[JB 4.2.2 Kernel 3.4.87][27 APR] Dorimanx 3.7 LG G2 800/1/2/3/5/6 LS/VS980

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Jan 19, 2012
BUG in version 3.6 and Sygic

Hello Dori, I'm using v3.6 because with v3.7 I get random reboots... besides this I have a problem with Sygic last version from
Google store; try this, download Sygic (clean install) and when arrives the moment to download the maps, the phone reboots.
I'm on stock rom (802F SEA) and I tried to change the kernel to stock and Sygic has no issues, could be possible to solve this bug?...

The logs in the attachment.


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    Dorimanx LG G2 Kernel for STOCK 4.2.2 Branches!

    Stable Only For:
    D800 Models!
    D801 Models!
    D802/5/6 Models!
    D803 Models!
    LS980 Models!
    VS980 Models!



    You need answers to QUESTIONS not belong to Development???


    My kernel was based on LG G2 Stock Kernel v10a.


    Kernel Tree is 3.4.87, + LG JB/KitKat updates + my tweaks and lots of tuning!

    Global Credits!
    Big thanks to g.lewarne for helping me to start!
    Savoca for many kernel mods
    Cyanogen (rmcc@github) for many kernel mods
    Faux123 for UV/OV, Sound Gain Control, Inteli Hotplug, Fast Charge support! and more!
    Alucard_24 for AlucardHotplug and mods.
    MyFluxi for MSM HotPlug and fixes.
    LG for Stock kernel base!
    Linus Torvalds for Linux source!


    • Default I/O Scheduling: ROW.More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: DEADLINE, NOOP, CFQ, SIO, BFQ.
    • Default CPU frequency: 300-2803 MHz (MAX OC up to 2.8Ghz speed!).
    • You can set MIN/MAX CPU Freq in CPU tuning apps.
    • Default CPU governor: Ondemand.
    • More CPU Govs present, conservative, performance, Intelidemand, OndemandPlus, Nightmare, Hyper, Pegasusq, IntelliActive.
    • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (Intelli HotPlug by @faux123)
    • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (Alucard HotPlug by @alucard_24)
    • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (MSM Hotplug by @myfluxi)
    • Support Inteli CPU Temp control (by @faux123)
    • Support for CPU BOOST code.
    • Support limit OC to 2.3Ghz / 2.5Ghz / 2.7Ghz / 2.8Ghz (by @faux123)
    • Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface/apps interface (by @faux123).
    • CIFS network share mounting supported.
    • Debugging is OFF by Default to save CPU cycles, and extend battery life.
    • Internal kernel function fixes (ie, memory leaks, scheduler fixes).
    • High performance, low latency kernel.
    • Compiled with -O2 flags and hardware neon-vfpv4 FPU enabled.
    • Built from official LG v10a kernel source.
    • Lokified during flash! support new VS980 12b BootLoaders.
    • File systems support: Ext2/3/4, FAT32, CIFS, USB OTG.
    • EXFAT, NTFS supported but need USB OTG APP! it's not native!
    • WIFI Driver 1.88.60 ported from LG G2 KitKat Kernel Source.
    • Sound Driver Control (Gain for headphones, mic, speakers) use Faux Sound App.Always forced fast charge! no matter what you select in ROM.
    • Sweep2Sleep! allow sweeping from right to left and backwards! on soft buttons to turn off the screen.
    • Kernel created using Google GCC 4.8 ToolChain + all needed mods for it.
    • Running Scripts from /system/etc/init.d/ is SUPPORTED but OFF in STweaks! if you need it, enable.
    • STweaks Kernel Control App will be installed with kernel.
    Known BUGS!
    *Auto Brightness is not going down smooth on some custom ROMS.
    *Kernel not Supporting LS980 ZVA ROM Update!!!

    Standard disclaimer:

    By installing this kernel YOU will take full responsibility for any damage to your device!
    Hardware or software! no one forcing you to install it.
    So please do not blame me if you read wrong! or didn't read at all the instructions that i have written for YOU.

    But you can feel SAFE to use it, as I test every release on my phone!
    Before I publish it for download.

    Your warranty will be void by installing custom kernel as my.

    This kernel can ROOT/UNROOT your device!
    And will ROOT ADB Shell!

    Global Info About LG Models:
    D800 = AT&T Model
    D801 = US Tmobile Model
    D802 = International Model
    D803 = Canada Model
    D805 + D806 (same as D802)
    LS980 = SPR Model (Sprint)
    VS980 = VZW Model (Verizon)

    Kernel Sources:
    TO DOWNLOAD GO DOWN!!! YES MORE DOWN...(do i need to repeat?)

    How To Install:

    You will need to have ROOTED device with Recovery installed!
    Refer to other threads for recovery install process.

    Download kernel, upload it to your SDCARD, anywhere.
    Download STOCK Kernel for your device!
    so you will always have it on sdcard in case of any disaster!!!
    Reboot to Recovery.
    Install kernel as you installed ROM or any mod.

    Reboot! :)

    In case that you stuck on boot logo and want to revert to STOCK kernel.
    Push PWR + Vol Down till phone reboot and you will see LG Logo!
    Release and press the buttons again! till you see screen asking if you want to WIPE your device!
    if you have recovery installed, then it's will just OPEN the recovery! no WIPE will happen!!!

    Just push 3 time the PWR key. and you will be moved to recovery.
    Install your device STOCK kernel and wait for FIX.

    Have Fun and report.

    Donation Board:
    • John0699 X2
    • ShyamSasi
    • Pendroz
    • MP1979
    • Bahrosuz
    • Matheus_sc
    • Schrotty35
    • Metalboy94
    • Johnbeetee
    • Dimourinho
    • Grimmy1st
    • Askicko(guest)
    • Bahrosuz
    • Praveen789(guest)
    • Martindar
    • Lanman1978
    • Maybelle
    • Kickoff

    Mirror #1 by Willflint


    Mirror #1 Here
    MIRROR IS DOWN! under hackers attack.

    Change logs:

    Kernel 3.7 BETA!

    *Updated Busybox 1.22.2 custom patches and support for F2FS
    *Merged New HotPlug driver by Myfluxi named MSM HotPlug!
    It's very good replacement for OLD junk ROM binary! that is slow!
    Kernel driver works 10x faster!
    It's now DEFAULT hotplug. controls in STweaks.
    *Fixed My scripts, removed not needed things.
    *Tuned Ondemand CPU gov to be faster and removed LAG on wakeup.
    *Updated Alucard Hotplug from DEV tree. (bit thanks to @alucard_24)
    *Updated EXfat driver and allowed ROM vold to use it! (big thanks to @faux123)
    *Merged MMC updates from new sources.
    *Removed some HACK that i have added long time ago.
    From what i have learned best not to use them.
    *Removed ROOT install/uninstall by kernel. not needed.
    Every one has ROOT already any way...
    *Removed Touch Boost and replaced with LG CPU Boost code.

    Kernel 3.6 STABLE

    *New changes to driver freezing on deepsleep to save more battery!
    *Many updates to Alucard and Intelli HotPlug code.
    more responsive and less memory used.
    Also resolved bug with 2 of them working! when only one should be in RAM.
    All the work done by DEV name Alucard_24 my good friend from Italy! :)
    *Added F2FS filesystem code, for now it's not used, but one day will replace EXT4, it's much better and faster.
    But no ROM support for now. any way we are READY :)
    *Merged many CPU code fixes and updates.
    *Merged Touch Boost Code to reduce any scrolling lags.
    need more testing but seems good.
    *Merged patches to camera driver.
    *Merged patches to GPU driver
    *Merged patches to IOMMU driver
    *Merged patches to LEDS driver
    *Merged patches to Crypto driver
    *Merged patches to RAM code
    *Merged Main Line patch 3.4.87
    *Merged many misc fixes and updates see GIT.
    *Fixed ROOT SU perms set on boot.

    all of this also was merged to unreleased KitKat kernel! :)


    Kernel 3.5 STABLE

    *New updates to Alucard HotPlug by DEV him self.
    It's more smart and very powerful but that comes with the price of more battery drain.
    Any way it's very good.
    *Tuned and Updated Ondemand Gov. now much more battery friendly and still smart and fast.
    *Many fixes to RAM and OOM code from main line kernel.
    *I have merged Darkness CPU gov and Alucard Cpu GOV.
    Darkness is good for battery save it's simple and doing what it's should by his name! Sleep! :)
    The alucard gov is not working as should, so leave it alone for now, it's STUCK on max freq all the time.
    *I have merged Intelli Thermal driver in too MSM Thermal Driver + updated from KK Source.
    We still have DEFAULT thermal that uses ROM binary + file config for temp control
    And we have the Intelli Thermal as was but CORE of it is a lot better now! as it's now has all the rest of the driver that was OFF till now.
    Any way it's working great with Intelli HotPlug or Alucard HotPlug.
    Do not use it with Default HotPlug! freq will be stuck on on limited point when overheated!
    Rom HotPlug have no idea how to rise to max again...
    *Added some missing Kernel configuration based on KK Source!
    Many of network code was missing for LS980 and VS980!
    So this may fix many NET problems!
    *Merged all new Critical patches for Kernel RAM and USB + MMC


    Kernel 3.4 STABLE

    *Patched with 3.4.85 + 86 main line updates.
    *Alucard24 made many updates/fixes to Alucard hotplug gov.
    it's stable and good to use any time.
    *Me and Alucard24, we updated the Intelli HotPlug and fixed all bugs in it.
    Now it's working great, i use it as daily driver! it's extremely fast and powerful.
    *Merged updates for OOM so RAM management is improved.
    *Merged fix for RAM leak in video driver.
    *Added SuperSu 1.94 to kernel zip.
    *Updated Interactive and Ondemand Cpu Govs.
    and tuned for best performance vs battery preserve.
    *Boosted internal kernel clock from 100HZ to 200HZ
    This give us performance boost in all functions across the kernel.
    Dont look in BENCH tests, it's not shown there...
    *Tweaked ROM Thermal Engine driver,
    now it's will allow 82C max and stop limiting freq below 65C was (80/60) = Small performance boost.
    *Fixed Block Ads file update. now will work as should.


    Kernel 3.3 STABLE.

    *Fixed delays in ondemand gov. now it's has supreme power.
    *Merged CM11 KK updates from codeaurora.org
    A lot of CPU, ARM and RAM bug fixes and improvements!
    130 Commits!
    CPU heat reduced. and delays eliminated.
    Suspend improved and much more.


    Kernel 3.2.1 STABLE.

    *Fixed critical BUG with Intelli Hotplug and CPU stress tests!
    any bench app was making hot boot if using Intelli HotPlug
    Now OK. please update!


    Kernel 3.2

    *Fixed CPU idle! now stay more on low freq and save power.
    *Fixed Ram leaks
    *Reverted some of the USB and PWR code that i merged from KK and ZVA
    i dont see any change, only more stable STOCK code.
    *I and Alucard_24, we did really big rework to Intelli Hot plug driver and to Alucard HotPlug!
    Now they work better and faster.
    intelli HotPlug can be selected ONLY via STweaks! other apps dont see it any more.
    The control path is changed, i have alerted Faux123 and offered to update his code and app with new path.
    *Tuned intelli thermal control driver.
    *Reworked all CPU govs to use global function!
    *Updated to Max Entropy random generator code from 3.14.rc6 kernel.
    *Updated MMC (Sdcard) code.
    *Patched with 3.4.84 patch.


    Kernel 3.1 Battery drain on idle reported:

    Fixed BUILD!
    *Fixed boot for other branches
    *Fixed high freq on idle.

    *Updated with 3.4.83 main line patches.
    *Merged some Power MNG code from KK Source
    *Merged new updates to Intelli Hot Plug and Intelli Temp from Faux123 source!
    *Merged Voltage corrections to cpu/gpu/screen to reduce power waste.
    *Fixed Ondemand sampling rate and updated functions from Hyper to ondemand!
    *Merged update to Alucard Hotplug
    *Updated MMC code from KK Source! will reduce power usage on sleep.
    *Merged fixes to cpu boost code! much less micro lags..
    *Updated Entropy random code to speed up the system.
    *Reverted some power/board merges from KK source that we cant use and best not to have till we move to KK ROM + Kernel.
    *New the CPU Freq limit will work much better it's will not let user or any service / app to change cpufreq higher than the limit!


    Kernel 3.0 IN TEST:

    *Reverted Sound code update from ls980 ZVA to fix Flac 24Bit 96Khz playback
    via default player. (was working with paid players)
    *Added Sweep2Sleep on/off in STweaks TWEAK tab.
    *Merged many updates from KK Source kernel! that include:
    Power code that allow great battery save on sleep and wake.
    Modem Driver code, bug fixes,
    CPU code fixes,
    Memory bugs fixes.
    *Merged new option for force fast charge to fake USB connection and force as AC
    this mode has side effect, connection will be x2, 2 sounds 2 vibrates...
    *Fixed locked max mA charge to 1500, now max 1800.
    *Removed GPU govs SIMPLE and CONSERVATIVE. unstable and not really needed.
    *Boosted all CPU govs to deliver more power and give as smoothness.


    Kernel 2.9 STABLE:

    *Reverted some of KK Kernel source updates to gain stability.
    *Merged new WIFI driver 1.88.60 + all patches
    *Tuned ondemand Gov to deliver good performance.
    *Merged USB + NET +HWMON code from KK Kernel source 20c
    *Updated NFC Driver for all branches
    *Merged fixes to workqueue code for I/O operations.
    *Removed some debug counters to free cpu from useless jobs.

    Kernel reported to be stable and fast as should be. (i dont care about bench!)
    it's normal any way...


    Kernel 2.8 REMOVED! too much BUGS with CPU.

    *Fixed CPU gov lags.
    *Added new patches from main line.
    *Added Sweep2Sleep from left to right and backwards.
    *Added Control interface for CPU OC. now user can have stock speed!
    and nothing can change the speed higher! not app or service! only STweaks!
    this is useful for battery save or just for personal needs.
    *Locked max CPU temp in intelli thermal control to 75C!
    No matter how much you set, max is 75! and it's more than needed.
    if you want more heat use LG thermal control.
    *Improved random entropy pool generation. it's used by many apps
    and when pool is empty cpu work much more to generate and even lags the system.
    *Disabled turbo boost for now. it's not really needed as logic was, if only 2 cores ON, then allow 2.8Ghz to be used, if more than 3 then 2.5Ghz max.
    we have 4 cores on/off all the time, so code is pointless.
    *Disabled touch freq boots to MAX in ondemand code, it's burning power for nothing. if i like to move icon i dont need 2.8Ghz for that..


    Kernel 2.7 (lag bugs)

    *Major Update from LS980 ZVA LG Source Code!
    Fixed USB disconnects when battery is full!
    Fixed USB disconnects when using not powered HUB!
    *MAX CPU to 2.8Ghz! and MIN to 96Mhz by faux123
    *New Loki Patch by PhilZ-cwm6
    *Merged Sweep2Sleep code! very cool thing!
    just swipe from right to left on soft buttons panel and phone will sleep!
    then knock knock to wake! by savoca and ayysir
    *Fixed memory leaks!
    *Merged many fixes for NET,RAM,CORE,ARM,RTC,CPUFREQ,MM,SOUND
    from main line, LG ZVA, and Android patches from other kernels.
    *Merged New code for Ondemand CPU gov from I9505 Device kernel.
    *Updated EXFAT Source from Samsung.
    *Tuned Intelli Thermal code and Intelli HotPlug.
    Now there are more controls in STweaks and Good scores in bench apps!
    the overall performance is GREAT, no need for bench score to see that.
    *Default LG Hotplug will reset MAX freq to 2.8Ghz no matter what you set in any App! including STweaks.
    So to have lower max freq use Intelli hotPlug or Alucard hot Plug.
    *Kernel will boot with max 2.3Ghz but LG Hotplug will set MAX after boot.
    *Merged Some critical parts from new KK LG Source Kernel!
    *Merged Turbo Boost code by faux123, will boost cpufreq when max 2 cores needed to finish task, then cpufreq will drop to min.
    *Fixed profiles and scripts in ramdisk.
    *I have set ondemand as GPU GOV, it's more stable than others.
    *When using Intelli Temp control, dont go above 75C for CPU Temp!
    Hot Boot will happen! 2.8Ghz is a serious thing.
    Kernel panic on 88C but it's reach it so fast that code dont react so fast to reduce heat.
    and puff! hot boot... stay with 75C max! stable as wall.

    Kernels are in Mirror 1 and Mirror 2

    Have fun.


    Kernel 2.6 BUG with MEM LEAK.

    *Updated with 3.4.81+82 main line patches!
    *Modded force fast charge code, and restored old hack parts to get max compatibility.
    *Merged all new kernel updates from CM11 Kernel.
    *Removed Gamma control code, it's was not working, and need more work and merges.
    *Improved Ondemand CPU gov tuning and set it on boot for people that dont mess with controls.
    now it's save power a lot and still responsive as needed.
    *Merged Asynchronous Fsync by Faux123! to help with I/O speedup.
    *Merged Implement conservative GOV for GPU by Entropy512
    *Merged critical updates from main line kernel for global code operations and memory controls!
    *Merged Updates for hotplug global code.
    *Many other small patches see GIT.
    *Added 1800mA limit for force fast charge, and set as default.

    Profiles of STweaks will be reset to defaults to gain new options.

    Kernel 2.5.1 Bugs with fast charge.

    New Force Fast Charge driver made by Faux123!
    + STweaks interface for it!
    STweaks profile will be reset to profile defaults to include new options!

    Old Change Logs!

    Kernel 2.5

    Kernel 2.4

    Kernel 2.3

    Kernel 2.2

    Kernel 2.1

    Kernel 2.0

    Kernel 1.8
    Some LG Tricks! use them in your own RISK!

    if you dont know something there! do not TOUCH!

    From your LG G2 dialer, input the following codes, then press send:

    • AT&T LG G2 D800 Service Menu: 3845#*800#
    • T-Mobile LG G2 D801 Service Menu: 3845#*801#
    • Verizon LG G2 VS980 Service Menu: 3845#*980#
    • Sprint LG G2 LS980 Service Menu: 3845#*980# or 5689#*980#
    • International LG G2 D802 Service Menu: 3845#*802#

    If you have Phone Wake lock as this!

    it's can be 1000+ in hours!

    com.android.internal.telephony action_check_netstat

    then your ISP(phone company) do not support Fast Dormancy mode! or opposite! (and yours is OFF)
    and it's ON by default in most of the phones, or UNKNOWN.

    Any way to fix that drain, use the HACK menu above, to access phone secret options.

    Settings > FastDormancy Mode
    if STATUS = Enabled
    then Disable and reboot!

    If STATUS = DISABLED and you have the drain lock!
    if STATUS = Unknown

    then use ENABLE and reboot.

    Monitor you wakelocks via Better Battery Stats app.

    There are many things you can tweak in that menu, but DONT! it's not meant to be used by USER.
    ONE more for me :)
    @dorimanx if possible, its better if you make the overclock optional.i live in india and the ambient temps here never go below 25*C. and during afternoon its about 30-35*C, so when im out in the sun using the phone it easily goes above 70*c and im worried that the OC might just be bad in such situations ( i know there is thermal throttle but i like to be save and so do many other people who consider using this phone for aover 2 years ) so if possible make the oc optional :) . loving all your kernels man :) awesome job on all of them :) cheers ! waiting for the 2.8 anxiously

    i have spent 4 hours to do this, just because you asked, and it's really needed!



    i hope it's will be useful and accepted! :)
    Good news!

    My KitKat kernel BOOTED! on Pardus ROM ClassicV :)

    Brace your self's! Power Core is Igniting Hyper Drive! soon we all jump to next System :)