Question Is there a workaround or fix for the Wifi issue

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Aug 16, 2022
Seen the issue posted everywhere with the basic T/s off/on network and factory reset. Usually fixes for a bit but comes back.
Hard to report the error as when I open Samsung members to run diagnostic I can't load the splash screen unless I turn wifi off
My unconfirmed suspicion is it doesn't like HTTP3 so apps that are modern enough to use it just hang until I go onto mobile data.
I actually work for my ISP so I have confirmed no local network or ISP related issue but no wifi adaptor card in PC to try a packet capture to actually confirm what's going on.
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If you issues are like mine were (randomly wifi would report no internet connection while other devices on the network connected fine) it ended up being my router. Switched to a newer one and the issues went away. An IT friend of mine said it was likely because the router was older and while it said they were compatible they were still using different versions of one of the connection standards. If you have a different router, give that a try. Side note, the router is a TMobile internet gateway and is obscenely fast. The new wifi 6 is awesome.