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Jan 11, 2016
so, the release of the kernel source was like a stone thrown at the sea, no one is working on it? so sad...

It's on the road ;)

hi friend

i have a problem with iuni u3 please help me

1 phone boot loop problem
2 i can't entre Recovery Mode i lost the Recovery Mode
3 phone can enter to flashboot by pressing boton power and volume down

could you help me? please I need bootloader and rocovey mode .


Hi friend,

The latest original rom:

TWRP Recovery: https://dl.twrp.me/u3/twrp-3.2.1-0-u3.img

Do you need something else ?
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Jan 28, 2018

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    Hi, I build a rom few days ago for this device based on IUNI-U3-V3.0-201511271608 official.

    Main features:
    - 100% Based on the latest official stock fully operational.
    - All apps and framework deodexed.
    - Removed system applications and Chinese do not consider essential.
    - Minimum gapps already integrated.
    - English Language and European time zone set from the beginning.
    - Root SuperSU added.
    - Added Vega Music app too.
    - Replaced the original keyboard by Google keyboard.
    - Script from alecuba16 and other settings to optimize battery consumption (verify that it works init.d)
    - App Any Cut integrated, to use the FM Radio (taking the shortcut).
    - App to restart in recovery / fastboot directly (Power button) mode.
    - Utility to lock the screen with a press (Lock).
    - Speaker and headphones volumes uploaded.
    - Changed emoji emoticons by more colorful.
    - Gmail app 100% compatible.

    Other considerations:
    - The app Updater is not eliminated, it notifies you of new updates. If you want to keep the rom, decline.
    - ART mode 100% functional.
    - Use a tool to check that the init.d scripts are running.
    - I tried several recoverys and recommend TWRP
    - To listen to music by headphones, turn off the DTS recommend.

    ROM: UNI_U3_Nuvolari_v1.zip (774MB)
    RECOVERY RECOMMENDED: IUINI_U3_recovery TWRP_2.8.3.0.zip (14MB)
    New beta leaked.

    Maybe not as smooth as latest MIUI but man, battery lasts much much longer.

    For gapps, root using towelroot and remove 2 videos from system folder. (Don't remember where exactly), then flash Pico gapps for android 4.4 (works with stock recovery) :)
    Whatsapp workaround works, for notifications prermitt auto start :)

    Iuni OS 20151112

    This should be the changelog (using google translate):
    [phone] to change the way then hang up, then hang with the N1 way;
    increase iuni personal photo backup, cloud backup changes to "cloud blossoming," adds wifi automatic backup time is set;
    [Desktop] to optimize the system over animation, sound Desktop fluency;
    [browser] update your browser to the latest version, Home navigation;
    [camera] to optimize the camera focus speed;
    [other] system optimizes stability , bug fixes and other

    http://yunpan.cn/cLzxH6MgHHUwf pass: ef5c
    http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i30KJY1 pass: me95​
    Guys? Any progress? It sounded almost complete, now nothing is happening.
    pleeeeease make it :)
    Lineage 14.1 ril and mobile data fixed. Both sim cards and internet now works. Sound and camera on the roadmap. Very small time for development, sorry.
    Ok guys here are some different roms you can flash on your U3. They should be Chinese/English only, but normally on Miui roms you can use MoreLocale to translate 70 percent of the rom. I have added Dolby Atmos and Nubia Camera apps too.

    Problem is there's not enough space left on the system partition to flash gapps on the latest IUNI OS v3 beta :(
    The IUNI V3.0 ROM I shared on Google Drive is the latest production version not beta, it is better than Beta 3.06 because WhatsApp is working and it is the latest basband/firmware.

    For the problem of the insufficient disk space, I have a solution:

    There is a folder in most of official ROMs that you can remove safely (/system/sdcard), it contains the promotion videos and songs for IUNI U3. They are copoied to emulated storage during rom installation so they are not needed anymore because they are already there.
    Delete this folder (need Root Access and file manager like Root Explorer) then there will not be space problem again (it is 250MB). Install The latest GAPPS by TKruzze, use mini/micro/pico no problem. I used pa_gapps-modular-pico-4.4.4-20150308-signed.zip and works perfectly. Here are new download page after TKruzze closed the thread:
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