[JDCTeam] 🥧 Optimized LineageOS16.0 🥧 v14.0 [5Feb] [Pie_r46] & Go Version - v3

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Jul 30, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S4
Its a kernel panic, there will be no log files.
All known background info is linked in the first post.

To reproduce:
- Install firefox preview
- Launch

To get your phone back to normal:
- After reboot, go to flight mode quickly
- Uninstall firefox preview.
kernel panic is stored at last kmsg or dmesg


Nov 4, 2015
Wanted to pop in real quick to say thank you! I tried your LineageOS17.1 rom first but I was unable to get it to stop rebooting into recovery mode even after following the instructions someone else posted about updating the TWRP. This rom seems to be working fine. I will be trying the android 10 again at a later time as I really want to try that system wide dark mode but for now this is working really well. Again thank you so much for all your hard work!!
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Aug 6, 2011
Those of you who are still using OptLOS 16 version 11, is bluetooth 100% stable for both making phone calls and for streaming media? If not, which version do you believe has the most stable bluetooth?


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Jun 20, 2017
How get data (backup) from your adopted SD

If you have the problem with empty internal memory and have the big FAST external SD you can convert part of the external SD to the internal memory (Adopted SD).
I found this post:
I have 32GB Samsung SD and I splited it (by adb shell) to 24GB portable SD (FAT) and 8GB adopted SD (internal memory).
WARNING: MAKE BACKUP SD CARD (it will be formatted)!!!
#sm list-disks adoptable
disk:179,64 (get your disk name!)
#sm partition disk:179,64 mixed 75
See post:
I use adb from linux pc connected to phone in recovery mode.
adb pull /dev/block/mmcblk1p3 mmcblk1p3.img
adb pull /data/misc/vold
hexdump -e '16/1 "%02x" "\n"' vold/expand_ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.key
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (get your key in hex)
sudo losetup --show --find mmcblk1p3.img
/dev/loop20 (get your loop device)
sudo -s
#dmsetup create crypt1 --table "0 `blockdev --getsize /dev/loop20` crypt aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 0 /dev/loop20 0"
mkdir mnt
sudo mount /dev/mapper/crypt1 mnt
ls mnt (your expand data)


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Feb 23, 2009
Le Mans
Those of you who are still using OptLOS 16 version 11, is bluetooth 100% stable for both making phone calls and for streaming media? If not, which version do you believe has the most stable bluetooth?
I'm testing OptLOS 17 since 5 days. Previously I was on OptLOS 16 v11, with v12 and 12.1 I lost stable BT. Never tested v13 because changelog didn't talk about BT improvements.
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Sep 26, 2016
ROM has serious battery drain. Suspect related to kernel

ROM+GAPPS battery serious drain even on standbymode (no WiFi n no data). Loss 30-40% in 8hrs. This is what we already kno but
ROM+MicroG also the same. Smth is not right when dropping >30% overnite.

Opt LS 7.1.2 has better standby. Sometime not even drain 1% better than android 9&10
Only on MicroG not Gapps definitely
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Nov 6, 2016
Guys, I have a problem with my speaker.. Its' volume is really low and I have problem hearing the others.. Is there a way to change this??


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Aug 6, 2011
Dirty flashed and everything as before, BT and battery consumption to high. Known issues.
Dirty flash only on previous signed releases !!! Not on test builds if u are slack test member.
BT auto was working on an earlier version of 16. I don't remember which. If I knew I would go back. The battery consumption was never good for me. I like 10 and hope for a working BT version.
Those of you who are still using OptLOS 16 version 11, is bluetooth 100% stable for both making phone calls and for streaming media? If not, which version do you believe has the most stable bluetooth?
Is Bluetooth still working flawlessly for you for both calls and music on version 13?
I'm testing OptLOS 17 since 5 days. Previously I was on OptLOS 16 v11, with v12 and 12.1 I lost stable BT. Never tested v13 because changelog didn't talk about BT improvements.
A few users have told me they have stable bluetooth on OptLOS 16 version 8. I will be testing that build later today. I hope they are right! :D
ROM has serious battery drain. Suspect related to kernel
ROM+GAPPS battery serious drain even on standbymode (no WiFi n no data). Loss 30-40% in 8hrs. This is what we already kno but
ROM+MicroG also the same. Smth is not right when dropping >30% overnite.
Opt LS 7.1.2 has better standby. Sometime not even drain 1% better than android 9&10
Only on MicroG not Gapps definitely
Many of you know I've been a fan of @side for many, many, many years! I also highly depend on bluetooth for 99% of my phone calls. After enjoying my S4 for many years, I gave it to my wife as I personally moved up to the OnePlus 5. Recently, my wife has been trying to use BT more for her calls especially when driving. Unfortunately, this has been a frustrating experience on OptLos 16 and 17. After personally testing many builds of OptLos 16 and 17, I can now definitively say that OptLos 16 version 8 has been performing flawlessly for me including stable bluetooth for both audio calls and media streaming. My wife is finally happy with her S4 which makes me super happy! :victory: Thank you everyone for your input in this thread and on Slack and a super BIG thanks goes to @side, the master himself! :highfive:
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    [JDCTeam] 🥧 Optimized LineageOS16.0 🥧 v14.0 [5Feb] [Pie_r46] & Go Version - v3


    Optimized LineageOS 16.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm variants)
    Brought to you by the Jflte DevConnection Team

    * Your warranty is now void. 
            < Well lets face it, your warranty has been void for 3+ years now.. Samsung don't care about you. Who do? JDC TEAM. >
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. 
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features
    * included in this ROM before flashing! 
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications and if
    * YOU point the finger at us for messing up your device,
    * WE will laugh at you.

    • Based on Official LineageOS 16.0 - Android Pie 9.0.0_r46
    • September 2019 Security Updates integrated
    • Improved Speed, Stability, RAM usage & Battery drain
    • Powered by Buffcore Kernel - some / most / all of the following may or may not be hooked up yet.
    [B][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Buffcore 10[/COLOR][/B]:
    Set CONFIG_HZ to 300
    Add intelliplug, use as default hotplug.
    Tweak our touch boost, after new hotplug
    Add Color control tweak
    Stop lowclocks from defconfig
    Build with GZIP
    Quickwakeup - the kernel can semi-wakeup and decide if needs to end suspend or return to suspend with losing doze.
    fully optimized toolchain flags;
    reduced sleep timeout;
    dynamic file syncing - early_suspend and dyn_fsync by default;
    boeffla wakelock blocker; 
    print to dmesg log when a suspend gets broken;
    sdfat enabled; 
    fastcharge implemented (up to 1900 ac / 1600 usb); 
    bcmhd wakelocks for rx and tx halved; 
    libmemcopy and libstring sped up; 
    io readahead to 1024k; 
    lower min cpu governor frequency (270); 
    power efficient work queues; 
    voltage tweaking user interface; 
    faster vmstat; 
    autosmp hotplugging replacement; 
    mmc crc disabled; 
    allow for lower cpu voltage; 
    reduce swapiness; 
    optimize divide / multiply by power of 2;
    added tcp optimization options; 
    set westwood default; 
    force doze screen off helper; 
    optimize cbfillrect function; 
    reduce wifi wakelock times; 
    nohz: reduce overhead under high-freq idling patterns.
    • Many, many more - install and see for yourself!;)


    • GT-I9505 (jfltexx)
    • GT-I9505G (jgedlte)
    • GT-i9507 (jtfddxx)
    • GT-i9508 (jfltezm)
    • SCH-I545 (jfltevzw) VERIZON USERS: since your Bootloader is locked, you must be on the VRUAMDK
    • SCH-I545L (jfltelra)
    • SCH-R970 (jflteusc)
    • SCH-R970C (jfltecri)
    • SCH-R970X (jfltecsp)
    • SGH-I337 (jflteatt) AT&T USERS: since your Bootloader is locked, you must be on the UCUAMDB or UCUAMDL
    • SGH-I337M (jftlecan)
    • SGH-l337Z (jfltecri)
    • SGH-M919 (jfltemo)
    • SGH-S970G (TracFone / Straight Talk)
    • SM-S975L (TracFone / Straight Talk)
    • SPH-L720 (jfltespr)
    • SPH-l720T (jflterefreshspr)
    • jfltezm - China Mobile
    • jfltetfnatt
    • jfltetfntmo
    Do 'getprop ro.bootloader' in Terminal Emulator or through ADB shell to find out which Bootloader you have.



    You can download Go Version from Google Drive
    Latest Version: 3

    Since I want the most for our jf , I have created one more build. It's the Optimized LineageOS 16.0 - Go version!
    I believe some people may want to use their mobile phone for simple usage, as me.
    Its fully based on the main ROM with the following changes
    • Go configurations and its tweaks ( Details HERE )
    • Do not turn LED on Camera
    • Remove Custom Fonts
    • Remove some Accent Colors
    • Remove Packages
      • libemoji
      • LiveWallpapersPicker
      • PhotoTable
      • Terminal
      • Recorder (Screen and sound)
      • BasicDreams
      • Email
      • PrintSpooler
      • PrintRecommendationService
      • QuickSearchBox
      • CellBroadcastReceiver
      • CubeLiveWallpapers
      • Development
      • EasterEgg
      • CallLogBackup
      • CellBroadcastReceiver
      • EmergencyInfo
      • Stk
    • Slim Bootanimation
    • Remove Ledify
    • Remove Markup
    • Remove many Sounds
    • Remove default Wallpapers
    • Remove Devtools (its not developer options)
    • Smooth out the Animations
    • No Wallpaper
    • Disable NFC and its Services
    • Refactor QS icons and default ones


    You can use either the latest and recommended JDCTeam Recovery or the latest Unified Official TWRP Recovery to flash the ROM.
    If you have a variant with a locked but exploitable Bootloader like AT&T and Verizon then use the TWRP Recovery Locki Patched by mattgyver .


    Since we want the best for our users, we made an Aroma Addon which can bloat-debloat the ROM according your preferences.
    You can find infos about what Aroma includes and download it from our thread JDCTeam Aroma Installer


    You should always use Pico or Nano GApps, be sure you have selected Platform: ARM and the proper Android version of the ROM you are going to flash. If the ROM you want to flash include GApps, no need to download and flash any GApps at all.


    You can follow the well-explained steps, find and download the latest Bootloader & Modem for your variant from the S4 Unified Guides/Collection thread by Retrial which contains:

    Avaible at JDCTeam GitHub

    • Side - Lead Developer / The Boss
    • Buff99 - Minor Developer / Major Meddler
    • JDC Team
    • LineageOS
    • OpenGapps


    You are welcome to join the Official JDC Team chat/test group in Slack

    XDA:DevDB Information
    &#129383; Optimized LineageOS 16.0 &#129383; for S4 unified, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

    side, buff99, vmroot, Retrial
    Source Code: https://github.com/JDCTeam

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Lollipop compatible
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2018-10-25
    Last Updated 2020-02-05
    Latest build is avaible at Google Drive & Android File Host

    Version 12.1
    • Upstream merge until 30 September 2019
    • Update our wallpaper
    • More UI edits
    • WiFi edits again...yes again
    • BT edits again...yes again
    • Fix dark theming issues
    • CPU cores scheduling tweaks
    • Default theme is AUTOMATIC. Not light
    • Set default IO to ROW
    • Fix WiFi Display
    • Fix distortion while recording
    • Use XML for audio policy
    • A better powered-off charging animation

    Some notes: Since the build is now Signed, we MUST fully wipe your internal storage.

    This is the final* build for now. I will focus on Android 10
    *I mean thats the last build which will take MUCH improvements and stuff. Security patches will be merged every month as scheduled. Of course i will fix any major bug appear.

    • Do not use F2FS - we HIGHLY recommend you only use EXT4 for your file systems (apart from external SD).

    Version 12
    • Upstream merge until 16 September 2019
    • Update our wallpaper
    • Rebase the whole ROM
    • UI Smoothness adds
    • Kernel updates regarding cpu behavior
    • Builds are now signed. CLEAN INSTALLATION IS REQUIRED
    • Bluetooth audio playback edits
    • Gallery pinkish rare bug approach
    • Fix rare bug on Snap when switching to 480p resolution
    • Clean out the blobs and device tree
    • Android 10 QS icons and app animations
    • SettingsProvider: Disable common sounds by default - gvampgh
    • Recents swipe down gesture by default - gvampgh
    • Double tap screen off by default - gvampgh
    • Set button backlight to 1 sec by default - gvampgh
    • Fix some dark theme issues
    • Keyboard: Disable {key preview | vibration | bad words} - gvampgh
    • Support jflterefreshspr
    Some notes: Since the build is now Signed, you MUST fully wipe your internal storage.

    Version 11
    md5: 9042bcc0c1323c9c0a9683f47a299382

    • Upstream merge until 19 August 2019
    • Update to r46
    • Bring smoothness back - for real
    • Optimized Display and Media HAL
    • Wallpaper for v11
    • Enable westwood
    • Fix the animation scales
    • BT and wifi edits
    • LMK huge updates
    • Kernel updated to v10. Comes with overall stability.
    • Fix call recording
    • Refactor the charging speed on lockscreen - gvamp
    • Better LED handling while charging - gvamp
    • Kill percentage sign, space for important things - gvamp
    • Add health HIDL
    • Revert "config: Use Ubuntu font globally"
    • Try to tune interactive governor again
    • Drop adaptive governor - dead since day1
    • Bring back the CTS hack
    • Update our bootanimation
    • Fix WFD (?)
    • dialer: Enable Serbian call recording
    • Resize circle battery icon
    • Decreased vibration strength
    • Quick QS pull down only if no notification is visible - gvamp
    • Hidable battery percentage - gvamp
    • Camera: Lazy load sound files to speed up camera startup
    • Correction in logic of roundend size calculation of SD card
    • Resized battery circle icon - gvamp
    • Give USB connection high prio notification - gvamp
    • init: Add missing operator {alpha|numeric} for r970
    • audio: Tune the volume levels
    • kernel: Replace intelliplug with autoSMP
    • kernel: Switch to deadline by default
    • A better sleep approach
    • Add USB Trust interface - Settings/Settings/Trust to disallow USB connections when screen is locked
    Version 10.1
    md5: c8a4ca06f5f6026045b77c2204e3f88e
    Date: 26 July 2019
    • Partialy Revert: "jflte: keys: Refactor the functionality and move overlay"
    • core: Make all UI windows,rounded
    • SystemUI: Force cornered UI even if its declared as '0'
    • SystemUI: Stop StatusBar logcat spam
    • core:Speed up the scroll animation
    • SystemUI: Reduce max escape duration by half
    • View: Reduce scroll friction
    • SystemUI: Make QS animation slower
    • services: Double increase the response of rotation sensor
    • SystemUI: Speed up some fragment animations
    • init: Stop thermal control when on gaming
    • init: Retune the touch boost after rebased kernel
    • Settings:Add changelog tile at "About" section
    • Lockscreen: Never show charging quality
    • Settings: Add an image header of JDCTeam
    • Settings: about: Show ROM name and version
    • Fix back button not working on some variants

    Version 10
    md5: 8669b4fc6892614004b932ebd9e01bb3
    Date: 22 July 2019
    Build is uploaded to Google Drive for better bandwidth while older version exists to AFH (Check OP)

    • Upstream merge until 21-July-2019
    • July security patches
    • Update to _r44
    • Update our wallpaper
    • Sound panel is on right again. Change it real time from settings/buttons/last option
    • Fully rebased framework ( Cleaner )
    • Fully rebased BuffCore kernel and updated to v8.0
    • Touch screen issues should have been fixed (not-wake / no-touch for some devices )
    • Snap: Saves to SD - Welcome back my old friend. Snap saves to external SD/DCIM
    • Add greek and Polish translation for sound QS tile
    • SIM Card pop up bug workaround
    • Keyguard: Fix scrambled PIN layout
    • Charging on lockscreen shows the current with a better way
    • Fix the bug where dragging icons from app drawer to home were disappeared
    • Fix screenshot bug where it's preview weren't shown on notification
    • Use Ubuntu font globally
    • Remove the aroma cross-check file - Aroma works for all Pie ROMs. Will also work on official lineage16.Happy flashing!
    • GPS Edits
    • init: Read the real serialNo from /efs. Thats correct now inside Settings app.
    • Bluetooth changes.Supposed to be fixed everything
    • Interactive governor edits again for better balance battery/performance
    • Declare touch hidl
    • Inherit xhdpi dalvik heap
    • Single tap on menu button = recents
    • Switch from thermald to thermal-engine. Heat? where is it ?
    • Settings/{Sound/Display/languages} are pre-expanded.Also {app notif|app info|installed app|security}
    • SELinux enforcing is fixed. Although the ROM is shipped with permissive. You can switch it from BuffCore app
    • Fix Wi-Fi Direct

    REMINDER: Since the kernel is rebased on the latest HQK1 Samsung release, you better update your modem/bootloader to that one for better experience.
    Version 9.1

    • StatusBar: Fix the bug where user couldnt select QS col/row
    • jflte init: Use Pixel3 fingerprint to bypass safetynet - Needs Magisk to be flashed
    • CPU Stability ( There were a bug where CPU0 couldnt set low freq)

    Version 9

    • Update our wallpaper
    • Upstream merge until 11 June 2019
    • June security patches
    • Update to _r40
    • Network search is fixed
    • Tweak interactive's performance
    • kernel: Fix buffer overflow on BT
    • Expanded volume bar
    • Restore home screen's performance (also stop that strange buggy with black wallpapers)
    • Replace WallpaperPicker with Lineage's Backgrounds
    • Settings: Add battery saving mode for location
    • Settings: Add switch for linked ring and media notification volumes
    • SystemUI: Enable and fix QS detail view, adapt layout to Pie
    • SystemUI: Add Profiles tile
    • SystemUI: Advanced location tile
    • SystemUI: Fix several layout bugs
    • Bring back battery icons
    • Add volume panel left/right setting at Settings/Button
    • Kernel: LCD: Try to support newer LCDs (Supposed to fix bootloops/not-wake-after-sleep for some users)
    • Kernel: ext4: Updates regarding security and stability

    Version 8

    • Upstream merge until 10-May-2019
    • Update to r37
    • May 2019 security patches
    • Never allow QS icon press if user has got PIN/pattern on lockscreen (for wifi,airplane,nfc,bluetooth,hotspot)
    • One Hand QS Tile. Press = Toggle one hand mode
    • jf: Enable old sound picker (WHEN CHOOSING RINGTONE USE THE "Media Storage" AND NOTHING ELSE)
    • jf: Push libsec-ril libraries
    • prop: Disable Vsync for cpu rendered apps
    • init: Load dummy initial BT MAC address
    • Dex optimizations
    • init: Increase maximum size for socket receive buffer
    • init: Set rq_affinity to '0'
    • Bionic optimizations
    • Finalize the UI improvements ( Finally 60fps smoothness on UI)
    • Tune interactive governor
    • Tune PegasusQ governor
    • Fix the touch boost never been enabled
    • Update our wallpaper
    • Stop BT location scannings and never allow user to enable it
    • Add pseudo-bokeh on Snap camera (Its on ISO modes as PORTRAIT)
    • Clean up some logs and sources
    • Fix some selinux denials
    • Reduce camera to api1 for better response (api2 is not working good on custom jf roms anyways)
    • Fix a bug where user got "reboot to recovery" when selecting '0' rows/columns on QS icons
    • A better sleep drain
    • init: Set min freq to 216000
    • Disabled NFC by default
    • overlay: Let light sensor warm up before work
    • kernel: Zip it with GZIP
    • Move system services to system-background cgroup
    • Revert "development: Force GPU for screen composition"
    • Clean out some double sounds
    • Fix turned-off charging (Show percentage and new animation)
    • Bug fix "Wallpaper is half black after rotating quickly "
    • Dialer: Add option to disable proximity sensor (Settings->Display settings)
    • Fix memory leak on Settings
    • Fix some wifi issues ( i believe )
    • Relocate location QS icon to main icons
    • core: Zygote: Disable any DEBUG reference
    • Built with latest java 11
    • Kernel changes:
      • Upgrade kernel to 6.1 version with the following changes
      • Enable ZRAM/Zcache/zsmalloc
      • Optimized LMK
      • Kill some debug spams
      • ARM optimization flags here and there
      • Fix memory leak on wifi and general clean up
      • Enable autodetection of OOM
      • Fix BT and wifi memory leaks
      • Compress ramdisk,kernel and zram with a faster compression type (faster boot and executions)
      • Increase swappiness to 60
      • Clean up CPU's behavior code

    Version 7

    • April security patches
    • Upstream merge until 8 April 2019
    • Update to _35
    • Pin graphics' library to RAM for _possibly_ more smoothness
    • jf: Enable full Dexpreopting . Faster boot and response
    • Enable call recording for the countries that legally support it
    • Update our wallpaper
    • Fix double-shown traffic icons on status bar
    • Reduce logcat spam of wifi layer stats
    • Relax CPUs on turned off charging
    • init: interactive: Recalculate timer_slack
    • init: On boot complete, delete perfd values
    • Set android.hardware.power version to 1.0
    • Stop StatusBar logcat spam
    • Camera improvements ( Greatly improve preview quality, faster focus, greater quality on images and videos)
    • Stop a kernel spam log regarding battery
    • Disable some odex debugging
    • Allow more LED features
    • Set night color temperature
    • Enable proximity checks
    • camera: Remove the 'D QCameraHWI_Rdi: RDI2 frame idx 44' spam
    • mmcamera_interface: Remove the 'E mm-camera-intf: mm_camera_cmd_thread: cmd_type : 0' spam
    • `No more heat and logcat spam from camera!`
    • sensors: Remove 'mCompEngine is NULL' spam messages
    • Clean up the power services (Better balance between battery-performance)
    • Clean up graphics services and drivers. Adds possiblities for better graphics
    • SystemUI: Add Cellular tile icon from OOS
    • Fix some camera issues with apps like whatsapp
    • Interactive and intelliplug changes
    • Reduce GPU's voltage by 25ma
    • kernel: New governors and updated the current ones:
      • ADAPTIVE
      • BADASS
      • DARKNESS
      • ONDEMAND
      • PEGASUSQ
      • SLP
      • WHEATLEY
      • BIOSHOCK

    Version 6
    • Whitelist Whatsapp and other social media apps in order to use HAL1 camera
    • BlueTooth Changes
    • WiFi Changes
    • Upstream merges until March-12-2019
    • Update our wallpaper
    • RIL Changes
    • Fixes on settings ( Custom cols/rows was bugged )
    • Launcher3: Update to r31 with many updates
    • Launcher3: Clean out the initial workspace
    • Pin HOME app in order to go home faster
    • Add a missing RIL blob
    • base: allow disabling quick settings on secure lock screens
    • Update to r34
    • March security updates
    • Fix encryption (?)
    • Messaging app improvements
    • Kernel edits about increasing performance and general CPU scaling
      • -while booting, io sched is set to 2048 in order to boot faster.When device booted, i was accidentically setting /sda's read ahead to 1024. The correct dir is 'mmcblk0'
    • Graphics should be smoother now.
    • gps:Log only if error
    • Reconfigure LED's brightness
    • kernel:Enable AddRandom and disable IOStats

    Version 5

    • bionic:Use libarm-optimized-routines instead of freebsd, and optimize them
    • bluetooth: Fix calls and voip calls ( Under some rare situation, the BT breaks and a reboot is required)
    • bionic: Optimized math operations and memory management functions for our ARM core
    • Back to open source camera and also deoptimize the speed.I prefer stability
    • Rename sensors lib.Suppose to wrap the sensors with a better way
    • jf: Correctly declare the dexpreopt
    • Initial Aroma Release and support
    • Fully updated Gallery app
    • Fully update intergrated SU system
    • Launcher3 updates from upstream
    • jf: Enable outdoor mdnie feature ( Settings/Display/LiveDisplay/Mode/Outdoor cause even more brightness than maximizing the brightness)
    • Initial Aroma implementation ( Get it from here )
    • Enable memory optimizations
    • Wallpaper for release 5
    • Stop some logcat spam
    • Allow user to add/remove QS with one click
    • Build Live Display 2.0 HAL
    • Remoe Brave/BuffCore/Mixplorer. Exists in aroma
    • Allow change QS icons number per row/col
    • mDNIe scenes (settings/display/advanced)
    • jf: Reenable libshims for libcutils
    • Camera edits
    • Set MAX_EGL_CACHE_KEY_SIZE := 12*1024 and MAX_EGL_CACHE_SIZE := 2048*1024 ( More details Here )
    • GPS Edits ( Moved all GPS parameters inside overlays and use Google's server )
    • Faster UI animations
    • Precache some UI animations in order to be smoother
    • Bring back some libs ( Please test SIM card removed issue and encryption )
    • Allow BT navigation
    • Upstream merge until 6-Feb-2019
    • Update to r31
    • February security patches

    Version 4

    • Bring back Email app
    • Screen Recorder: Reduce resolution to 720x1080
    • prop: Remove Casting Screen props
    • prop: Allow GPU to make the graphics debug
    • PowerMenu: Enable advanced reboot by default
    • Settings: Enable Night Mode by default
    • Update our wallpaper
    • App drawer: Remove search bar
    • launcher3: Dont show search bar on home by default
    • Updated Snap camera app
    • Performance: Memory Optimizations
    • Rework camera. Allow 1080p front camera record
    • camera: allow more qualities to be selected
    • Updated video encoders and decoders
    • overlay: Enable vibrate when ringing as default
    • jf: twrp: Copy time zone data to recovery
    • Allow adding and editing APNs
    • Screen drivers edits
    • Enable builtin root access by default
    • Reenable weather providers
    • One hand mode : WORKS ONLY WITH NAVBAR ENABLED. Swipe from right to left. Can be disabled from Display settings
    • camera: Enable face detection
    • Allow user to set the QS Panel transparency (Settings/Status Bar)
    • Use OxygenOS switches on UI
    • Back to mainline GCC Toolchain for ROM
    • More round corners
    • Smoother animations and scrolls
    • Tide up the Settings/Status bar settings
    • Animate battery when you enter in Settings/Battery
    • Add PlayStore button on Settings/Apps/One application
    • Fix BuffCore App not showing CPU temperature
    • Remove BuffCore's all ads references
    • SystemUI: Set sound's panel animation correctly ( Comes from left-disposes to the left)
    • Update to r30 with January's security patches
    • Upstream merge until 12-January-2018
    • Do not build CellBroadcast
    • Add OxygenOS accent blue color to our theming engine - need more colors? suggest!
    • Stop showing Settings suggestions in the main Settings activity
    • Revive O3 global flags for Pie. Also for clang
    • Faster wake/sleep behavior
    • Update Mixplorer and Brave
    • Enable developer options by default
    • Kernel: Update to 4.3
      • Clean out some compiler warnings
      • Reconfigure fast charge
      • Disable CONFIG_CMA
      • Edits on USB gadgets
      • Enable USB MIDI - to be tested
      • Fix pink screens on brightness changes
      • kernel: add tripndroid,deadline,zen io scheds
      • kernel: Optimize CC for speed.Not for size
      • Add compilation flags for our NEON SoC
      • Some code clean up
      • Make slub more flexible
      • Reimplement the LED configuration brightness. Still tweakable
      • LCD: Reimplement the Gamma control
      • GPU: Fix a bug where GPU thermal couldnt understand the pwr levels
      • audio:Allow audio to retrive more CPU clocks
      • Use optimized-for-mach-SoCs memcpy
      • Update CFQ, optimize it for our storage type and use it as default

    Version 3

    • Recheck my bionic optimizations
    • Fully rebased kernel - BuffCore 4.0 Version
    • Charging stats at lockscreen while charging
    • Replaced fonts
    • WiFi never sleeps when device is sleeping (default)
    • BlueTooth on boot=off
    • Version 3 Wallpaper
    • Removed many sounds
    • ART is set to performance mode
    • Increase some animations in order to smooth the UX
    • RIL edits
    • Fully optimized sensors
    • Fully reworked WiFi driver
    • Fully reworked GPS
    • Updated to r21 ( December patches )
    • Volume bar is now located to left
    • Remerged Snap camera app
    • Option to change icon LTE to 4g
    • Replaced Bromide browser with Brave (Chromium based-Adblock-Fast browsing-Open source)
    • Network traffic status bar while using WiFi
    • Disable Lineage stats
    • Fix Expanded desktop
    • Add memory optimizations from CAF
    • Fix battery icons text
    • Option to fast unlock when using PIN ( No need to press the Tick)
    • Removed some default apps
    • Removed default wallpapers ( Who uses em? )
    • Initial Spectrum support
    • Fix buffcore pop up message on first run
    • Netflix icon fixed on white themes
    • Fixed call wake
    • Launcher is completely refactored.
    • Fix a bug where menu key could unlock device
    • WiFi is turned off by default
    • Implement kernel netfilter
    • Fix WiFi direct (transfer files via wifi)
    • Fix Hotspot
    • General screen (Updated driver from CAF)
    • Fix Hidden WiFi search
    • Reenable some Play Store apps ( READ BELOW )
    • Always On Display feature (Enabled by default)
    • Allow user to custom APNs
    • Allow 'x' mark from signal icon to be removed (Settings/System/Status bar)
    • Allow user to Unlink volumes
    • Implement the Native SU solution
    • Fix a bug where alarm clock was restarting the lockscreen
    • Set initial battery icon as portrait
    • kernel: New sdcardfs driver
    • kernel: New sdfat driver
    • Fix 5Ghz WiFi

    Version 2

    • Fix BlueTooth for file transfer. ( I will work on BT calls on version3 )
    • Fix VoIP calls using Whatsapp
    • Updated to r10
    • Fix LED notifications
    • Rebased the sources
    • Rebased the kernel. Many buffcore stuff is missing but still tunable
    • Fix button configurations
    • Fix WiFi's states getting drunk after reboot
    • Device encryption
    • Add recents fab if you use other launcher
    • Fix led while charging
    • Speed up the whole stuff
    • MarkUp App. Edit screenshots on the fly
    • Use the Pie Launcher -> swipe down = clear all
    • Fix accent colors and theming
    • v2 wallpaper
    • New Gallery app
    • Show build date and rom name while flashing
    • Sound-Vibration-Silence Toogle on Quick Settings
    • check light / dark UI tinting works
    • GPS edits
    • Reorder default qs icons
    • Reduce LED's power a bit
    • Add Audio Amplifier
    • Kernel edits affecting WiFi performance
    • Enable night display
    • 9505g support (please confirm)
    • fix Sensors
      • Proximity
      • Rotation
      • and such
    • Battery icon improvements
    -Whats that Slack channel about?
    -Early builds for test, instant chat with the test team, support etc.

    -What should i take care of Slack?

    -When you firstly join, press on the tab "Channels" and join the following channels:
    • #aesthetics - A place to post and talk about Homescreens, Wallpapers, Icon Packs, Widgets and Apps
    • #aroma_public - Chat regarding Aroma
    • #buffroms - Chat regarding ALL ROMs maintained by Buff99
    • #much_cheapness - Post bargains you find to share with other users; reductions, freebies, etc
    • #optlos_public - Chat regarding Optimized LineageOS
    • #optlos_requests - Requests from user regarding Optimized LineageOS
    • #random - Random talk, just to clear our minds and laugh
    Being an active user/tester , you can ask us in order to join the core team. Differences:
    • Access to more channels
      • #_bot_github - Our GitHub bot. Tracks EVERY SINGLE LINE of code we change
      • #aroma_dev - The aroma-dedicated channel
      • #jdc_team - Only for our 4 members. Too hard to get there
      • #main_team - Most stuff is discussed here. Internal early builds are shared. Who we ban?Who we accept? etc
      • #optlos_changelog_todo - The current changelog of next update/the todo list of optlos
      • #optlos_private - Most optlos stuff is here. Things about sources and ROM that only main team can know
    • Get early builds
    • Instant support and repliess

    -Can i pay in order to join the main team?
    -Thats not the spirit...

    I still didnt cover you?
    Read HERE

    Main Slack / Test Team Members
    A piece of history....
    A few words about the new Pie builds

    After 4 years of being in ROM development game, I am mainly messing with the jflte. Started as a tester, joined to JDCTeam with legends like @AntaresOne, @Alucard24 and such. Personally, for me, Antares was the best jf developer ever, and still is. But thats a story... Starting developing the jf, i was following the device tree ( specific jf piece of code in order to make custom roms work ) that this team created... antares active dev was stopped at ~lollipop(?) something like that.after that i was kinda alone (with B--B) . Here comes the marshmallow...here comes the nougat...here comes the oreo...all those roms were made with those specific old jf device tree . Old stuff were still there...deprecated stuff...not needed stuff...

    After all those years, I have to announce that the jf revived... Grandmaster arco68 and me(mostly him), sat our a$$ down and rewrite the whole jf sources again. many lines of code deleted...many added...many edited...proprietary blobs deleted...new came...

    So, now..... 5 years after jflte release, I would like to present to you the most updated jf device ever existed.....
    Welcome to the new jfltexx , based on Android Pie!?
    A new era of jf starts now

    Huge thanks to arco68 for his help. Without him jf community wouldnt have pie.
    Respect that guy and support him by getting him a beer

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