Issues with automatic time setting and changing DST in Jordan

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Bashar Khalil

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Dec 3, 2022
Jordan announce this year 2022 that they will not go for Daylight Saving Time (DST). Accordingly I adjusted the time zone setting in my phone Samsung Galxy A71 to be manual and I select GMT+3. In reality Jordan is at GMT+2. recently I install an application for the following of the sales representatives that must have access to my phone date and time settings, and this application will not work unless the date and time setting is set at automatic mode. When I set automatic date and time setting it goes back to GMT+2 and my phone clock changes.

Other collegues having phones like Techno, Iphone and event Galaxy S20 do not have this issue. They can force the automatic date and time setting to be GMT+3 while they are in Jordan, consequently the application work in their phones.

The android version in my phone is 11. Below you will find a screeshot from my phone software information.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can force the automatic date and time setting to be GMT+3 at the Galxy A71. Thanks in advance for you all.



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Such an idea. Install and select the Fake GPS app in developer settings and relocate your location. Turn off automatic time reading and set the time for the Fake GPS zone. Restart your phone, turn on GPS and check on the map if a false position is displayed. Only now turn on your application.

Or use a VPN, which in the scope of services allows you to read the time from the selected time zone.
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