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[Jailbreak]Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Verizon- i925) - Root/Jailbreak/Recovery

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New member
Jun 18, 2016
It's 2016, and I need to know the truth about rooting the I925. I reset it to factory settings and here is what I have:
Model SCH-I925
Android Version = 4.1.2
Kernel Version 3.0.31-1481643
Build # JZ05454K.I925VRAMK1
Hardware Version I925.03

Is is possible to put Cyanogen on this?
I have tried several ways and the only successful way I have rooted it was King Root. But I was never able to get a recovery on there. I used Heimdall, according to the Cyanogen Website, with no success. I really thought CASUAL was the answer, but now I see that it doesn't work with the updated version. I need the pro on here to help me! I really want cyanogen on it! I am a newbie and using Windows on this..


Nov 21, 2010
I too fall into the same category and have not found a definite answer, has the MK1 stumped all who come against it? Or is root and unlocked b/l a trade secret? I have rooted many devices in my past from G1 to EVOs to newer devices and nothing has been more or less unknown around here like this device is....what gives??


Senior Member
Feb 24, 2010
It's hard to find a good how-to with this one it seems. There are many tutorials but usually for the other variants and not the Verizon one. The ones that seem to be for the right device use apps to install a recovery but the apps don't seem to support this model either.


Senior Member
Sep 6, 2016
I guess there is no luck for this tablet at all... I got it for cheap at this point (4 years after its release)! And there doesnt seem to be a way to even downgrade


New member
Jun 7, 2019
verizon galaxy note 10.1 sch-i925 ver 4.1.2

unable to get casual from the link posted
Take Note Verizon CASUAL(R478b) just a blank page. is it possible For Adam Outer to post another link please.
it is for galaxy note 10,1 verizon sch-i925 ver 4.1.2


Jul 6, 2014
Xiaomi Poco F3
the only thing that is achieved is to root, unfortunately there is no way to unlock the bootloader to install TWRP

I also found the 4 stock files to recover by odin, but I did not verify it

sorry for my english