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Question Is this delay real?

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Jan 18, 2019
I recently installed a Santa Rockstar Tournament Edition, because the old one doesn't work at all, not even on my previous device. Even the new version doesn't run out of the box, needed to manually set permissions in the settings. But now that you know how to set it up on your own, here's my issue:

The audio comes to way early... yes no joke, never thought this could be an Android issue, which is plagued by to much latency. I installed the soundbrenner metronome and in the settings LEDs and click were 100% in time, no adjusting needed. The game sadly doesn't come with calibration settings, so is there an App that can delay audio system wide without root?

Edit: Just installed that on my old Axon 7 to double check, and the game audio is in sync there.

Edit 2: Looks like it was a frame rate issue... locking the game to 60FPS fixed everything.
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