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Oct 20, 2021
OnePlus 6T
Hi so I recently had to wipe my phone due to issues with an update for lineage os 18.1, so I did a factory reset and wiped all cache and data and decided to do a fresh install with the lastet update (the one from the link below) I installed the Gapps that I provided and then set my phone with some apps that I backed up, installed Magisk and added the two modules I listed, however now I am having issues with audio and video playback where the audio suddenly stops but the video continues or backwards, after checking with Logcat Extreme apparently the audio server keeps crashing with the message: HalDeathHandler: HAL server crashed, audio server is restarting
LineageOS version: 18.1
LineageOS Download url: https://mirrorbits.lineageos.org/fu...neage-18.1-20211014-nightly-fajita-signed.zip
Gapps version: https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=322935

wipe: yes
restore with titanium backup: no
reboot after having the issue: yes

a task killer: no
a non-stock kernel: no
other modifications: Magisk with hide props and systemless hosts and GCAM MGC by BSG 8.11

Provide any additional information:To be honest I don't know if the issue started happening after or before I Installed Magisk


Aug 2, 2017
I had the exact same issue (with the same logcats and all) and I solved it by disabling the "Ok Google" recognition in Google's Voice preferences. Mine hasn't been working for days anyway. I suspect the media/phone freezings and audio server crashings had something to do with that btw. If I re-enable "Ok Google" the problem shows up again so it's that for me.
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