JAM upgrade now available at club-imate

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Jan 8, 2004
Exactly, otherwise why do they have all the other language ROM Upgrades still available, or at least they did a few hours earlier today.

It was only the WWE that wasn't available.


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did i-mate remove the WWE version because there is something wrong with it or lacking from it? or is it because their servers cannot take the load of people getting the ROMs at the same time (should we believe their excuse :p ) ? don't want to flash my ROM then have to do it again when they release the WWE ver again in a few days...


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Mar 10, 2005
Just had the following chat with Clubimate:

Karl> how may i assist you ?
Nij> Hi Karl, just a quick question on our latest ROM update..
Nij> I've noticed you've removed the 1.06.110WWE from your website, any reason..I've yet to upgrade...and not sure when to do so.
Nij> This question relates to the JAM and WWE version..
Karl> yes we have removed the ROM upgrade
Karl> we shall be having it on soon, by this coming sunday
Karl> it will be propped back on
Nij> Will this still be version 1.06.110WWE, or a updated version..
Karl> it is the latest upgrade
Nij> and finally, has the ROM update fixed the Bluetooth Bug where the voice could not be heard after 10-15 mins ?
Karl> the fixes list will be out as well along with the ROM upgrade
Karl> which will be available on our clubimate website

Most important thing that seems to have come out of this brief chat is the bug fixes list, which I'm sure will help alot of i-mate JAM owners.

Also, still unclear if it's an update to 1.06.110 or not, but the subtle messages come from Clubimate appear to be, alittle more patience might be the best strategy. We should have a better idea by the begining of next week... :wink:


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well i had too much time yesterday and decided to upgrade anyway. i didn't notice any major changes... well the camera performs faster for me. although the missing BT icon problem is still present after installing some today plugins (some users report diff apps that initiate this bug but for me it has always been sbsh.net pocketbreeze-even after hard reset and clean install) anyway hopefully there will be other rom updates after this since it hasn't really improved that much. i have yet to try BT performance (well activesync atleast--i don't have a BT headset to test). will test it later and let ya know :p


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ok i have just finished testing activesync via BT. the good thing is i don't need pocket bluetooth tools anymore to sync my JAM with my pc. so i guess this aspect of bt is fixed. as for the headset performance... someone should give me a headset to test hahahha j/k i'm sure someone else will post on it :D


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Jan 26, 2005
I have just upgraded my O2 XDA mini with the i-mate USA ROM - in 17 minutes.

rom version: 1.06.00 WWE
rom date: 01/06/05
Radio version: 1.10.00
Protocol version: 1337.39
ExtROM version: 1.06.150 WWE

I thought the phone might not work because I am in Hong Kong, but it works perfectly OK.
I'd say wait. A post-1.06 version is in teh works due to all the issues with 1.06


Delayed again, BUT confirmation that a newer version than 1.06 indeed is in the works!

You're now talking to Mike

Mike> Welcome to club i-mate support. My name is Mike, how can I help you today?
Wiz> Hi Mike
Mike> Hi
Wiz> I was wondering, Brian said a new version of the 1.06 rom upgrade for the JAM would be available yesterday or today
Wiz> any idea?
Mike> yes..it is available on our website at this point
Wiz> the website only says Italic / Arabic / USA
Wiz> I am looking for the WWE version
Mike> just a sec
Wiz> also, when I look in ftp.clubimate.com/support
Wiz> there's the WWE version, but still 1.06 dated March 8
Wiz> which has the bluetooth bugs etc.
Mike> sorry
Mike> about the info
Mike> it has been taken off
Wiz> no problem. why?
Mike> it will be available in 3-4 days
Wiz> ok, but which one will it be?
Wiz> 1.06 or a new one that fixes the issues?
Mike> newer one
Wiz> ok, thanks, I will be patient then ... I hope it will be there before I go on holiday so that I can test it thoroughly
Wiz> and I will inform our users on www.pocketpc-club.nl
Wiz> bye
Mike> bbye


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Jan 19, 2005
Hope it will be more stable than 1.06 ROM...cause this one is immpossible to use...I have to hard reset about 3-times a day... :evil:



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Jan 8, 2004
Exactly, why doesn't I-Mate write one sentence explaining how this 1.06 is different from the ROM Upgrade issued last week? How hard would that be?

I'm downloading now, and did not install the first upgrade because of the bad press.
I guess I will go on the assumption that in fact the 1.06 WWE now on I-Mate's site is in fact an improved 1.06.

Mark One

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Mar 11, 2005
Until I hear otherwise I am assuming that there is no update to the 1.06 ROM issued a week ago.

All they have done is added a couple of servers to manage the load and stuck the same old unstable 1.06 up again.


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Jan 8, 2004
Mark One,
I completely understand
It is very hard to say what I-Mate has or has not done, because they are horrible at communication.
I have however read many posts that copied their conversations with Club I-Mate Live Support (support is a real stretch), and those psosts indicate that they pulled the original WWE ROM Upgrade because of problems. Now their site says it was a Sever Download issue.
My feelings the server download issue exists, but that had nothing to do with why the pulled the WWE ROM only. Why did they not pull off all ROM Upgrade downloads,m but just the WWE and I gues a couple of other languages.

New ROM Download: ma_cdlsku1_10600_110_10500_ship 9what the heck does "ma_cdlsku1" mean?
Last weeks 1.06 ROM Upgrade: JAM_WWE_106_110_10500



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Oct 1, 2003
All parts have the same version numbers as the previous one - 1.06 Rom. 1.05 radio etc. I've flashed it. Restarted my imate 20 times and didn't get any BT hardware not found errors. I guess, they silently fixed it. And they didn't change file versions probably they don't want to get in trouble with Microsoft.
See my other post at http://forum.xda-developers.com/viewtopic.php?p=99542#99542 containing a transcript of a chat with Club iMate. The roms posted today carry today's date. The previous ones were from March 8.

I must say though, that although a lot better than the previous rom, the current one still has occasional BT Hardware errors, albeit a lot less frequent.