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[Jan 22] Duttys DualTouch v4 RTM Release [ FAQ added in Post 2]


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Sep 17, 2006
Dutty's Hybrid Rom[DualTouch v4]

Before I go on just want to say thanks and credits to:

The Kaiser Community supporters who has stick by me through my Rom cooking and all the beta testers who have tested and gave back feedback.

Thanks to all the Great XDA Legends who also has a great impact on me on learning from them.

Thanks also to collinssc for His art for the pirate splash screen
Thanks also to Tec1106 for his help on the animated screen

First of foremost this Rom was made for Peformance taken from Polaris and tried to maximise Stability, Performance, and battery Consumption.

Details as Follows:

New CE OS 5.2.1833 Build 18529.dutty’s [ New Official Build Taken From Polaris]

Rom Applications Included Below:

ArcSoft_MMS_4_2_8_1 [EDITED VERSION]

BT BPP_1_6_1_0 [Updated]
BT FTP_1_2_312471_1 [Updated]
BT SAP_2_02_b0925_r3

FTouchFlo [Thanks to Efrost]
TFloCubeCtrl [Thanks to Kona_Mtbkr + Raven_coda]

HTC Action Screen_1_0_1020720_0 [Updated] [Most shortcuts goes directly to path]
HTC Album 1_0_1030_720 [NEW]
HTC AudioManager_1_2-1017.717 [Updated]
HTC Bluetooth Quick link
HTC Camera_5_0_4_2915_00 [Updated]
HTC CommManager 6 Buttons
HTC ConnectionSetup_1_0_31261_1 [Updated]
HTC Endkey_1_0_31235-1 [Updated] [Mapped to Red end key]
HTC EnlargeStartMenu_1_0_31261_1 [Updated]
HTC Field Test_2.14
HTC Home_2_0_814722_0
HTC NetworkPlugin_1_0_30468_1 [Updated]
HTC Quick GPS_1_00_919_717_01 [Updated]
HTC Random Access_4_0_1009_721 [Updated]
HTC RSS Hub_1_0_07 [Updated]
HTC Sim Manager_6.36 [Updated]
HTC SymbolPad
HTC Touch keyboard
HTC Task Manager_2_0_31261_1 [Updated]
HTC TouchFlo [Incredible speed] [This is alot of speed]
HTC StreamingMedia_3_00_1001_711_00 [Updated]
HTC VoiceRecorder_1_10_907716_0

Microsoft NetCf 3.5 RTM [NEW]
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft One Note Mobile
Microsoft Sqlcemobile 3.0 [NEW]
Microsoft Windows Live

Clear Temp
Gps test
PIM Backup 2.7 [updated]
Pocket RAR
Media Player [YouTube Compatable] [Will be available as Cab]
SoftKey Changer [updated in System]
Total Commander
Group SMS
SmS Backup
My Registry tweaks:

RSS HUB Enabled on today Screen
Tidy up today screen
Clear type enabled
Live Serach through google
Disable Security Warning for Unsigned Apps & Cabs
Enable GPS in Camera
Single date line hack
Custom performance tweak
Battery performance [ Updated with much better performance on battery deterioration
LongSend is mapped to call Button link to comm manager
Lots more cant remember

Please Read Things to Know:

1. This Rom has not got midlet manager so you need to install one before trying to run any midlet applications.

2. To activate cube please run Ftouchflo.config in System Tools Folder & enable Ftouchflo in general tab. To de-activate the cube just do the reverse.

3. To Fix Screen alignment issues
Run touchflo.config in Touchflo folder and untick in general tab touchflo this will ask you to soft reset your device. after soft reset you can then re-align your screen. to activate cube again just enable ftouchflo in touchflo.config again.

Reason is there is a conflict with ftouchflo running which stops the screen alignment configuring properly

4. Please adhere to the forum rules and read and search before posting duplicate questions which there is already an answer.

GPS QUICK FIX for quicker Results


Other Languages keyboard fix:

Thanks to jcespi2005


Install instructions:

1) goto hklm>system>versions and change what ever is there to .0.4.2 (The leading . before the 0 needs to be there)
2) Install bbconnect cab file.
3) If you don't get the check boxes at the end of the install (Calendar, notes, etc). Re-run the install (it will remove the 1st instance), I always get it the second time.
4) Wait for Blackberry to finish "setting up device for first use" and let it reboot.
5) On reboot, status will now show the PIN number.
6) Open the Blackberry connect desktop application. (Make sure you have access to your corporate e-mail) If you do you will see "Configure Wireless Device" as active.
7) Plug in the Tilt and wait for Activsync to finish syncing and says "connected".
8) In the BB Connect desktop application hit the "Configure Wireless"
9) When finished unplug Tilt and soft reset.
10) You should be good to go at this point.


If you like what I do you can always click below:

Rom Can be Found Here

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Sep 17, 2006


  • Q: The keys on my keyboard aren’t working correctly. They don’t seem to be mapped correctly or the symbol key won’t work
    A: You need to install the Tilt Keyboard fix…check ftp cab collection

    Q: I can’t hear any sound after flashing. When I make phone calls I can’t hear the other person either.
    A: You need to use a NON-ATT radio. 12.32 is a proven radio. You can find them on the ftp as well.

    Q: I keep getting an error when trying to flash.
    A: Have you spl? NO! you have not! Don’t try to lie! You can find how to hardspl in the stickies. Get da ready!

    Q: I’m getting an error when trying to unzip the v4 rom file.
    A: google winzip….download and unzip. Check post 2 for password.
    also try a mirror....

    Q: Where is the cube in this rom? How do I enable it?
    A: Read the first post….read every first posts! Or….Start > System Tools > FtouchFloConfig > General > Enable FTouchFLO and check enable cube

    Q: How do I get back auto complete while typing in the “to” fields or any where else? How do I get rid of xt9?
    A: Download this file. Extract all files to the same location on your PC. Make sure phone is sync up and icon is green….then run start file. Reboot phone.

    Q: active sync/device centre is not seeing my phone. Drivers loaded and connection sound….but nothing happens.
    A: update your versions of either. Also try updating your .NET framework. Google .NET 3.5
    If that fails here a link posted by another member….good luck with this madness!

    Q: YouTube support is missing from v3. How do I get it back?
    A: read post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=219

    Q: I get an error when trying to use word. Any fix for this?
    A: posted by se0siris….good looking on this. Follow instructions:

    Q: Getting small pics when I receive mms. (fix only for ATT….if you’re not att…GET ATT!

    A: read post : http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=274

    Q: Not getting any sound files via mms. Getting error.
    A: maybe the build of mms client. Other than that?...ya on ya own!

    Q: Why are the volume controls reversed when using the jog wheel in audio manger?
    A: Thanks to two of our finest forum members....take a look at this post:

    Q: How do i change the date format in email and other places?
    A: Get the latest version of Kaiser tweak...more details here:

    Q: HTC album not showing right...how do i correct this?
    A: Cab file available for download:

    Q: Why am I unable to map com manager or any other apps to my buttons?
    A: Please see this post:
    if you're having issues with any other app...just double check to see if its in the menu...and uncheck it to map of course.

    Q: Where my transcriber?
    A: Check on the ftp site...in the cab collections

    Q: How do I disable the start up sound on the animation?
    A: Take a look:

    Q: what happened to the main icons on the home screen..the colourful ones with phone, the headphones, etc...?
    A: Its the sprint today plug in. It should be available on the ftp. if not dutty will be adding it soon.

    Pasted from <http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=1842581&postcount=322>

Password for Rom = xda220108

Benchmark for this rom can be located below:

To disable or get rid of xt9 install this cab and power down device
duttythroy Disable xt9.cab

New call log history missing upper bar in new dialler, is related when you soft rest the device by stylus, To fix this just power down device by the power button and power on back

To change soft Keys or assigning a different shortcut in Commanager please download and use Shaps Advance config 1.1 to do all these plus more

Added games thanks to Mfrazzz

Sliding keyboard Sound added


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Oct 27, 2007
Thanks, Dutty keep up the great work. Also, which midlet manager is best? Intent_MIDlet_manager or Risidoro_Intent_MIDlet_Manager_11.1.7.1036? Thanks.


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Jan 15, 2008
Milton Keynes
OH NO!! I'm having trouble when extracting the file...it doesn't ask for P/W and gives me an error message. 0X80004005 : unspecified error. Good old Vista, as informative as ever.

Will try again
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