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Feb 3, 2018
Some solution for crackling sound distorsion in Jamesdsp ? I use already audio comp. patch module and in Viperfx i don't have this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance


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Apr 1, 2009
Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite
I might have missed something, but in OP there's mentioned "10 band equalizer" and I remember that there used to be 10 bands when I tried this app some time ago. I installed it today again and to my surprise it has 15 bands (if I counted right:)). I can't replicate my existing equalizer settings used in other 10 band equalizer apps as frequencies don't match. Does anyone know if I can switch to 10 band equalizer? If so, how could I do it?

Edit: magnitude response string seems to do the trick (e.g. for Marshall monitor headphones "GraphicEQ: 32 5; 64 3; 120 -5; 270 -3; 650 -4;1000 0;2000 8;4000 8;8000 6;16000 5").

It's a bit unfortunate that there is very little help/manual available, IMHO James DSP is superior to Viper, but many of its features are not clear and require quite extensive study of digital signal processing theory and even that might not provide all answers.
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Dec 3, 2014
I have weird issue with Jamesdsp sometimes don't work then open the app and work,same thing also with Viperfx,it happens when i have phone stopped for some time or when i restart the phone. Someone has some suggestions to solve this issue? Thanks in advance
same issue, on poco x3, doesnt work on restart or after a long time, ofc battery MIUI optimization disabled, tried auto starting and installing as system app no dice

edit: installing as system app does keep it alive, So you can try that. You still have to launch it manually after restart
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  • Aug 30, 2013
    I see it went from open source to closed now. what was the reasoning for the change?
    Maybe an attempt to monetize the revival JamesDSP after it died/was no longer maintained.

    I remember something similar with a viper where they were selling vdc configs via telegram for $4-5. No clue if same people but just pointing out it's been done before.
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      This is a reformed audio effect digital signal processing engine for Android. The GUI is copy from Omnirom DSPManager, but the internal audio engine is enhanced and reformed!

      • Pro dynamic range compression
      • Bass Boost
        • --> 1023/4095/8191 order FIR linear phase low pass bass boost
      • Reverberation (Dual engine reverb)
        • --> GVerb
        • --> Progenitor 2
      • 10 Band Hybrid Equalizer
      • Stereo Widen
      • Triode dual stage vacuum tube simulation
        • --> Simulate with real mathematical model of 12AX7 tube
        • Auto partitioning high efficient convolution engine
        • --> Support mono / stereo / full stereo(LL, LR, RL, RR) impulse response
        • --> Samples per channels should less than 1000000* for stereo
        • --> Samples per channels should less than 400000* for full stereo
        • --> Impulse response file support: V4A IRS, FLAC, WAV

      • Install via Magisk Manager, Flashfire, or recovery (Magisk or System install will detect automatically)

      • Delete module in Magisk Manager
      • OR Flash module in recovery

      Audio Mod Troubleshooting Guide


      Convolver have been tested working even in stereo impulse response with 16121304 samples per channels on Snapdragon 820

      If you look at the source code from Java part, you will find some are similar with Viper4Android, but this is not true.
      Viper4Android only open source it's interface, their core drivers source code have never been released.
      For convenient sake, I copy some interface code to accelerate my development.

      How to compile the source code?
      Use Android NDK & Eclipse

      Previous post

      XDA:DevDB Information
      JamesDSPManager, App for the Apps & Games

      james3460297, ahrion, Zackptg5
      Source Code: https://github.com/james34602/JamesDSPManager

      Version Information
      Status: Stable
      Current Stable Version: v3.3
      Stable Release Date: 2020-11-02

      Created 2017-11-11
      Last Updated 2020-11-02
      New JDSP is finally here everyone!
      Anyone give links for PRESETS and IRS.... I downloaded from an old post , but that's causing the app to crash!
      1) You can download Convolvers and DDC from

      Unzip and
      - copy IRS files from Kernel folder to Internal memory: /JamesDSP/Convolver
      - enable Convolver and select an Impulse Response filter

      - copy VDC files from DDC folder to Internal memory: /JamesDSP/DDC
      - enable ViPER-DDC and select a DDC file

      Btw, with IdealEQ.vds for DDC file, there is also a notable increase in Volume (tested for Speaker and Headset)

      2) For Equalizer, enable Hybrid equalizer (for Speaker, Headset and Bluetooth), select Custom, and from the top-right menu chose Save preset, name it like MyDefault

      Open by eg MiXPlorer, Internal memory:
      (repeat the same for Headset and Bluetooth XML files)

      edit as Text file, find the line starting with
      <string name="dsp.tone.eq.custom">

      and replace by 'Small speaker' parameters:
      <string name="dsp.tone.eq.custom">7.0;6.8;6.4;3.5;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0;-3.5;-6.4;-3.3;-3.5;</string>

      Then in JamesDSP, top-right menu, chose Load preset and select your MyDefault
      JDSP has been updated to v1.7! See james' github for changelog, this installer uses the hq libs
      Can you define HQ and SQ in specific terms?

      Yes. @Zackptg5 Yes, for sure.
      HQ process audio using float 64 data type, although Android audio framework most likely provide only 16 bit data, this doesn't mean it is unnecessary, because float 64 guarantee less rounding error, thus less noise.
      SQ mode is pretty standard in DSP, float 32 satisfy most situations, this is most power saving, and fastest.