[Jan 17] Duttys HD V1.7[WWE|GER|FRE|ITA|NLD][ChangeLog & FAQ Post 2][5.2.20769.1.4.5]

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Sep 17, 2006
[Jan 17] Duttys HD V1.7[WWE|GER|FRE|ITA|NLD][ChangeLog & FAQ Post 2][5.2.20769.1.4.5]

I have reach HD V1.5 already and decide to take a quick break as I love my HD alot:) and I promised my mises I wouldnt be doing so much flashing this year.

HD V1.1 is a stable Stock Build 5.2.20764.1.43 which only needs the Facebook Upload fix on my site.
HD V1.2 is the same Stable Stock Build but with Microsoft Voice Command enabled which also needs the Facebook upload fix.
HD V1.3 5.2.20954.1.5 build in with IE6 but has a bug with typing in google search bar with some keyboards inputs not working.
HD V1.4 new 5.2.21009.1.6 build with Volume control bug.
HD V1.5 Final release for now, Stable and fast with fixes. Fixed version uploaded Jan 6th

Also thanks to everyone who have helped me throughout my Rom cooking from the hermes days and all my fans who supported me also.

First you must flash Unsigned_HardSPL_for_Blackstone_OliNex from here.
Thanks to Olinex and team who provided this us , Please donate to them.

  • Things to know about this Rom
  • Applications grouped in specific folder
  • Fully tweaked Rom
  • Rom UC Compatable
CE OS 5.2.20769 Build 20769.1.4.5

Rom Applications Included Below:

Adobe Flash
Adobe Reader 2_5_1_0_360_303
AGPS Settings 1_0_1817_3530
ARCsoft MMS_5.0.43.63
BT BPP_1_6_8_0
BT SAP_3_2_0_RC2

HTC Album 2_5_1820_4127 [Updated]

HTC Audio Booster_2_0_1816_2328
HTC AudioManager_1_6_1820.3027
HTC Camera_6_6_32687_04
HTC Clean GPS Data
HTC ConnectionSetup_1_5_35852_1 [Updated]
HTC Endkey_1_1_35073_1 [Mapped to End key]
HTC EnlargeStartMenu_1_2_35587_100 [Updated]
HTC Ezinput_1_5_32638
HTC FM Radio_1_6_1819_1820
HTC G-Sensor Calibration_1_1819_1827
HTC In Call Recorder_1_1822_1528 [Updated]
HTC Labrynth Teeter_1_4_1819_2028
HTC LargeTitleBar Settings
HTC MP3 Trimmer_1_1_1816_2327
HTC Manilla_1.3.35867.0_1630.38
HTC Quick GPS_1_0_1820_2228
HTC Random Access_4_1_1820_1320

HTC RSS Hub_2_1_1077
HTC Sim Manager_6.57
HTC SMSInboxThreading
HTC SocialNetworking [Facebook + Youtube]
HTC StreamingMedia_3_1820_392 [Updated]

HTC Task_Manager_2_1_35359_100
HTC VoiceRecorder_1_10_1819_1826
HTC Volume Control_1821_3025 [Updated]
HTC YouTube Application_1_6_1820_4128


Microsoft NetCf 3.5 RTM
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Sqlcemobile 3.5
Microsoft Voice Command 1.6.19972
Microsoft Windows Live

Opera Mobile Browser Build 15202

Remote Destop


Toms Soft Reset
File Explorer Extension [Thanks to tnyynt]
GP-Soft Tweak
PHM Regedit + Task Manager _V3.01
Pim Backup
Screen capture

BUGS Unknown

My Registry tweaks:

Rom Fully tweaked for maximum Performance

Please adhere to the forum rules and read and search before posting duplicate questions which there is already an answer.

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Sep 17, 2006
Adding ChangeLog

Duttys Touch HD Roms ChangeLog

V1.7 Change Log for |WWE|GER|FRE|ITA|NLD|

* New HTC Official Build & CE OS 5.2.20769.1.4.5
* Updated Files and Drivers in Rom
* Updated Manila version
* Updated HTC Album
* Updated HTC Streaming Media
* Updated HTC Volume Control
* Updated HTC Enlarge Start menu
* Updated HTC Connection Setup
* Updated ICR Application and available in all ROMs
* Updated HTC Task Manager
* Updated System Registry
* ICR is only fully translated in WWE & ITA ROMs
* QuickGPS link should be now be fixed in Italy Version
* Fixed Opera funny text wrap from HD V1.6
* Reverted back to Opera 195202
* Added some new .wav tones in ROMs thanks to SpeedMaster
* Added HD Radios & to MY SITE
* MSVC Incoming Announcement volume back to normal

Install the regsistry cab below to activate the Facebook upload in the HTC Album

HD V1.7 Produced by Dutty

Official Mirrors / Alternative Links

All of Roms also can be downloaded at my site @ www.duttythroy.net

[HD V1.7 LINKS Below]
File: Dutty's_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_MSVC_WWE.zip
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/184556447/Dutty_s_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_MSVC_WWE.zip
File-Size: 84.44 MB
Uploaded: 16/01/2009, 22:27:14
File: Dutty's_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_WWE.zip
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/184567191/Dutty_s_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_WWE.zip
File-Size: 82.24 MB
Uploaded: 16/01/2009, 22:51:25
File: Dutty's_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_FRA.zip
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/184607990/Dutty_s_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_FRA.zip
File-Size: 82.04 MB
Uploaded: 17/01/2009, 00:36:02
File: Dutty's_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_ITA.zip
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/184786026/Dutty_s_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_ITA.zip
File-Size: 81.62 MB
Uploaded: 17/01/2009, 10:35:50
File: Dutty's_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_NLD.zip
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/184796204/Dutty_s_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_NLD.zip
File-Size: 81.27 MB
Uploaded: 17/01/2009, 10:59:13
File: Dutty's_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_GER.zip
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/184807017/Dutty_s_HD_V1.7_5.2.20769.1.4.5_Full_CVSD_GER.zip
File-Size: 82.40 MB
Uploaded: 17/01/2009, 11:23:00


FAQ: Unable to watch Flash Movies in Opera Browser
Solution: Go to my Website and download the Opera Flash support cab in the HD ADD ON CABS Folder. Please read and follow instructions on how to install successful.

FAQ: Unable to choose all the official ringtones, alarm tones, album samples.
Solution: Download all the cabs here at my site at duttythroy.net and look in the HD ADD ON CABS Folder.

FAQ: I have no Jetcet Print, RSS hub, Worldcard Mobile and Google Maps installed.
Solution: Download all the cabs here at my site at duttythroy.net and look in the HD ADD ON CABS Folder.

FAQ: I am having poor signal reception, battery or bad GPS signal.
Solution: You can flash standalone HD Radio which are extracted from Official ROMs and test to see which ones work better for you. Radio Upgrades can be downloaded from my Site.

FAQ: I want to disable Threaded SMS.
Solution: Use Text Messaging application in settings to disable and soft reset.

FAQ: I cannot soft reset my Touch HD.
Solution: You can either use the Reset Manager in my ROMs found in applications folder or you can do it manually by removing the battery cover and use stylus to insert in the Reset hole.

FAQ: I Hard Reset my Touch HD.
Solution: With the device turned off, press and hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons, then briefly press the POWER button.
Continue pressing the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons until you see this message on the screen:

Release the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
Press the VOLUME UP button to perform the hard reset, or press any other button to cancel the reset.

FAQ: I want to disable screen turning off during calls.
Solution: Install the Dutty’s disable sleep in call cab located in my HD ADD ON CABS

FAQ: I want to keep updated with newer version of Opera.
Solution: I will update Opera with a single Cab which will just upgrade to the new version which will also be found on my site.

FAQ: How to do a Rom Upgrade with SD Card..
1.Copy BLACIMG.NBH into the root dir of your Storage Card.
2. Be sure to have at least 30% of charge.
3. Turn off your device by using the Power Button
4. Go to bootloader mode. Push and hold Vol Down + press Power button.
5. As soon as presented the message, push Power button to start flashing or Volume Down button to cancel.
6. The whole procedure will take about 3 minutes. After you finish and see the relative message, soft reset your device, you are ready.

FAQ: What are CVSD and MSVC.
Solution: CVSD is Cyberon Voice Speed Dial which is mostly the default voice application in most shipped ROMs. MSVC is Microsoft Voice Command which is an advance voice application from MS.

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Sep 17, 2006
For users who like to experiment with d3d on Touch HD thanks to geistteufel,

Please see below for instructions:

  • Download D3D file attached
  • Extract to computer and copy files to device
  • copy *.dll in \Windows using Total Commander or similar
  • install hologram
  • it should be slow because of d3d drivers from htc (which doesn't activated 3d acceleration)
  • install ati drivers
  • test it again (no need to reboot :))
  • now it's faster
  • Restart if needed


  • D3D.zip
    243.3 KB · Views: 12,132
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Mar 12, 2006
Nice to see you with friendly greet too.

I’d like to ask you if there is any solution how to set as default - the SIP input to different keyboard (Resco, SPB, ...) after soft reset, permanently.

Utilities as the SKTools or the SIPChange don’t work – after reset, the system input “Keyboard” is back again and I must revert to Resco/SPB manually.

Would it be possible to unlock keyboard registry in your ROM version?

On HTC Diamond it was not problem but on the HD it is.
Users with different languages would appreciate it.
Thank in advance for solution.
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May 25, 2007

i'm glad to see you another time.....after tytn2 i bought raphael and i missed your roms SO MUCH...here we are with blackstone!!!

good work and as usual

thank you!


Mar 12, 2006
If dutty finds the solution in this problem, I will give him a kiss. :)
:) :) :)
Now seriously, I think that it’s good challenge for both/all .
This problem might be a good example of solution for what we use and like these custom ROMs!

Very good solution which change current SIP when stylus out/in - HERE
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Sep 17, 2006

I have finished with WWE & GER Roms. I will continue on FRE further this week.

As this is my first attempt on a multilanguage roms I hope the GER rom will fit ur needs,

Roms will posted shortly


Mar 29, 2006
Multilanguage approach

Dutty nice to see ya here!!! Love your exceptional work on the diamond front!!!! Is there a possability you can cook a greek (ELL) ediion as well? I have all the greek language files and mui files but I dont know how to cook a rom!We all would be very excited and thrilled if you could help! thanks in advance for you help and effort for everything you have done for the xda community!


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Mar 26, 2008
Aloha Man :)
Im downloading and flushing my HD will tell you how it wen't :)
I was using you latest;) kaiser rom :) for 6 month it was THE BEST rom and it still is nice to meet you hear!!

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    Hi duttythroy. First of all thanks... Your work is very fine... I've a problem with ringtones. I have downladed ringtones but I can use them only for sms.. I can't use them as ringtones.

    Move them in the \windows\ring folder to select them as ringtones.
    MSVC problem


    Thanks for the ROM but I have notice that announce calls from MSVC is not working fine .. Its responding to commands but not announce caller id's.

    Could you check that plz.

    Hello Dutty again

    I'm downloading now the updated ROM version (which have fixed MSVC)

    Your ROM now is perfect but I belive if you add some tools for VOIP (Voice Over IP) calls then will be great.

    Thanks bro.