Issue with NFC when building custom Pie ROMs (i.e. AOSP Extended)...

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Mar 13, 2012
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I'm currently trying to build latest AEX with most recent device/vendor/kernel trees (based on CarbonROM's), and I'm encountering issues with NFC.

With Sjll's device/vendor tree and Sjll's kernel tree NFC worked fine. However, using the same trees with cryptomilk's kernel tree NFC never worked.

When using CarbonROM's device/vendor trees as a base, NFC works with CarbonROM itself (using CarbonROM/cryptomilk's kernel tree), but not usable on other ROMs (the trees need to be modified when building other ROMs such as AEX, but regardless of using Sjll's or CarbonROM/cryptomilk's kernel tree, NFC won't work there).

I see things like these in the logcat indicating something critical happened (see attachments, note that the original file contained some special characters which might not be able to be copy-pasted when I made the excerpts).

Not sure how to get NFC working on AEX using CarbonROM's trees (other features appear to be working correctly), as I'm considering using it as a base for future builds, since it doesn't appear to have the issue of the phone overheating, freezing and rebooting during startup stage (or when the device's not getting proper signal), and can boot without issues most of the times.

EDIT: I saw CarbonROM's tree specified a pn553 for the ro.vendor.nfc.ko parameter (this parameter is not present on Sjll's device tree). However, the logcat indicated the presence of a PN54X NFC chips, as some NFC-related logs begin with PN54X. Not sure if these drivers are universal, but from what I googled so far PN54x and PN55x are indeed different NFC chips.

EDIT: Not sure if this might be related, but apparently the common-treble tree (which other device trees depended on) referenced things from /device/generic/common, which included /device/generic/common/nfc/libnfc-nci.conf. The /device/generic trees (common and architecture-specific ones) were removed by AEX in their manifest, and I need to revert the removal in a local manifest in order to build successfully.


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