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ISSUE! HELP! Unable To find custom/stock ROM/OS for OnePlus Nord N100 [BE2015]

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New member
May 24, 2019
Google Nexus 5
Nexus 6
As my question dictates, I have erased my data partition through TWRP and currently unable to find a custom/stock ROM/OS. Details on how this happened is below.
I have done the following to my OnePlus Nord N100:
Unlocked the bootloader, Installed TWRP, then I got stuck. I discovered the reason why Magisk wouldn't install through TWRP; it is because I have already encrypted some partitions when enabling a pin/pattern/facial recognition. The only way to fully decrypt those partitions is to factory reset the phone and set it up without ANY lock configuration. Here is where I made my fatal mistake, I acted without checking if there was a stock/custom ROM/OS available to download and flash through fastboot. I was wrong. I deleted the "data" partition through TWRP and I have basically bricked my backup phone until I can find a ROM/OS that is fully compatible with my phone. ANY help would be much appreciated in helping me search for any ROM/OS suitable for the "OnePlus Nord N100".
Thank you in advance,