It needs everyone in...An important message for all members and developers

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Mar 8, 2010
Hello to everyone.
I'm glad, of course, that I'm a member of this wonderful and unique forum.
And I benefited from being here a lot.
But there's something that saddens me.
There are no video tutorial for the development of Android.

As a junior, I want to contribute like the rest of the developers.
But I'm at the height of confusion in the face of so many things.
This unique site needs many tutorials that help beginners to be developers.

For example
I tried in various ways to integrate s9 infinity wallpaper
In many of the roms I use, but I failed.
I searched this forum and online and i couldn't find a single tutorial for that
While many developers integrate these backgrounds into their roms with ease
So why do developers slacken us as beginners?

I always have problems after recompiling systemui.apk
that the statusbar disappears
Also for RomControl
Which contains many advantages for modifying rom
I don't know how it's integrated into the system.
And how do I edit id for smali files

Please urge the moderators of the forum to urge the developers to develop complete tutorial of this process in order to enrich the forum with many topics
We don't want it to be just for the developers.

Actually, I feel lost.
Many terms are incomprehensible to me.
Although I have little knowledge of file editing, I stand unable to understand the files of Android systems.

I don't want to talk too long.
I ask the members to interact with my subject and support it so that the supervisors can see it
Greetings to everyone.