Question Is there TWRP for SM-A127M U7?

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Jeison Dg

New member
Jan 25, 2023
Hello guys, I already have the bootloader unlocked and also root, I need TWRP to download some rom, as you know the phone is not so good for games, also I have One UI Core 5.0, so it is slower.
Any solution?
I also overclocked using Hktweaks, which improved but not that much.


Dec 2, 2022
Samsung Galaxy A12
Hello, how did you root? I have been waiting for a stable form for a long time, and I am also waiting for TWRP for Android 12 on the A127M (There are only 11)


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Sep 16, 2013
Installing Custom Recoveries

A. Preparation.

1. Download firmware for your device
2. Extract ap file using Zarchiver

3. Patch the ap file with a magisk which will patch both boot.img and vbmeta.img (from magisk, choose install then select file to patch)

note: if you don't want root then just extract the vbmeta.img and use zarchiver to add it to my twrp.tar file.
You can flash this new file from odin at step 5

For Exynos 850 android 11 use a21s patched magisk.

For Exynos 850 android 12 and most other devices use delta magisk

4. Unlock OEM in developer options
5. Attach phone to pc and reboot to download mode
6. flash patched ap file.
Extract boot.img and vbmeta.img and add them to the TWRP zip.

7. Download recovery.img or download twrp.tar and extract recovery.img using Zarchiver.


Method 1.
1. Connect to pc and boot into stock recovery
2. Factory reset
3. Reboot into download mode.
4. flash twrp.tar into the ap slot
5. reboot to recovery from main menu (not just reboot)
be patient- It may take a while
6. Advanced, terminal. Type multidisabler (twice).
Or flash samsung multidisabler zip
Or, for older phones flash dmverity zip
8. Reboot to recovery from main menu (not just reboot)
Backup boot, data, super and dtbo
9. Reboot to system

Method 2.
If you have already installed recovery and decrypted.
Extract recovery.img
1. Boot to recovery.
2. Install recovery.img
3. Choose recovery partition
4. Reboot to system then reboot to recovery
Backup boot, data, super and dtbo
(For Pitch-black just install the zip)

Method 3.
1. Install TWRP app
Extract recovery.img
2. Install TWRP
3. Choose file to flash.(don't select device)
4. Select recovery.img.
5. Reboot to recovery.
6. (You may need to change data partition to ext4 first if format ruins your system)
7. Reboot to recovery.
8. Wipe, format data, type YES.
9. Advanced, terminal.
10.Type multidisabler (twice).
Or flash samsung multidisabler zip
Or, for older phones flash dmverity zip
11.Reboot to recovery
12. Flash Magisk for root(only for method 3)
13. Backup boot, data, super and dtbo

Method 4
Using a second phone

C. Recovery Problems

Most recovery issues can be solved by attending to the following issues.

1. Did you root using the full ap file patched Magisk .
(This contains the patched boot.img and vbmeta.img)
Exynos 850 users must use the special a217 magisk?

2. Did you then go all the way through the setup process?

3. Did you download the recovery to match your baseband?
See for Exynos 850 recoveries

4. Did you hold down power and volume up after Odin says pass?

5. Did you format data from stock recovery?
If you forgot to do this, just install stock recovery.img from TWRP and reboot.

6. Did you type multidisabler twice?

7. Did you reboot to recovery by choosing reboot from the menu and then choosing recovery?

8. To avoid touch issues go to settings and untick "allow time out"

D.To restore Stock Recovery

1. Attach phone to pc and reboot to download mode
2. flash patched ap file.
3. reboot

Or just flash stock recovery.img from twrp and reboot.



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