It's here...[Kernel][GPL]Ninphetamin3 - Stable: 1.2.1 - Testing: 1.2.2 (For LG8)

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Jun 16, 2010
San Antonio, TX
One question however: I noticed your flashable .tar is much smaller compared to the majority of the other S3 Kernels around (custom and stock). Why that, did you remove so much code or are you using some kind of compressed stuff that inflates during kernel load? Just curious...

Thanks for the good work!


The kernel use LZMA compression rather than Gzip.
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Aug 9, 2011
when the op talks about LG8 and LFB, is he referring to tbe last 3 letters/number in the baseband? if so mine is LF2, would that mean i cant flash this kernel?

i searched for LG8 and LFB and nothing came up except for titles of rom threads.

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Jun 16, 2010
San Antonio, TX
when the op talks about LG8 and LFB, is he referring to tbe last 3 letters/number in the baseband? if so mine is LF2, would that mean i cant flash this kernel?

i searched for LG8 and LFB and nothing came up except for titles of rom threads.

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No, it refers to the ROM revision (ie; XXLFB, XXLG8)
Many rom threads include the revision their rom is based off of.
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Jun 16, 2010
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thanks. so can i use it with the stock rom? if so, which file should i download?

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The version (LG8, LFB, etc) is for the stock rom (and custom roms based off stock).

Go to settings -> about device -> build number

If the build number is LFB, snag 1.2.1, if it's LGX (ie; LG6, LG8, etc) use 1.2.2


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Aug 9, 2011
The version (LG8, LFB, etc) is for the stock rom (and custom roms based off stock).

Go to settings -> about device -> build number

If the build number is LFB, snag 1.2.1, if it's LGX (ie; LG6, LG8, etc) use 1.2.2

this is why i'm confused. here's my complete build numberIMM76D.19300XXALF2


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Nov 10, 2010
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Hi Netarchy,

can you please make a cwm package for 1.2.2?

On before han thanks, its a great kernel

Hey Kur0saki

Please dont take offense to this. It says clearly in the OP to flash using Heimdall or Odin. If Netarchy wanted to make a CWM zip for the masses to flash I'm sure he would have done so. It's in the testing phase, so unless you are comfortable using Odin or the like.. and don't want to encounter any instabilities, then...use the stable version. Or learn how to use Odin or Heimdall (for linux users). It's just as fast as flashing in recovery. There's plenty of guides here on XDA to learn how to do so.. and this is XDA Developers, again a place where people can come to collaborate and share things... not a place for handouts. I apologize if I'm being rude, I'm not trying to be offensive, but these are the kind of posts that developers will likely ignore.
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Jan 13, 2011
im afraid i might lose root. its ok i'll just flash a new ROM. thanks
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Flash rom then flash cf root v6.4 to root.

If i flash with odin, wouldnt it give me the triangle?
Use " triangle away" by Chainfire.

Both these posts are not even related to this kernel thread by the way.

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Sep 16, 2010
I used mobile odin, no offensr taken, i can use regular odin, but didnt wanted to use triangle away, my bad, have a nice day

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GPU modding

Q: How do I use the GPU control interface?
A: Currently you change the values by echoing new values into a specific device file. If you echo 6 values, this will modify the clock up/down thresholds, if you echo 4 values, this will change the GPU speed at each step.
echoing 4 steps to the clock works. anything more & the defaults get loaded. also, echoing voltages of -25mv across the board doesn't work either - defaults get loaded as well. thoughts/advise anyone?

btw, does this kernel support swap partitions? TIA!


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Jun 16, 2010
San Antonio, TX
echoing 4 steps to the clock works. anything more & the defaults get loaded. also, echoing voltages of -25mv across the board doesn't work either - defaults get loaded as well. thoughts/advise anyone?

btw, does this kernel support swap partitions? TIA!

For the clock interface, 4 steps adjusts the clock, 6 steps adjusts the thresholds.

On the voltage interface, are you literally echoing -25 , or are you echoing the full voltage values minus the 25mv?

Swap not supported at this time. I'll have to do some testing to confirm, but I don't really see a need for things like compcache (zram) and swap on the SGS3. It was useful on older phones with fewer resources, but in my experience the advantages diminished to the point of being negligible as hardware improved. If you have any hard numbers that show an actual advantage for it on the SGS3 I'd love to see it, though I suspect it will not be the case.
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sorry i wasn't clear about the voltages. here're the exact lines i have on an init.d script
/system/xbin/echo "160 266 350 440 533 600" > /sys/class/misc/gpu_clock_control/gpu_control;
/system/xbin/echo "850000 875000 925000 975000 1000000 1025000" > /sys/class/misc/gpu_voltage_control/gpu_control;
after a reboot, both gpu_control files in /gpu_clock_control & /gpu_voltage_control reflect default values. should this be the case? i mean, is the system using the values i echoed but aren't necessarily indicated on the said files?

re: swap. just asking 'coz i saw on a separate i9300 thread that swap helps in multitasking. wanted to see for myself using this kernel. thanks for the info though...

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    Still waiting for CM/AOSP/AOKP support. Wish it come soon.

    Well la de da, Warm_ice is STILL waiting less than twenty four hours after the thread was created guys, looks like we'd better wrap this one up, remove the links and close the thread because we didn't come up with the goods for Warm_ice on HIS schedule! Here's a hint champ, I don't care that you're still waiting and neither does anyone else. In fact I'm going to ask moderators for your IP address so that when we do release an AOSP/CM compatible version I can prevent you from downloading it. Why? Because I can and you're obviously the type of ungrateful impatient cretin that must be an absolute JOY to be around at birthdays and Christmas. "Wow thanks for all these free presents and all this effort mum and dad but I'M STILL WAITING FOR MY NEW CAR GOD YOU ARE SUCH FAILURES AS PARENTS!". At least now we know who paid for your shiny new SGS3 eh? Kindly retreat back to your basement hovel and flash someone else's kernel and go bother them, congratulations less than 100 posts in and not only did you make Post Five I'm actually annoyed at how boring your overinflated sense of entitled stupidity is.

    Is setcpu ok to use for over clocking? Some kernal devs don't recommend it for they're kernals, wanna check if it's ok for this one. Thanks.

    This post gave me a headache. I almost skipped over it, then I noticed that you claim to be from Britain, so you're either an illiterate moron or seriously lazy. Given that you completely missed netarchy's advocacy of using SetCPU I'm going to assume both, since the fact you're obviously an illiterate moron isn't up for debate. Why are you typing "kernal" when this thread is riddled with examples of the correct spelling? "Some kernal devs don't recommend it for they're kernals", what? KernEl developers are not kernEls, how could they be? What are you basing this outrageous claim on? Did you mean "their" instead? Would you mind taking off the boxing gloves next time you decide to post, read the damn thread and put more effort in than a first year primary school student please, it's embarrassing and offensive. Like your posts.

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    When someone posts what is obviously a joke dumb question it can either be taken for what it is and promptly ignored or removed by moderators. I'm not going to respond to every "hurr this kernal not work on my HTC" post that's just trying to get themselves into Post Five and yes, it happens, a lot. It's not "One set of rules for people I know", it's one set of rules for the incredibly stupid and those rules haven't changed since the last thread.
    Sure, you can say that you don't give a damn what others think about you, but hey remember it is a reflection of your well-being. I do hope that you do not do this to feed your own ego.

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    @ those who posts nonsensical comments
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    [Talking about undervolting]It may well be stupid to you but it does give a good guideline on how far we can push our devices. Considering your kernel does indeed support UV its only natural for anyone to discuss this.

    Easy with the language, some may take offence

    I couldn't give an aerial fornication who finds what offensive.

    Person A's UV findings give a good guideline on how far PERSON A can push their device. It doesn't give you, me, Person B or anyone guideline at all. One person can drop 100mV and be stable, others can't drop a drop below what they're running at without major issues. It is an utterly pointless discussion for an utterly pointless thread participated in by utterly pointless people like yourself. The fact you think it's a guideline at all demonstrates you shouldn't be flashing stuff to your phone, let alone playing with voltages.

    Oh I also think you'll find it is I, the co-owner of this thread, that gets to determine what is and isn't on topic. Development and kernel feedback is "on-topic". Pointless discussion about who can reach what voltage on their individual phone is as useful to this thread as you lot comparing weight and colour of your morning ****e and whether it floated or not. So kindly shove it up your arse and get out.

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    Let me point out that I do not know much about this stuff, I mean I know enough to be here, but not much beyond.
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    Let's roll the clocks back a year.

    In 2011, a collaboration was formed to develop a kernel for the sgs2 in the interest of improving battery life and performance, in addition to new features and tricks. Thus, from the combined efforts of netarchy and Ninpo(Hacre), Ninphetamine was born. After we took a step back, we saw that the features introduced in Ninphetamine (such as voltage control, gpu clock control, etc) went on to be adapted to other kernels, and even evolved to become more feature-rich as developers began to expand on the original designs. It is pretty safe to say that Ninphetamine was well received, and left its mark.

    Now fast forward to today. Samsung has seen fit to release a new flagship, the sgs3, with its beast of a quad core Exynos chip.
    In the interests of improving battery life and performance on the sgs3, Ninpo and I have decided to pool our collective minds on a kernel, through which we aim to improve the sgs3 experience for everyone... and raise an army of rabid naked bunnies with which to take over the world.

    Ninphetamin3 has arrived.

    Current features/differences from stock

    • Updated to Samsung Update4 (LG8 sources)
    • Overclocking up to 1800mhz
    • CPU Voltage Control Interface
    • GPU Voltage and Speed Control Interface
    • Tweaked Deadline Scheduler by default
    • Compiler optimizations aimed at improving performance/battery (OMG RICE!)
    • Removal of Debug overhead for performance/battery improvement
    • Triangle Away compatible
    • Various other tweaks and alterations too numerous to waste text posting, see the github commits if you really want the gritty details :D

    Source code:
    All source code for the kernel can be found at the Ninphetamin3 Github repo, located at
    In August 2011 a crack development unit left the SGS2 kernel scene, with patches they didn't commit. This duo promptly escaped from the harrassment of noobs to the outside where the sun shines. Today, their work still wanted by XDA and users of Samsung phones they return to the SGS3's good fortune. We came and found a problem...

    Well several, actually. Samsung as usual, as is their wont, released a phone of epic proportions (seriously, this screen is huge guys), with typically beastly hardware inside and have yet again half assed the software side of things. Well...let's be fair, they quarter assed it this time as the ROM is at least pretty good. The kernel however...we know how this story ends right?

    Wrong. We know how it begins. Samsung bash away at the Linux kernel like a fat kid on a brick who's been told there's chocolate inside, with all the finesse of an epileptic quadraplegic on the dance floor and release it as "good enough". In their defence, looking at the HTC One X, "good enough" is an overstatement, they'd have to actually forget to include a kernel for the great unibody failure of Taiwan to get a look in. That said, there has been unsurprisingly lots and lots of room for improvement, so...

    ...we're baaaaaaaack!
    In a world plagued with terrible sequels the Ninphetamine team returns as a beacon, a rose among thorns, this time to the SGS3 with Ninphetamin3, a feature rich, fast and expectedly awesome kernel for the awesome piece of hardware that is the Samsung Galaxy S III and if nothing else we can at least show that the SGS3 is more than a fancy software upgrade over the SGS2 in an oversized package and that it does, in fact, contain some pretty fast and well performing hardware. The wait has been much shorter than it was for the SGS2 but here we are with the keys Samsung didn't want you to have until umpteen updates down the road to show you what your device can really do.

    netarchy has already gone over the specifics and I know probably no-one is actually reading this post as they search frantically for the download links after getting about four words into the first post. However, I am going to include anyway that people had better read every single word in every single post up to and including the post containing download links because...

    POST FIVE makes a return. Oh yes, the hall of shame, the collection of idiots, the grouping of morons, the box of ineptitude is back and I promise you right now will be every bit as brutal as the original if not more so. If you sit there reading this post and find yourself mouthing each word in silence as you read then please, leave this thread, it is not for you. You will end up in Post Five where you get a throroughly embarrassing yet deserved telling off from myself, you will want to cry to moderators however your cries shall fall upon the deafest of ears. This is not a thread for the stupid or the moronic, it is not a thread for the flash junkies who have to have "L" and "R" drawn on the bottom of their shoes to avoid confusion. If you don't know why you're flashing this kernel, other than of course the fact it's been put together by the best development team since Gates said to Allen "Hey...I have an idea...", then may I suggest you go and bother Gokhanmoral, he's far more pleasant than I.

    For the developers, moderators and people who remember what Android 1.5 looked like (I'll give you a moment to finish vomiting) that remain, please proceed to the next post and I hope you enjoy using Ninphetamin3 and the subsequent updates as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

    It is of course only natural to have people to thank with projects like this, even when you're as awesome as we are so without further ado...

    I would like to personally thank netarchy for agreeing to come back on board with a new Ninphetamine project. He is, as he as always been since I've known him, my perfect foil, hence without whom Ninphetamin3 would not exist in the excellent shape that it is in. Thank you netarchy, it is an honour and a privelege to work with you again.

    We would both like to thank:

    Everyone who used Ninphetamine and managed to flash software to their SGS2 without having an aneurism, your enthusiasm is a big reason for why we're back here, doing it all again.

    Gokhanmoral. This guy is a relentless soldier and full credit to him for picking up where Ninphetamine left off, improving and refining what we started and even laying foundations for us to return with some of his early work because yeah, we're good, but we're also lazy.

    AndreiLux. Thanks to him for some of the fixes to the source he already had in place and thanks to him for putting the effort into pulling fixes and patches in from elsewhere so that I could lazily cherry pick them from his git hub.

    Chainfire for making it so I could easily root my phone the day I got it.

    Lenny, Fysi, HCDRJacob and jerdog, for flashing and testing our various alpha builds and being my guinea pigs.

    The XDA admin team and mod staff for the latitude wider than Susan Boyle's expansive arse when it comes to my posting.

    Last but not least, Samsung, for giving us a reason to come back.

    Happy flashing folks but remember, Post Five awaits its first victim...
    Q: Is the kernel compatible with AOSP/CM9?
    A: A test build has now been published which is intended to be fully compatible with AOSP. So far, it has only been tested using the CM9 ROM.

    Q: My camera preview is all messed up!
    A: If you're using LFB based ROM or newer, you need version 1.2.x of the kernel.

    Q: OMG I'm not stable when I overclock to X
    A: Your phone likely cannot handle the overclock. Get over it, and use a lower clock speed.

    Q: How to I adjust the voltages for the cpu?
    A: You can either use SetCPU's voltage interface, or you can do it manually through the UV_mV_table interface (if you don't understand how to manually adjust the table, just use SetCPU).

    Q: What are the voltage limits?
    A: The ceiling is 1500mV, the floor is 600mV.

    Q: How do I overclock the cpu?
    A: Use a tool such as SetCPU to handle clock adjustments.

    Q: Why is Deadline the only available I/O scheduler?
    A: After extensive testing, we've come to the conclusion that Deadline represents the best balance between performance and overall user experience. If you think otherwise you are officially incorrect until we determine otherwise, and shall be subjected to regular beatings by our army of rabid naked bunnies... and/or a place in "Post 5."

    Q: Do the exfat modules get loaded?
    A: Yes.

    Q: How do I use the init.d script support?
    A: Busybox needs to be installed into /system/xbin and your scripts go into /system/etc/init.d/

    Q: Help, SetCPU wants to set my voltage to over 9000!
    A: SetCPU has millivolts hard coded as a unit of measurement. The numbers reported are actually in nanovolts. Use usual millivolt settings (900 for 900mV, 1200 for 1200mV etc) and the clock interface will automatically convert.

    Q: How do I use the GPU control interface?
    A: Currently you change the values by echoing new values into a specific device file. If you echo 6 values, this will modify the clock up/down thresholds, if you echo 4 values, this will change the GPU speed at each step. For example:

    echo "160 266 350 440" > /sys/class/misc/gpu_clock_control/gpu_control
    will restore default clocks.

    cat /sys/class/misc/gpu_clock_control/gpu_control
    cat /sys/class/misc/gpu_voltage_control/gpu_control
    To see the current values for each setting.

    Revision 1.2.2:
    - Updated to Samsung Update 4
    - Freezes and Wifi dropout issues should be resolved on LG8 roms
    Revision 1.2.1:
    - Camera fix for LFB Roms
    Revision 1.2.0:
    - Updated to Samsung Update3 (LFB sources)
    - Version bump to reflect base update
    - Camera fix declared stable
    Revision 1.1.1-AOSP:
    -Implemented support for AOSP using commits from the CyanogenMod I9300 kernel.
    Revision 1.1.0:
    - A configuration option that was designed to keep more memory free
      resulted in a huge degradation in performance over time. It has 
      reverted, and the minion responsible now resides at the bottom
      of Crystal Lake.
    - GPU Voltage and clock control added.
    - The CPU should no longer lock at 1200mhz during GPU load
    - No bunnies were harmed during the making of this build.
    Revision 1.0.2:
    - exfat modules not only load, but actually work! 
       (The culprit responsible has been reduced to a pile of ash)
    - Undervolting floor lowered from 850mV to 600mV
    - run-parts support added to init.rc for ROMs that allow use of /system/etc/init.d
    Revision 1.0.1:
    - The beast responsible for exfat modules not loading has been beaten
       senseless with assorted blunt objects.
    Revision 1.0.0:
    - Initial release
    - Overclocking to 1800mhz is possible, while possibly not stable on all phones.
       Overclock at your own risk.
    - Deadline tweaked and set as default I/O scheduler.
    - Module exception to allow loading exfat modules
    - SHA1 algorithm improvements
    - CRC32 algorithm improvements
    - CPU Voltage control interface implemented
    - Debug overhead removed from config and assorted places in source code

    Ninphetamin3 1.2.2 (For LG8 and Newer ICS Roms)

    Ninphetamin3-AOSP-test-1.1.1 (CWM flash) - Testing AOSP only build.


    (LFB Roms)
    Ninphetamin3 1.2.1 - Camera Fix for LFB Roms

    Ninphetamin3 1.2.0

    Ninphetamin3-cwm-1.2.0 CWM package

    Flash with Odin or Heimdall unless marked as CWM flashable