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Is there a working NES Emulator for the Touch Diamond ?

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Jul 30, 2007
This Should Help You On Your Quest!


Try this link - I hope it provides you with more info than you have found already.

I went through this process a couple of months ago and having completed it, was dissapointed - None of the emulators allow you to really play any of the SNES games to their designed level. (or any game for that matter)

A frustrating experience, but not as frustrating as trying to play the games once you have it all working.

you can download your ROM's from here - on the basis that you have already bought the game...of course!
http://www.romnation.net/ (also plenty of informaiton on Emulators here)

Now go do some work!


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Jun 26, 2008
Bowling Green
I know this has been posted sort of already on here, but here's the problem, I've tried every single one that people said worked with no success, but here's the catch: Can someone post which version works for the emulator itself and as well as a step by step as to either internal or device storage saved ? Where to save the Roms ? Etc. Im sure alot of people are looking for a straight answer as well as they probably encountered the same issues as I did.

Thanks :)

I use pocketnester 0.7. It is not my app but I have it. Here you go. Just Unzip, connect your phone to PC and get activesync connected, next run pnsetup_arm.exe. Choose where to install, mine is on storage card. This one works fine on my Touch Pro. As for roms we don't discuss those around here unless they are not pirated. A quick check on the bay of pirates will show you to some roms. All roms will work. Put a folder in your phones internal storage named roms. When you open pocketnester after installing, choose file, open, and navigate to the roms folder. You can then pick the rom you would like. Just download this and install.


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Oct 26, 2008
Pocketsnes and align screen popup

I succesfully installed pocketsnes on my Diamond but while playing often I accidentally press the key combination which pop ups the align screen.

I use the volume up/down as A and B buttons and the D-pad for left/r/u and d. I'm not exactly sure which key combination pop ups the align screen.

I guess it's the volume up key in combination with the D-pad down key wich in landscape is the D-pad left key. It might also be an accidental click on the big round key in the center of the D-pad in combination with the volume up key.

Anyway, does anyone know how to disable the align screen from popping up?