some mod? Help me please!
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Aug 31, 2013
By the way. Is Google aware of this problem? Because it seems so dumb..
Same here, immersive doesn't work..
It would appear to be the way Android 11 is desiogned/coded to operate. Individual apps need to explicitly include the A9+ code to access the area within the notch region. I have some apps that can use the area (quick pick gallery app), but most cannot.

[RANT] Personally I thi9nk googl;e dropped the ball in the options of how to treat the notch region. Simply having an option to ignore the region and treat as if there is not camera cut-out would seem like an obvious option that should be available to the user. I have made the suggestion in the support option under settings in the hope enough other people complain to put it on the radar of google as something to fix [/RANT]

See the following thread post for links


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Nov 20, 2012
I'm sure I've seen a Magisk module to let you force old apps to ignore the notch...

No idea if it works on the pixel 4a though.