[Issue]No Internet if both WiFi and 3G ate ON..

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Oct 21, 2008
If I have both on I can't acess the internet the 3g+ is constantly on as if fetching data but nothing online works.. If I turn off cellular data everything works via WiFi and same goes of I turn WiFi off, cellular data works well..


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Mar 18, 2007
Disable ADC
delete the following reg keys
hklm/comm/wwan1-(Service Provider)

you may have more than 1 entry, delete them all.
power off the phone to ensure the reg is saved, power on and restart the phone.
This may also help those who are unable to connect with wifi and 3g on at the same time..

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if you are still having issues try swapping the sim over to one of a different service provider, even if it doesn't work.


Aug 3, 2009
I did that, but now my data connection doesn't work at all. I have a 3G+ connection (Vodafone Netherlands), but none of the webpages actually load.

I've tried rerunning the Samsung Network Profile app (and lost my favourites in the process, great work Samsung :rolleyes:) but that doesn't help either.
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    This thread shouldn't have been made in this Dev section. You already have a thread in General for this.