[JB][28-12-2012] CyanogenMod 10 for Motorola Milestone 2 (Android 4.1.2)


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Jul 13, 2007
CM10 for Motorola Milestone 2

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11.08.2012 - Initial release based on Quarx2k's, Epsylon3's and Nadlabak's brilliant work.
12.08.2012 - Fixed mobile data, added initial value for keypad type, support for GB kernel.
19.08.2012 - Common builds for Froyo and GB kernels (verified on UK Froyo and CH GB), keylayouts from alexc804's CM9. CM team implemented some more Trebuchet settings.
22.08.2012 - Fix bootmenu overclock, fix compass, CM10 bootanimation, reduced heapsize, drop support for Froyo kernels, clean up proprietary files.
23.08.2012 - OTA updates via otaupdatecenter.pro app
25.08.2012 - Preserve baseband during updates, fix crashing Hostapd (thx stargo!), plug OTA updater into Settings->Additional system updates
28.08.2012 - Fixed audio in car dock (thx to Nadlabak)
29.08.2012 - Fixed WiFi tethering (thx to stargo)
30.08.2012 - Fixed WiFi channels > 12
01.09.2012 - Use native JB keyboard layout switching (Settings -> Language & input -> Physical keyboard). Added battd compatibility for Froyo kernels (I still recommend using GB kernels as the only supported ones).
03.09.2012 - Fixed audio in video recording, stereo audio enabled, decreased FPS in video preview (Quarx2k)
04.09.2012 - Fixed compass, improved video perfomance (nadlabak), updated SGX libs (Quarx2k), fixes for qwertz layout
08.09.2012 - Added baseband selection, modified currency symbols in keyboard layouts, proprietary files used from UK 2.3.4, updated OTA Updater
10.09.2012 - Added US and UK QWERTY variants, alternative chars at ALT+SHIFT.
12.09.2012 - Hopefully fixed data connection problems (thanks to SlugZero)
17.09.2012 - Corrected azerty layout, corrected charging LEDs, new touch screen driver (thx M1cha) + multitouch fix, torch LED while focusing (thx paalsteek), call recording enabled libaudio
22.09.2012 - Key next to ALT mapped as CTRL (useful for keyboard layout switching), final fix for torch light while focusing, reverted preview FPS limit to improve audio stability during video recording
23.09.2012 - Corrected superuser, added hebrew (thx to Skyfox1) and polish keyboard layouts
29.09.2012 - Fixed portuguese time format (thx to Snowraptor)
09.10.2012 - Custom kernel (thx to Czechop) - consider this build as unstable/experimental. Boot reason is broken - OTA update won't boot into recovery, you need to enter recovery manually (volume down while booting).
13.10.2012 - Android 4.1.2, CRT animation, live wallpapers (2nd-init build)
27.10.2012 - Fix boot reason, fix charge only mode, fix low performance after boot, kernel optimizations, JB interactive governor, power hal (need interactive governor to work properly), fix overclock (thx to SkrilaxCZ, Nadlabak and Quarx2k)
03.11.2012 - Fixed battery usage and CPU frequency stats, added more Live Wallpapers, new CM File Manager (read this)
10.11.2012 - Fixes for 2ndboot, 10MB more of free RAM (thx to Nadlabak)
28.12.2012 - Fixed CM File Manager

Hints & issues
  • lgCamera works better with video recording
  • Currently wipe data and cache in OTA updater does not work
  • CM10 does not contain Car home, you need to install it manually (search for google car home)

Installation guide for stock roms users

1) Root your phone (you may use SuperOneClick root method)
2) Install Droid2 Bootstrap Recovery
3) Open Droid2 Bootstrap Recovery and tap "Bootstrap Recovery", then "Reboot Recovery" granting root privileges. The phone should reboot into recovery. Use volume buttons to navigate, camera button to accept, power button to go back. You will install files by selecting "Install zip from sdcard".
4) Optionally: create a backup of your data
5) Install latest CM ROM image file.
6) Optionally: install Google Apps
7) Select "Wipe data/factory reset"
8) Reboot and enjoy :)
9) Optionally: select baseband version corresponding to your country and BPSW version

Installation guide for CMx roms users

1) Optionally: create a backup of your data
2) Install latest CM ROM image file.
3) Optionally: install Google Apps
4) Wipe data and cache partition
5) Reboot and enjoy :)
6) Optionally: select baseband version corresponding to your country and BPSW version

Installing updates

The most convenient way of installing updates is through built-in OTA updater. Note that currently wipe options do not work there, so you may need to do it manually in recovery. For most cases that won't be necessary though.


repo init -u git://github.com/tezet/android.git -b jellybean


If you like and appreciate my work, and you may donate here (now in English).

I do not provide support by PM nor e-mail. Please ask questions here.


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Jul 20, 2012
Thank you very much Tezet! You brought life back again to out Milestones 2!
I want to try it but Gapps web isn't working for me at the moment. Seems ive got to use the gapps for jb 20120726. I aren't that old.


Jul 20, 2012
Installed it already. Coming from CM7.
Tezet, is project butter working?
I cannot get signal. Installed MS2 baseband and choosed mine (live in Argentina) but no result!
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Jul 13, 2007


May 1, 2008
Just updated and tested it for a bit... it is really smooth =)
Everything worked fine... except gsm =/, but probably because I have the wrong kernel? I come from sfc3001 cm9 (CM9-NIGHTLY-120721-milestone2-ch.zip).

Im going back to my backup from cm9 until I'm able to use the phone as a phone on cm10.

But that was a awesome job =) :good: