Question Is this normal sot?

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New member
May 2, 2021
Hi friends... is this sot normal? I have constantly somewhere about 4,5-5,5 screen on time on my s21 ultra. 120hz, fhd,4g, exynos. I saw that some users have 7+ sot. I mostly use samsung internet app, maybe web browsing drains more battery life?
Screenshot_20210502-211141_Device care.jpg
Screenshot_20210502-211152_Device care.jpg


Senior Member
  • Jun 23, 2020
    Screen brightness, don't forget that.
    Try to keep it under 50%, >30-40% in dimmer light levels. Using manual control helps a lot.

    Google Play Services, Backup Transport and Framework are also prime suspects.
    Brave browser, close app when not using.
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