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Is Z3 Dual a bad purchase? (future updates, compatibility with apps)

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Mar 2, 2011
The Z3 and Z3 Dual (SIM) are almost identical in every way, just a few different components (source).
Marshmallow has been confirmed for Z3 Dual (bottom of this page), which is good to know. But do you think Sony will release the next version of Android for it? This model isn't very popular and ROMs are scarce (there's an unofficial Cyanogenmod now, but the community of this phone is so small, it could be discontinued), so I'd be relying on Sony's goodwill.
Also, I think certain apps/games check your phone's model to adjust settings accordingly. Since this model isn't popular, is there a risk it isn't detected by certain apps, and so some stuff doesn't work properly?

Sadly, I can't get the regular Z3 version, so that's not an option.
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Oct 9, 2011
You should have no problems with compatibility but I can't say the same thing about updates. The first rule of a good Android purchase is to get a popular model and version of a phone.


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Aug 31, 2014
I've owned the phone for Sound 2-3 months now, and while you may not always get the newest update in your region, you can easily flash one from other regions. At the moment we run exactly the same firmware version as D6603. D6633 does not seem to have any compatibility issues, but regarding custom Roms:
While there is some development in the AOSP field, everyone favors Roms with a locked bootloader, because some Sony-side tools (e.g. Image enhancement in low light) only work with a locked bootloader. There are ~8 Roms which work with the D6603 and with a patch almost always also on D6633, so development is going just as far, all you need is a patch :)

I never regretted buying this phone, it gives around 7h SOT on stamina mode (just leave it on) and has LTE on both sim slots, though only one at a time.