Issues with the battery life :(

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Oct 8, 2012
Hi Robin. It looks like it has been a long time since you've had this problem. Can you confirm that it has been resolved? Thanks in advance. Regards. Ps: Actively using 5T :)
Nope... I've just resorted to always carrying a power bank around and running the "device optimisation" from the settings every time the device starts lagging to the point that the touch screen is barely useable (i.e. multiple times a day).

Needless to say, I'll never be buying a Samsung device again. Sending out Snapdragon review units but selling barely functional Exynos devices should get them sued imo.


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Jun 20, 2014
I have some observation after 1 month:

1) Bad gsm signal kills battery very quickly. Moreover, using gsm internet consume too much battery than wi-fi. The difference is very distinct. I can ge 6-7 hours with wifi but 4-4,5 hours with 4,5g or 3g. In my country there's no 5G but I'm pretty sure every new G tech consumes more battery than the previous one.

2) If you're using whatsapp web and let it open in your browser, the app tries to synchronize any time. You can accept to use beta program to reduce for whatsapp web browser consumption.

3) Pokemon Go 's Adventure Sync is also a big juice consumer. Close it if it's not crucial for you.

My setup is:

Wifi - always on
Mobile - always on
Bluetooth - always on
Location - always on
Adaptive Display - on


Apr 24, 2017
I recently bought a S21 (Exynos) and I'm overall happy with it, but the battery life isn't too great.

I often use timers (when washing clothes, cooking, etc.) and discovered, that the stock Clock app (from Samsung) drains the battery when I'm using a timer. 4h of timer just running in the background lead to 8% battery usage. Do you guys also have this problem?

I'll try Google's clock now, but generally I want to stick to the stock app because of it's integration with Bixby.

EDIT: Okay, a reboot seems to have fixed the battery drain of the clock. Maybe there was just something weird going on.
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    This is quite embarrassing. Flagship phone, people recommending to disable apps and switching a low tier network that's a decade old, not even enough for it to survive a day.

    I'm taking my pitchforks to samsung hq.
    I tipped the two biggest tech news sites in Norway about this issue. They actually posted article on this matter. They've been in contact with Samsung today, and Samsung said they are aware of the issue, and working on an update.
    Meh, *****ing here does nothing. Y'all need to do what I did; play with it and work it out.
    Find work arounds for the bad coding.
    Had I not taken the -time- and trouble to do so my 10+ still be a battery hog.
    Just gave you 3 or 4 good solutions. Devise your own... as each variant and user have their own unique issues and requirements.

    Stock Androids are fun to play with... and almost crash proof.
    Lol, a lot easier than doing regedits🤣
    Battery life is bad with 4G turned on, so samsung should fix that, either they have some problem with baseband or they have wakelocks triggerd by 4G. With 3g battery life is pretty decent with bluetooth and gps on, 120hz and sync turned for all apps. What's the point of having smartphone and flagship if you have to turn off every functionality?
    Last nights update for Exynos version seems ro have fixed the battery life for me. I am back from work and I have 50% battery with 3.5h SOT.

    I have put my screen back up to WQHD and switched on AOD now. Hope it remains this good in the upcoming days :)
    Screenshot_20210305-175337_Software update.jpg
    Amazed that all you allegedly tech-savvy guys are worrying about battery life with a phone that's less than a month old. The AI has to learn your usage pattern before battery management can kick in that takes about two weeks and the battery will not reach its full capacity for about a month that's why AccuBattery reports it wrong. Then some of you are doing resets or worse so the AI has to start learning again. Sad

    You think AI does some magic? 😁