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General January update has dropped.

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    I installed the update a couple days ago, I'm TMobile, in the upper Midwest. It's about 214 mb, I didn't really have any noticable issues, except, BT would occasionally stop broadcasting through headphones, both pairs. So far, that's not happening, but, it did not happen in the first weeks of using the phone either. Not noticing any other issues, before & after.
    When my headphones cut out, all I did was cycle them off & back on to have them working again. I'm 2 days on the update, so likely too soon to say it's fixed because it didn't first happen for a few weeks after I started using the phone.
    I too have not had much trouble with BT. I'm a senior retired software manager with hearing aids, a smart watch, and a car. Only issue I have is once in a while I'll use the phone and instead of the sound coming from my aids, the phone speaker is on instead. I know of no way to redirect it to the hearing aids. This has also happened in the car. My former OnePlus 7 Pro had a button to redirect the sound but nothing on the pixel. I tried a Bluetooth app that is supposed to do that but it doesn't work. Possibly due to the other BT issues. I still have that phone and I'm tempted to use it instead of the p6p that is giving me grief.
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    one thing I'm keen to see if it's fixed is the direct audio access to external dac. which is currently broken.
    Please everybody check if you get the missed call notification... Doesn't work for me:

    Please don't post in multiple threads asking about the same problem, especially since you created a dedicated question thread for the issue already. I tested and I'll answer you in the other thread.
    Everything running smoothly for me so far....although I had no issues with December patch either.
    Fingerprint scanner is so much faster...
    Hold for me and call screening are back for me.
    Interesting, what's your app version? Mine's 73.0.414822266-pixel2021

    Edit: Did a force close, cleared cache, and re-opened. Call screen and hold for me are back for me too.