Issues about the source code delivery to the client

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May 5, 2015
I am an Android developer, Usually i take the projects from companies who doesn't have the android developers ( they outsource me the android development part).

I have a company which is registered legally and under that company i do all the agreements and receive the payments. The company is India based.

I just have few questions to be cleared out while working in this field.

1. There are a lot of clients who outsourced me the android app development part , and every time asked me to handover the source code which i did every time , but the client did not come back to me for further development of the project , Though the kind of development quality i have given to them was Reliable and Robust. Hence my question is shall i charge them more for the source code , if yes then what is the percentage amount shall i charge for the source code according to the project value.

2. How can i encrypt or hide or prevent re-usability of the code i have written , before handing over to the client, so that the next developer wont be able to make the changes and i will be the only person to work with the code and deliver the robustness to the build.

After googling a lot on this i found many things which are really confusing and answering different suggestions. Hence expecting a better answer here.
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