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Is TWRP Necessary in order to change rom?

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New member
May 28, 2020
Hello everyone.
I made some test in installing some custom roms in some old devices always avoiding to install TWRP permanently on the drive (i used it in boot mode and then adb listen in TWRP and adb command from PC).
I've done this in order to preserve the stock recovery mode.

I decided to install pixel experience as my default rom in my redmi note 7 and i noticed that this rom will use OTA updates so i'm asking you if i should install TWRP (or other recovery images) permenently in order to make it work properly.

Another question that i have revolves around Magisk, is this tool needed in order to make pixel experience work fine?

BTW i don't understand why TWRP does not officially support RN7 lol (eventually i'll use a porting or another recovery ;) )

Thank you everyone :)
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Jun 20, 2019
First, sorry for not answering your main question but I'm more intrigued as to how you can flash a custom rom without using a custom recovery like TWRP. Also, is it possible to permanently install TWRP? How you do this?

Second, Magisk is not needed for the rom but allows some other customizations, fixes and root access.


Senior Member
Oct 25, 2010
you need some kind of custom recovery that supports your phone, its what allows you to install roms. There are a few out there such as TWRP, organge fox, etc. Chose whatever you like that has good support for your device.