[JB][HOW TO] Connect Sixaxis PS3 Controller [No USB OTG]

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Oct 28, 2009
Honestly, I think it is pathetic that someone actually charges for this. I mean, a layout configure for profiles for certain games, sure, why not....but a "enabler"? Come on....


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Mar 24, 2009
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Ok so having read the instructions on trying to reconnect the controller to the ps3.. it doesnt work for me. I can only use the controller via usb. And its an oem controller. Any other ideas to get it working wirelessly? For some dumb reason I didnt think to copy the oem master address before I changed it.


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Sep 7, 2015
A little help?
I have an LG G3 (rooted), with a custom rom. I believe it's BlissPop 4.0
I've been trying to pair the controller to my phone, and the only time I've ever gotten it to connect was through the Compatibility checker. (My phone is compatible)
Every time I try to pair it, gives me a notification saying "Bluetooth Pairing Request" Then it says to enter a PIN, it also says the PIN is usually "0000" or "1234"
I then have tried to switch the IME to the keyboard, and type either of the pins, then switch back to the Sixaxis Controller IME before hitting ok.
After I do, it doesn't pair. Instead gives me an error saying "Failed to configure Bluetooth". Also, the pairing request only shows up once it says Attempting connection type 3 / 4
After I try to enter the pin, it says "Failed to configure Bluetooth" I didn't see anything about a PIN on the tutorial. So, does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
Also, if I posted this in the wrong thread or something, let me know. 'Cause I only just registered to XDA to ask for help on this. Ooh, also in the Sixaxis Controller app itself, it doesn't show the Bluetooth address. Instead, it says "Click start to show bluetooth address". Only in the compatibility checker will it show my bluetooth address.


Mar 6, 2016
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*small thread bumb*

Thankfully Google linked me here; I appreciate the guide to make sure I did things correctly. :]

A little help?
Ooh, also in the Sixaxis Controller app itself, it doesn't show the Bluetooth address. Instead, it says "Click start to show bluetooth address".
Only in the compatibility checker will it show my bluetooth address.

Not sure if you have Root or not, but it'll ask for permissions; if you're using root, check your SU app to see if SixAxis has permissions.

Secondly, the Bluetooth address on the Compatibility Checker is the same address as what the actual app will give you.
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Apr 17, 2016

I have a problem
I tried to connect the Sixaxis PS3 controller with android zenfone 4 me , the problem is when I connected the PS3 controller to zenfone 4, no effect anything , I managed to connect and lights joystick successfully lit , but if will not function when you have press enable gamepad and ime , then a few seconds later led in the joystick dead ,
whereas before it I use different android successfully without any constraint , no one can help me ?
my android is kitkat version.


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Jan 3, 2018
Man I still can't get this to work. I've tried EVERYTHING. I have a pixel 2, but others who have a pixel 2 have said they were able to get it working. Can someone help me?

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    Hello everyone!

    Yes, you read that right. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to connect your PS3 controller to your Android smartphone without a USB OTG cable.




    1. Galaxy S Advance(Or any other Android device).
    2. Root access.
    3. PC running windows.
    4. Dualshock 3(Sixaxis) controller.
    5. MiniUSB-to-USB cable. Included with Playstation 3.
    6. Sixaxis Compatibility Checker from Google Play
    7. Sixaxis Controller from Google Play
    8. SixaxisPairTool

    Step-by-Step Tutorial:

    1. Open Sixaxis Compatibility Checker.

    2. You'll get a message, press OK.

    3. Now press Start. The app will ask for Superuser permissions, Grant them.

    3*. If your device is supported, you will get a message telling you that "Your device appears to be supported."


    4a. If you did not get that message, you are probably feeling like a looser. It doesn't matter now. Just close this tab and go read another thread. Just don't create a new thread asking why it is not supported. Don't.

    4b. Otherwise, if you got that message, Congratulations!!!(*fireworks, kisses, Facebook updates, Happy New Years and such*) Your device is supported. Just press OK, then Stop, and finally close this app. You can also uninstall it, it's no longer usable to you. You may now continue to step 5.


    *Get your arse on your Windows PC*

    5. Install the SixaxisPairTool. It is said that you better have connected your Controller connected to your PC while installing this software. It's not required though.

    6. You'll get some windows open that are going to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Follow the steps and finish the installation.

    6'*. If you got an error while installing the MVS 2010, it is possible that you have a newer version installed. Just click Close.

    6**. It is likely you will get the same error twice because the app is trying to install the 64bit version of MVS 2010. Just click Close.


    7. Once the installation is over. Click the Windows Start button. And do a search for "SixaxisPairTool". Or you can just go to the installation folder to find the app. By default the directory of the folder is "C:\Program Files (x86)\SixaxisPairTool" for 64bit Windows and "C:\Program Files\SixaxisPairTool" for 32bit. Do not start the application yet.

    8. OK, now start the application as Admin(Right click on the app>Run as Administrator) and press Yes on the administrator pop-up.

    9. The app will open.

    10. Connect your Controller now. If you had it already connected don't do it again. It will just be funny.

    10*. The application will Install the drivers for your controller. Once it's done, you will see something like this(*image below):


    11. Leave this window open and get your Android device on your hands.

    12. Open the Sixaxis Controller application that you previously got from Play Store(or from anywhere else).

    12*. You will get a message telling you to enable the Sixaxis Controller in Language & Keyboard settings, press Yes and go enable it. Now get back on the app.

    13. Click Start.

    13*. The application will ask for Root permissions, Grant them.

    14. You will get a "Local Bluetooth Adress" at the bottom of the application. Mine is 22:12:3C:83:D7:65 so I'll use this.


    15. Now get on your computer.

    16. On the Sixaxis Pair Tool application. You will see an empty box. On this box write the Local Bluetooth Adress that is shown on the Sixaxis Controller app on your Android.


    17. Once you are done writing click Update. You will see that the Master Adress it's updated to what you have wrote, specifically, it's updated to what the app on your Android show up.


    18. Now unplug the controller from your PC and throw the cable to your bed or couch, you won't need this anymore.

    19. Press the PS button on your controller and get to your Android to see what happens.


    20. Congrats, your Dualshock 3 is now connected to your Android device.

    21. Now you can configure it in it's IME settings.


    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1800342 This thread must be useful. It contains configurations for this app.

    I hope you like this tutorial. I tried to make it as simple as I can right now. I will probably update it to make it clearer.

    Feel free to post your comments and thoughts as well as configurations, compatible games etc.

    If you felt offensive by something that I wrote. You can tell me to change it.

    And something last. if you find a mistake while reading this guide, please tell me so I can fix it. Or if you have any ideas on how to make it better, I will appreciate your effort for telling me.
    i hate when people quote an entire topic post that as a result makes me have to scroll down 4 feet down the page just to get to the bottom.
    How to load Profiles/Configurations and Play:

    Copy any profile you want to your phones internal storage. I suggest that you create a folder in which you will store all of your profiles that you want to load.
    Open the Sixaxis Controller app.
    Press the applications Start button.
    Connect your controller.
    Open the menu and press Preferences.
    Now press Touch Emulation, and then Edit Touch Profiles.
    Open the menu by either the Menu Button on your device or by Douple tapping the screen.
    Select Load. Now Import and browse to that folder you created earlier and choose the profile you want to load and then press Cancel on the window.
    Press back button and you will get a notification. Press OK and get back to the application's main screen.
    Press Change IME and select Sixaxis Controller.
    Now choose the Active Touch Profile for the game that you want to play from the list below the Pair Controller button. You should be able to see the profile you previously loaded.
    Now get on the Game, and enjoy it.

    Touch you way through the game's main menu. For example: If you want to play SAS: Zombie Assault 3. While on main menus, use your fingers. Once the actually game starts where you spawn and zombies are coming, then this is the part where profiles will work as they are configured for this, the gameplay, not the menus.
    Once you have finished playing, get back to the app and Change IME to the keyboard you are using like Samsung keyboard.

    Before using a profile from another device, you should first configure it. This is only if you get a profile from another device, the profiles that you will find on this thread are probably well configured for the Galaxy S Advance.

    To configure a profile follow the steps below:

    Open the Sixaxis Controller app.
    Open the menu and press Preferences.
    Now press Touch Emulation, and then Edit Touch Profiles.
    Open the menu by either the Menu Button on your device or by Douple tapping the screen.
    Select Load. Now Import and browse to the profile you want to load.
    Now, you are free to Add Buttons, and change the position of already existed.
    To help you edit a profile easier, you can take a screenshot while in game by pressing Home+Power buttons simultaneously for 2-3 seconds. Then get back on the Edit Touch Profiles and change the background to the screenshot you just took. If the background is false turned, open the menu and press Edit Background to rotate it.
    Once finished, open the menu and press Save Profile.

    Preconfigured profiles for the Samsung Galaxy S Advance:

    SAS: Zombie Assault 3 - Post #2 - Koulis2000 LOL
    N.O.V.A 3 - Post #5 - KINGbabasula

    If you guys configure any other profile you can just post it here and let me know, so I can add it to the list here.
    Hey Koulis! Here is my configuration for NOVA 3 :) :good:
    Once I have my ps3 controller connected to my phone, how can I reassign it to my ps3?

    Connecting the controller via cable to ps3 and press ps button

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