[JB][UB/LB][AROMA]Trinity Vengeance RaptorXL™ HD 4.1 #1 Xperia S ROM! - RE-UPLOADED!

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Oct 31, 2010
Amazing ROM Ever

have been using this rom for a long time with doom kernel. awesome combination of power... speed... and stability... it gets better everyday as if learning the patterns of my usage... and oh yes the best battery strength ever.... check the screenshot.....


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May 3, 2013
After three hours of trying to download, I have finally got and installed the Rom. I like it.

How do I get that when I hold the HOME button I get the recent apps?
Do I need to get a Xposed Module for that?


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May 3, 2013
Lost my recovery

So, I don't know exactly how I did it, but I've lost my recovery.
Tried re-installing with TWRP Manager, nothing happened.

I guess that I can flash doomkernel via fastboot to get my recovery back?
Or doesn't that help?

I read somewhere that it can be done with Busybox. Can someone explain perhaps?



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Oct 31, 2010
installation that i follow

What is the best installation for the rom?

backup all important data... contacts everything ...
flash the doom kernel
restart the phone in recovery
wipe data/factory reset... cache partition... dalvik cache...
format system.... cache.... data.... system.... sdcard
restart the phone in recovery...
mount system... cache.... data.... sdcard
flash rom using sideload....
let installation complete.....
again flash doom kernel...
restart in recovery.....
delete cache and dalvik
restart the phone
initially you might see a triangle with white spanner inside it... relax... it might take a little longer and might restart atleast two times... do not panic or manually restart the phone....
once on the home screen... do not use the phone for atleast 15 minutes.... then use as normal...
results might differ from user to user and device to device this has worked for me and I have not flashed my device for almost 8 months now the same installation going great
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Nov 23, 2008
I am having some issue with this rom after 2 weeks of using.

Few times in a day, phone restarts automatically. Popup is showing and say "Sim card is installed. Restarting phone" .

But I do nothing with SIM card. Any clues ?

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    ࿊ Trinity Vengeance RaptorXL V4.1 ࿊



    >> Beautiful User Interface | Extremely Fast | Great Battery Life | Super Stable | Great Support & Very Popular <<






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    >>System details: <<

    • Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) - BASED On .96 Official
    • Lag-Killer
    • S-Force V3X Engine
    • Special Display Libs - Powered By Trinity HD Engine
    • Added New Libs
    • Hybrid System Libs
    • Special Kernel Inside - Powered by Trinity Engine
    • QxQ ZipAlign
    • Full 3D Rendering
    • Fast Charge Supported
    • RW/System
    • Fully Customized Build.prop
    • Fully Deodex
    • Sony Xperia S / SL
    • Zipalign
    • Darky ZipAlign
    • Fully Tweak ROM
    • Governor Tweak
    • DarkyZipAlign
    • S-Force Audio
    • Over-The-Air Update
    • OTA
    • Mod Downloader
    • Trinity Mod
    • 1080P Video Recording
    • Thunderbolt Tweaks
    • SmoothTransition Tweak
    • Improved NFC Detection
    • Hybrid Installer
    • Luncher Installer
    • Selectable SystemUI / Design
    • F-OTA ( Fully - Customized Over-The-Air Update )
    • Feature Control
    • Improved DPI
    • Improved GPS Locking
    • Improve Performance At the Maximum Boost

    UB : Instruction​

    Installation Instruction!
    1. Make sure Flash Trinity Kernel or Any LB Kernel
    2. Make Sure, Just Enjoy =)
    2. Make sure After flashing Download My ROM
    3. Click Install Zip from /sdcard
    5.Go to my ROM and Install.
    6.then If Ask Install untrusted zip Click Yes.​

    LB : Instruction​

    Installation Instruction!
    0. Read this first!! for newbies http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2326978
    1. Make Sure You Have CWM by Cray_Doze
    2. And Make Sure you are in .200 JB and Have A LB CWM,
    3.Go to my ROM and Install.
    4. Then Select LB Kernel / LB Kernel With CWM | Select LB Sony Xperia S / SL Build.​





    GPL : This Is The GPL Rules Of XDA :
    Kernel Inside AROMA :
    Trinity Kernel ( My Kernel ) : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2309770
    DooMLord Kernel : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2305591
    Forzzaforilao : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2312744

    ROM Is Stock Base ROM... Of .96 JB ROM..​

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [JB][UB/LB][AROMA]Trinity Vengeance RaptorXL™ HD 4.1 #1 Xperia S ROM! - RE-UPLOADED!, ROM for the Sony Xperia S

    ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Xperia S With Unlock Bootloader and Lockbootloader
    Based On: Sony

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.1
    Stable Release Date: 2013-11-15

    Created 2013-09-24
    Last Updated 2014-09-19
    T.O.S - Using My ROM and posting in my Thread.

    • Use the Search Button First, Before Asking.
    • Don't Post Battery Drain if you don't have Enough Information.
    • Don't Post request at thread use the DevDB
    • Don't Be Rude Example : ( You Must Be Like - Name - and look at his/her work ) Every Dev is Unique.
    • Don't Be Mad If your Post is Ignored. Other will Help You.


    Trinity Vengeance RaptorX HD 4.1 HD^2

    • New Libs!

    • Remove ZRAM At The Mean Time - Experimental
    • Squashed update of kernel from 3.4.68 to .69
    • CK3 tweaks (Credits to Con Kolivas
    • staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Management of not killable processes
    • msm: kgsl: Avoid turning on GPU clock if already off
    • Bluetooth: Fix for the l2cap layer crashes while turning OFF BT
    • Revert "msm: kgsl: prevent multiple or partial mmaps of a buffer"
    • Revert "msm_fb: display: mdp4 version assigned at board file
    • Added New ZU Framework
    • Added New Support of Gradient STUSBAR
    • Added New SmallApps
    • Added New Build.prop Tweaks
    • Fix Tweaks that Cause Lags at Games
    • Added BadAss Tweak
    • Added SioPlus! Tweak
    • Added New ENTROPY Generator Tweak
    • Added New Synapse App TRFrame
    • Added New Deep Sleep Tweak
    • Added New WiFi Fix ( CrossBreader )
    • Linux Ver 3.4.69 Kernel! Ondemand kernel By THx
    Trinity Vengeance RaptorX HD 4.0

    • Added 4.4 KitKat Apps- All With G-Core!

    • Added Home Preferences -

    • Stock Home
    • Stock Home With 7 Icon Docks
    • Stock Home With 7 Icon Docks
    • Stock Home 5x5 With 5 Icon Docks
    • Stock Home 5x5 With 7 Icon Docks
    • Stock Home 6x4 With 5 Icon Docks
    • Stock Home 6x4 With 7 Icon Docks
    • Stock Home 6x5 With 5 Icon Docks
    • Stock Home 6x5 With 7 Icon Docks
    • Stock Home 6x5 With 7 Icon Docks

    • Added Battery Saver Tweak ( Balance Tweak )
    • Added Performance Tweak
    • Added Zipalign Bin.
    • Added Multitasking Option 1
    • Added Multitasking Option 2
    • Added SuperCharge At Build.prop
    • Fix Home Lag -
    • +29

    Trinity Vengeance RaptorX HD 3.9

    • Updated CrossBreader
    • Added CWM For LB - Auto Install
    • Added Zipalign Binary
    • Added BusyBox Binary Both xbin and bin
    • Added Sqlite3
    • Added ROMCounter - http://www.trinityultimate.com/stat/stats
    • Added tune2fs
    • Added HW Acceleration Script
    • Added Xperia ZU GUI
    • Added .96 Stock WiFi Modules
    • Added FileLock
    • Added Dnsmaq
    • Added Video Optimization
    • Added CrossBreader Init.d
    • Added New initsys
    • Added Viper4Android
    • Added CWM Script For LB - Using Xperia V Package
    • More Added +28 ...
    Trinity Vengeance RaptorX HD 3.8 - Revised Edition Of 3.7

    Trinity Vengeance RaptorX HD 3.7

    • New TX-Core HD Kernel
    • New Keyboard
    • New Sony Apps
    • Fix Tweaks
    • New Conversation ( With Pop-up )
    • New Themes 9+
    • Reboot Option
    • +17 More For ROM
    • Kernel
    • Re-Add CPU1-Freq Jump Fix
    • ARM: add auto hotplug driver
    • smp: patches from mainline 3.5 to hopefully help with hotplug efficiency
    • arm/crypto: Add optimized AES and SHA1 routines
    • New Features Enabled and Added
    • frontswap: support exclusive gets if tmem backend is capable
    • mm : frontswap: fix a wrong if condition in frontswap_shrink
    • mm/frontswap: fix uninit'ed variable warning
    • mm: frontswap: remove unneeded headers
    • ZRAM And ClearCache + QCACHE
    • mm/frontswap: cleanup doc and comment error
    • staging: zcache: fix spelling of comment
    • staging: zram: correct obsolete comment on max_zpage_size
    • staging: zram: Fix handling of incompressible pages
    • staging: zram: factor-out zram_decompress_page() function
    • staging: Add angle bracket before and after the URL
    • staging: zram: fix invalid memory references during disk write
    • staging: zsmalloc: prevent mappping in interrupt context …
    • staging: zsmalloc: add page table mapping method
    • zsmalloc: collapse internal .h into .c
    • Add New File Headers
    • staging: zram/zcache: swtich Kconfig dependency from X86 to ZSMALLOC
    • sched: remove WARN_ON(!sd) from init_sched_groups_power()
    • trace/events: add gpu trace events
    • msm_ion.c: fix zcache compatibility issues
    • sched: don't call get_group() for covered cpus
    • sched: Use cached value of span instead of calling sched_domain_span()
    • sched: Implement smarter wake-affine logic
    • usb: gadget: mass_storage: added sysfs entry for cdrom to LUNs
    • Enabled UHID
    • HID: uhid: introduce user-space I/O driver support for HID
    • video: msm: Simplify show_event
    • sched: pack the idle load balance Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 13:25:54 +0100

    Trinity Vengeance RaptorX HD 3.6

    • Added New Settings apk with new Signature
    • Fix WiFi Modules at AROMA
    • New Extraction of WiFi Modules at AROMA
    • Added Font Selection at AROMA
    • Added Ubuntu Font
    • Added WP7 Font
    • Added Gekoo Font
    • Added Droid Font
    • Added Init.d Enabled via Settings LB and UB
    • Added New AROMA Settings
    • Added New MPDec
    • Added New Tweaks - Thunderbolt
    • Added New Build.prop Tweaks @ Trinity Tweaks Line
    • Added New SP Libs
    • Fully Rebased to New FW.
    • Double Tap Support
    • Long Press Support
    • Added New SystemUI
    • Added Awesome Beats Support TM
    • Added New UI Transition
    • Ported Pegasusq - (?)
    • Added New Security Fix-up
    • Added New Kernel @ AROMA
    • Added Special Kernel @ ROM - Default Kernel
    • Added SIO Block Tweak
    • Added Intellidemand Tweak V2.1 - Fix Lags
    • Added New White Apps
    • ++ 23 More
    Trinity Vengeance RaptorX HD 3.5

    • Added TX-Core Kernel 5.2
    • New WiFi Modules
    • Tweaks Enabler At Settings
    • New Settings - Black
    • Fixed Battery Drain - MediaServer
    • Disabled MediaServer Auto. - Removed Init.d Tweak not Working :p
    • Added CrossBreader At Main File System
    • Added New Tweak
    • Added Test init.dd - Will Add Tweak Start At Your Internal Storage
    • Added Brand New Calendar - Fix Layout
    • Flickering Screen Fix - build.prop Modification
    • Set Build.prop To the Latest 96FW!
    • Added New OTA-ID
    • Reno and Cubic TCP Digestion Support
    • CIFS Support Module
    • Smooth Scrolling
    • Added Stock Browser
    • Updated All GApps
    • Added Benchmark Tools At AROMA
    • Removed Useless APK At AROMA - Decreased Size to 800MB
    • New RAR Compression Method
    • Added 1080p Recording Tweak V2.0 ( ALPHA )
    • Added New 720p Recording Bitrate Tweak
    • Added New MX Player
    • Added New AnTuTu 4.1
    • Fixed Bootloop Caused By Honami
    • Added Xperia SP Libs - V2.1 Hybrid
    • Fixed Sound Engines - S-Force and ViPer Enabled ViPer Via System
    • Fixed Binary Installer Of AROMA.
    • Reboot Menu!
    • Added Browser Option
    • Opera
    • Google Chrome
    • Dolphin!
    • And many More!!! Init.d Auto Tweak Initialization Added. Via Bin. Syslink with toolbox
    • -- To Be Added Complete List! Special Version 3.

    Trinity Vengeance RaptorX HD 3.4

    • * Fix Init.d
    • * Re-Sync Init.d for T-Core Kernel
    • * DanceDance Tweak
    • * Intellidemand Tweak
    • * LZO Tweak
    • * LionHeart Tweak
    • * BadAss Tweak GPU and Freq. - More Battery-life Extremely
    • * DanceDance Phase
    • * ROW Tweak
    • * SIO Tweak
    • * SuperCharge Enabler Init.d 99c
    • * Increased ReadAhead to Max
    • * Fix Album FC
    • * Fix Google FC
    • * 5Ghz Hotspot (?)
    • * Added sysinit for init.d
    • * Added Fix Permission at AROMA
    • * Added New Libs - Xperia SP and Xperia S
    • * New More Than 29 Added More
    • T-Core Kernel ( Exlusive Release For TVRx ROM )
    • * Added FSYNC
    • * Added LSYNC
    • * Added ROW
    • * Added SIO
    • * Added BadAss Phase
    • * Added Lionheart
    • * Added LionheartX
    • * Added ZEN
    • * Added Battery Tweak
    • * Added Display tweak
    • * Added Gamma Control (???)
    • * Added FastCharge
    • * Added 3D OC
    • * Removed 2D OC FTMT
    • * Added DanceDace
    • * Added 4 More Scheduler
    • * Based Of 96FW Source
    • * New Elevator.c and Changes on Tree to Support ROW Block
    • * Initial Files for Super Stamina Support

    Changelog For 3.3​

    • Added Readme at AROMA
    • Added Installation Notes at AROMA
    • Added Changelog at AROMA
    • Removed MX Player -
    • Added FullCore Honami
    • Added Halfcore Honami
    • Added New Build.prop Tweaks
    • Added sysinit At Bin
    • Updated sqlite
    • Updated Binaries
    • Added ViPer Sound Engine
    • Fixed Trinity Display HD Engine
    • Added New Bit. For 1080p Recording
    • Enabled HDR Captures
    • Added HalfCore Honami
    • Added Stock Sony GUI
    • Revamped Trinity Selections
    • Added New AROMA Binary
    • Added New AROMA Mark-Up Strings
    • Added New Honami Apps
    • Added Honami Frameworks
    • Added BlackQxQ Zipalign
    • There are +26 More.

    Changelog For 3.2

    • Fixed Camera FC
    • Removed Superior Auto
    • Fixed 2G Performance
    • Revamped AROMA Settings
    • Fixed QxQ Initiation
    • Added Stock FW 96 with CWM
    • Seperated LB and UB Kernel
    • V2.0 Installer Using new Binary Unmount the system if mounted and mount it if unmounted ( this will fix noob Users on installing lol.)
    • Added New Honami Luncher
    • Adder New Xperia SP Libs
    • Added New Libs
    • Added Fix for Hotspot Initiation
    • Added Gaming Tweaks
    • Added Loopyness Tweak
    • Added 3G Tweak
    • Added New Settings Strings
    • Improved touchscreen Sensitivity
    • Improved Proximity
    • Improved Booting
    • Removed Old 1080p Tweak Replaced With New One!
    • AROMA Binary Revamped
    • Added Initial Files For Dancedance Tweak V2.0
    • -- To Be Added..
    Changelog For 3.0 and 3.1

    • Added 4.2 SystemUI
    • 1080p Fix ( Select 96FW Kernel at AROMA )
    • 1080p Mod Increased Bitrate
    • Rebased to The Latest Firmware ( If you want to Fix 1080p Lag Recording, you Must wait till sony Released the Kernel Source of the new FW. )
    • Clone Frameworks from 3.0
    • Using Latest Firmware Libs with Hybrid
    • Integrated SystemUI Management at Settings
    • Added XDA Free at AROMA
    • Added New List Of Bloatware Remover
    • Fixed 3D GPU Scrolling Using "" Instead $=
    • Added QxQ Zipalign
    • Added SuperCharge V6 " Feel the Smoothness "
    • Added Game Lag-Killer Tweak
    • Force 3D Rendering
    • Force 2D Rendering
    • Improved Display Libs
    • Hybrid System Libs
    • Added Xperia SP Libs
    • Added Initial Files for SuperStamina Support ( Exclusive For TrinityROM(S) 100% Certified )
    • Fixed Settings Scrolling Lag Fix
    • Added New Internal Disk Tweak
    • Revamped 5Ghz Freq Tweak (?)
    • Fix Media Drain ( FLAC )
    • Added Fly_Engine
    • Added RAM_Manager
    • Added Sqlite Management V2
    • Added Zipalign Data
    • Added TrinityDeepFreez Tweak ( To Be Released! At XDA Soon! )
    • Added TrinityDeepFreez 3D Boost Tweak
    • Rename All Tweak to 99*
    • Added New Freq. Clock Tables
    • Many More! Updating the Changelog!

    Changelog For 2.8 - 2.9 :

    • All Changelog On 2.8
    • Fix Phonebook FC
    • Updated Apps Strings at AROMA

    Changelog For 2.8 :

    • HardCore Bloatware Remover Stable Build #1 ( This Will 100% Remove your Bloatwares )
    • Integrated Trinity Control Panel BETA #1
    • Hard Codded Settings.apk
    • 3D GPU Control Alpha #1 (?)
    • 2D GPU Control Aplha #1 (?)
    • Added TrinityKernelEnergize ( Default ROM Kernel )
    • Added New DarkyZipalign Modified By Me
    • Added ZRAM Tweaks
    • Added FIOPS Tweaks
    • Added StatusBar Option at AROMA
    • Remove Useless Apps and Kernel At AROMA
    • Added Honami Conversation
    • Added Honami Phonebook
    • Added Mount system Tweak
    • Addded Fixed S-FORCE
    • Added Fixed SMS Counter Advance
    • Added Fixed OTA ID
    • Added Initial Files For Honami Sounds (?)
    • Added New List Of Bloatware Remove
    • Added 99*/File/* at Init.d - Fixed All Init.d Permission
    • Fixed Init.d Folder Permission
    • Updated Libs
    • Added Kernel Feature Tool
    • Removed All Kinds Of Lags and Etc...
    • Changelog is To Long More Than 28+ More.. I Don't Want to Specify one by one
    Special Credits To :

    @funky0308 - Bootanimatiom
    @davidbar - banners
    @niaboc79 - DoCoMo And Helps..
    Benjamin - For Honami
    DooMLord - Kernel
    b4nry - Leaked .200
    jjwrongjj. - Every Mods! In my ROM He is the Best Themer!
    Auni - Themes
    SystemUI and Etc - Spanish Forum
    @jimRnor - Sound Engine
    @Armarullz - AROMA


    Never Use, my Created AROMA Script.. Ask Permission.. First.. If Agree or Not, If not Respect my Answer.. Ive Work Hard on My AROMA and Other Mods.
    Once I Caught you, I Swear you Are Reported.. To the Mod In Addition to That Creative Idea.. Example : Installing Kernel Via AROMA If You Have In Your ROM.. Bloatware Remover.. Two. Main Uniqueness On My ROM Is Patented so Please Respect..

    Hey guys I'm here to announce you bout our team which is "XDA" "Xperia Development Authority" were I'm the Head leader nd themer nd Trinityhaxxor is the head Rom developer and we are looking for some more devs! So if you are a developer and interested then PM me or Trinityhaxxor!


    ---------- Post added at 12:20 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:16 AM ----------

    And yeah well as Trinityhaxxor said above " We are Porting SuperStamina mode" to our devices
    So just wait nd watch!