Question [Issue] Can't apply a lockscreen password after restoring DATA from TWRP backup.

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Hey, so basically just title. Trying to set a password on my phone, but it doesn't work.

I have used the TWRP and the stock recovery to wipe and format all data. Everything is stock except for the fact I have TWRP installed.

After doing a fresh wipe + reformat, phone works exactly as expected. You can set a pincode, and do everything you want with a fresh phone. To remove variables in a scientific manner, I've also tried flashing in TWRP, then boot back to system, and trying to set a passcode again. Still works. Then boot into TWRP, and only restore back in the DATA partition, and bam. Passcode can no longer be set. So the issue definitely only occurs after using TWRP to restore the data partition.

Trying to set a password seems to work as expected at first; Enter the pincode once, then enter the pincode again a 2nd time to verify. At first everything looks good, but the pincode never actually got applied. Repeat infinitely, no password ever actually sticks. Can't register a fingerprint or face unlock, as without a password, the phone prompts an error that you need a password before you can use those features. I've included a picture of the password menu after trying to set a password; Notice how it says "turn ON password", where as normally its meant to say turn OFF password, thus implying no password was ever set (because it wasn't)

Anyone happen to know why this is and/or how to solve it? Phone works perfectly fine, it's just scary not being able to lock a phone with your personal stuff on it.

Also, seeing as my end goal is simply getting a phone with my data on it, is there a way to flash in the data partition using fastboot? Usually it'd be a simple command like "fastboot flash data data.img" but in this case, TWRP saves the DATA partition (many gigs) in multiple chunks, named data.f2fs.win000, data.f2fs.win001, etc etc. Theres a good dozen or so files and not sure how to flash them all in at once.


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NO twrp decided big data partition in to. 000,0001,002 chunks and restore it to specific chunk.
As per my idea just try see what's happens

So let me see if i undesrtand you correctly. You're saying i should do "fastboot flash data data.f2fs.win000", wait and let that fully flash in, then do "fastboot flash data data.f2fs.win001", wait for that, and keep going for every single data file?

From my understanding, the flash command will overwrite the old data with the new data, hence isn't that kind of pointless?

What do you mean by
Restore partationsif there any data image file then flash that file
What data image files are you talking about?

There is obviously the dozen or so data win.000, to win001 and so on from the nandroid backup that we are trying to restore. Is there something else?