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Question its possible to use adb sideload for overwrite a file?

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New member
Dec 2, 2021
Hi, how are you? I'm stuck with a screen lock problem. No USB or developer options enabled (and It cant be enabled, I can only access to de stock recovery mode).
I have been reading and I need to empty the gesture.key file located at /data/system/. But I cant get in to the phone vía adb shell, it only is recognized in sideloadmode.
I know that I can do factory reset and it will solve the problem, but inside the phone there are pics and videos from my girlfriend's pregnancy and that kind of tender stuff that I would like to do not lose with the factory reset. So I was thinking, as I can't connect in other way than adb sideload, that maybe I cant overwrite the gesture.key file by uploading a file with the same directory structure. I am thinking in a update.zip file that contains an empty gesture.key file and the /data/system/ directory.
It would be possible? Maybe if I overwrite the file lock screen pattern will disappear.
I can't find how sideload works (I've been reading a lot but haven't found detailed explanations about what I need, so I post here.
I think that if sideload uploads and decompress the file with the correct directory structure will overwrite the file... it is possible?? Thank you very much for your help