Is there any way to repair the my Pixel 2 while retaining the data?


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Jan 9, 2018
Pixel 2, rooted

While I was using an app ( the APP uses "Android for work" feature ), Pixel 2 restart suddenly and cannot boot to system anymore.

shows "ERROR: Slot Unbootable: Load Error"

I want to keep my data in storage (some photos) .
I tried two ways to find my data:
  1. Flashing factory img file. But also cannot boot.
  2. Flash TWRP to backup my data. But TWRP cannot mount the partition. There is no interface to input password, and the size of storage is zero.
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Dec 8, 2020
South London
It's been a while since I used my pixel 2 so may have it confused with the loadauthimage error it used to throw up now and then as well but try flashing the bootloader IMG that matches the build you are on and see if it clears the error from bootloader then see if it'll reboot. Other than that its a full factory IMG flash to resolve it sadly.