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Mar 16, 2006
HI, I downloaded to new rom from clubimate ftp site and unzipped the file and tried re-installing the new rom again as a fresh copy. I had all kind of issues doing this.
On the progress bar it goes red at 1% and then blue and continues progressing to 4% and then turns red again and then afterward turns back blue colour and then continues progressing until 85% and stays red and then a message appears:
"ERROR [326]: The NBF file cannot be used for your pda phone please check your NBF file."
I then disconnected my jamin and took the power out and left it for 10 mins and put it back in and tried the whole process again and even deleted the unzipped copy and unzipped it again but still getting issues sometimes ERROR [326] and sometimes "ERROR [302] UPDATE ERROR The Rom Update utility has encountered communication errors during the update process. the program will give you step-by-step to recover from the errors so you can continue with the update" I followed the steps and that took my back to the progress bar but will not complete and throws up one of the errors again.
Exactly the same happened last night when I tried this and eventually able to load the new rom but it was giving me all kind of issues mainly crashing and screen freezing all the way white when I synch or generally using it. I am sorry for this long tread but I am very frustrated with my jamin device I feel like throwing it against the wall. Please can anyone shed some light into this subject and if it is software related or hardware? much appreciated :(