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Aug 15, 2018
Unable to get network on S4 Sprint L720-T phone with this 6.0.1 Rom

I'm unable to get Network after installing this ROM. Mine is a Sprint L720-T version phone.

Sequence of events:

Initially phone was locked with Bootloader and Baseband all set to PL1 = 5.0.1. I was completely new to this world of unlocking/rooting android systems. I did Step 1 having no clue what I was trying to do. :rolleyes:

Step 1: Installed something using CF-ROOT method described in the first page.

Step 2: Installed Stock Rooted NG5 Rom (Downloaded from here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/gal...3#post59310363)

As mentioned followed the two steps: Flash Rom and Flash Modem.

Somewhere after between these steps, I completed both Domestic and International SIM Unlock. I'm using an Indian Telecom Operator (Airtel) SIM here in the US. It usually picks up either AT&T or T-Mobile HSPA/3G. S

So on the Stock Rooted, NG5 ROM & Baseband, I was able to get AT&T HSPA Network but no WiFi. Tried all possible solutions (NON_HLOS.bin) etc., but no luck.

Now after updating to this ROM 6.0.1, I've WiFi but no network. And as per OP first page instructions, I updated my Baseband and Bootloader to OD2. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4-sprint/general/rom-100-stock-l720tod2-5-0-1-t3113888

One weird thing I noticed using Phone Info app is that the Bootloader was still in PL1. No matter what I was unable to update the bootloader and it seems it dragged all along without updating.

How do I proceed? :confused::crying:
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    The Android Open Source Project Marshmallow
    Brought to you by Jflte DevConnection Team

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
     * Your warranty is now void.
     * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.

    What is AOSP?
    AOSP is Android as Google publish without other modifications. More or less AOSP is the Nexus devices stock rom without gapps. Anyway to get a working system me and @AntaresOne added some changes from CyanogenMod.
    Please do not ask for features to be added because we're not going to add more to keep this ROM small, fast and pure.

    In alphabetical order:


    Click on the screenshots to get full size:

    Known issues
    • ANT+ (not supported)
    • You will tell us

    ROM builds are hosted on RomHut

    TWRP Recovery v3.0.0-0 with F2FS support (JDC Themed): RomHut

    TWRP Recovery v3.0.0-0 with F2FS support (JDC Themed) is suggested for installation

    Device variants supported: I9505, I9505G, I9507, I9508, I337, M919, I545, R970, L720, S970G, S975L (I9515 and I9500 are not supported).

    AT&T and Verizon users: since your bootloader is locked, you must be on the UCUAMDB or UCUAMDL bootloader if you own an AT&T phone, otherwise if Verizon you must be on the VRUAMDK bootloader in order to use this ROM. Do getprop ro.bootloader in Terminal Emulator or through ADB shell to find out which bootloader you have

    First time or clean install:
    1. Download the ROM from the link above
    2. Download GApps package for Marshmallow 6.0
    3. Download ThemeReady GApps package for MM arm
    4. Put the zip files on your SDCard
    5. Reboot in Recovery
    6. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    7. Optional: convert to F2FS
    8. Select "Install zip from SDCard"
    9. Choose AOSP ROM zip file
    10. Choose GApps zip file
    11. Choose TBO GApps zip file (needed for complete theming of some Gapps with OMS overlays)
    12. Flash
    13. Reboot system

    Update over an existing previous AOSP MM build (manual update with TWRP):

    1. Download updated build from the link above
    2. Put the zip files on your SDCard
    3. Reboot in TWRP Recovery
    4. Select "Install zip from SDCard"
    5. Choose AOSP ROM zip file
    6. Flash
    7. Reboot system

      NOTE: the "dirty" flash to update an existing version DO NOT NEED any new re-flash of Gapps and TBO... integrated BackupTool during rom install will backup your gapps (already installed) and restore them after rom update!

    NOTE: Stable version is dex-preoptimized, so do not wipe cache and Dalvik after rom flash!

    First boot after install/update takes a while, wait at least 5 minutes for it to boot.

    To convert cache, data and system partitions to F2FS look in post below.

    General notes
    • Rom is pre-rooted and has SuperSU v2.79 SR3 integrated
    • JDC Toolbox app give you the ability to manage LEDs sequence on boot, IR driver selection and more...
    • Busybox is pre-installed with Alucard kernel but is located in a separate location. From Stable 6 is possible to install another version of busybox, and this do not interfere with STWeaks.
    • Some phones has problems with touch screen sometime not responding (download the Stock kernel from romhut and test with it)
      [*]Theming: rom has from this build the new SUBSTRATUM THEME ENGINE. Use the integrated Substratum app to apply OMS overlays (OverlaysManagerService). RRO layers will not work anymore...
      [*]Theming: to apply OMS overlays to some apps, you need also to flash TBO GoogleApps-ThemeReady-LP-MM-N-v31.0.zip right after your Gapps package from recovery. This means to be clear: ROM + GAPPS + TBO
    • We use 5.1 blobs for radio interface. Update your phone to latest Baseband and Bootloader available for your variant (must be a version 5.0 official Baseband)
    • We discourage the use of xposed framework, but the rom support it
    • For devices with locked bootloader (like Verizon and AT&T), the latest SuperSU package will fail to install. Please after rom flash, provide a manual install of an older SuperSU zip (as version v2.52) and later update from playstore to latest official apk version.


    Google+: JDCTeam Community
    YouTube: JDCTeam TV

    • JDCTeam
    • CyanogenMod
    • Google
    • HITMAN-CREED: Screenshots, Tips&Tricks

    Special thanks:
    • RomHut
    • gkkovacs - JDCTeam-Build01
    • azuziel - JDCTeam-Build02
    • Team Codefire - JDCTeam-Build03

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AOSP 6.0.1 for Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm variants), ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

    -+BB+-, AntaresOne, smeroni68, alucard_24, MattBooth, angelcalibur, franzyroy, hawkerpaul, javelinanddart, Jimsilver73, side, smstiv, josegalre
    Source Code: https://github.com/AOSP-JF-MM

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Stable 11
    Stable Release Date: 2017-03-12

    Created 2015-11-18
    Last Updated 2017-03-12
    Reporting issues

    Please report issues in our issue tracker: https://github.com/AOSP-JF-MM/issue_tracking_aosp/issues

    Things like "this doesn't work", "this keeps FCing", "found a bug: *someapp* FC" etc. don't help. We need logs!!!!!!

    Do not report bugs if you:
    • Flashed a different kernel
    • Installed or did mods from untrusted sources
    • Installed Xposed
    • Modified system files


    20161117 - Stable 9
    MD5 - 296c92872b04d43d60ad9a9814c738ae
    • Kernel
      • General code updates
      • VoIP: more fixes + updates
      • Fixed sdcardfs
    • ROM
      • Gemini/Jflte: enable sdcardfs
      • Add lg G5 international to build devices (WIP)
      • jflte: remove unused graphics libraries
      • jflte: more fixes for VoIP mixers
      • Substratum: update to v470 (is needed a full uninstall/removing of installed themes and overlays!)
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 74
      • Gemini: update blobs to MIUI 6.9.29 dev firmware
      • Sensors: fix a memory leak
      • WebWiev: update to latest stable and beta versions released by Google
      • Ramdisk: small fixes
      • Xposed: jni: consider /data/app to the fd whitelist if Xposed is detected

    20161011 - Stable 8
    MD5 - a88e77e56a4b8874e21e377d42b30ccd
    • Kernel
      • Compile with GCC 6.0.1 + fixed compiling warns
      • Small code updates
      • VoIP: fixes + updates
    • ROM
      • Xiaomi Gemini bringup
      • Port CAF additions from cm (mostly needed by Gemini)
      • Telephony: general fixes, especially for MSIM devices (completely reworked the repos during Gemini bringup)
      • MSIM: tons of fixes
      • Build: completely rework device versioning and add support for custom builds
      • Settings: general fixes (completely reworked the repo during Gemini bringup)
      • General fixes on various repos
      • Ported some CAF missing functions/enhancements on various repos
      • WiFi: fixes and enhancements
      • IMS: ported and fixed all CAF updates/functions/enhancements
      • Blur: general fixes/enhancements
      • jflte: Add support for Samsung extended AGPS
      • Gemini: fix qcom keymaster
      • STweaks: fixed profile check
      • Fix SuperSU installation for block-based OTAs
      • Gemini: enable fingerprint wakeup
      • Gemini: enable dex pre-opt
      • Gemini: move to Google webview beta version
      • SuperSU: update to v2.78SR1
      • Substratum: update to v231
      • jflte: GPS: removed not used files/services
      • msm8960: audio: fixes for voip and calls
      • msm8960: display: fixes and improved portability
      • Updated some translations
      • Fixes for libcameraservice
      • libutils: fix deadlock in elapsedRealtimeNano
      • Gemini: use WLAN driver builtin in kernel
      • Gemini: fixed some selinux denials
      • Gemini: update proprietary blobs
      • jflte: remove some QC encoders from codecs list
      • jflte: audio: fix VoIP usecases
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 Release 72 (M4B30X)
      • Fixed screen recording (New Screencast App)

    20160910 - Stable 7
    MD5 - 8f23d0f7835a6b8383127c0a041eeb55
    • Kernel
      • General code updates
      • Ramdisk: tune Thermal values
      • Ramdisk: small fixes and cleaning on scripts
      • Ramdisk: set sys.io.scheduler at boot
      • Ramdisk: port updates from N and handle scripts in the same way
      • Merged latest 3.18 fixes/updates for ext4
      • Ported some updates from N branch
    • ROM
      • Added BackupTools for gApps
      • Immersive recents: updates, fixes and cleaning
      • OMS: Allow system effect sounds to be themed (require a soft reboot)
      • QS: Add Substratum Shortcut Tile
      • General translations updates
      • Settings: InstalledApp: show link to Google Play
      • wifi: general fixes
      • audio: Update audio_platform_info.xml
      • MediaProvider: various bug fixes
      • APN: small fixes for T-Mobile MK DATA access
      • Substratum: update to v214
      • Gallery2: completely reworked and updated
      • Blur: add back libuiblur.so library and add an option in Settings-->Display for enabling/disabling blur effect (default: ON)
      • HW button rebindings: fixes and updates
      • Proprietary blobs: update to GPE I9505GUEUDPF1
      • jflte: enable native time service
      • jflte: update GPS headers
      • init: general fixes + fixed some compiling warns
      • Drop SnapdragonCamera in favour of stock AOSP Camera2 app
      • SuperSU: update to v2.78
      • Settings: expose PhoneInfo (needed for some Carriers)
      • Battery icons: updates, fixes and added battery bar feature
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 66
      • Immersive recents: completely reworked the code, now transitions are much more smoother
      • RIL: removed old LP hack for NO SIM issue in Airplane Mode and fix things in a proper way

    20160812 - Stable 6
    MD5 - 574933885b141b453b28ed78f6d72271
    • Kernel
      • General code updates/fixes
      • Updated and fixed sdcardfs for stacked fs support + small fixes from Google
      • Fixed SM-S975 sensors
      • Improved power consumption
      • Updated and tuned TC for arm32 jflte devices
      • GPU msm: ported some fixes/optimisations from hammerhead
      • Ramdisk: huge rework, moved Busybox to a custom folder, fixed and updated all scripts (some of them were not working properly). This changes fixes all OMS issues with Alucard Kernel
      • Fix ROM thermal engine execution
      • Added cron tasks
      • General fixes on Ramdisk scripts
    • ROM
      • vold/core/sepolicy/base: general fixes for sdcardfs
      • jf-audio: small changes/sync with cm
      • Sepolicy: removed all old hacks added during the first developement stage
      • init: small fixes
      • Bluetooth: allow user to send epub files
      • Update Substratum to v202
      • jflte: move to sdcardfs --> OPTIONAL, not enabled in public builds
      • Themes: expose more colors and elevations
      • Themes: make DocumentsUI fully themeable
      • Themes: allow Permission Icons to be fully themed
      • OMS: Themes should be dynamically theming the power menu
      • Download: add to support pause/resume download by manual
      • base: removed unused tests
      • vold/base: various fixes for mount service
      • base: general bug fixes
      • base: smoother Upload and Download Animation
      • SnapdragonCamera: general fixes from CAF/CM
      • jflte: webview: update to v53.0.2785.49
      • Allow unlocked USB data access
      • Update source to Android 6.0.1 Release 61 (MOB30Z)
      • skia: ported some upstream optimisations
      • bionic: Sort and cache hosts file data for fast lookup
      • libstlport: include in all variants as it's needed by adreno flo libs
      • Updated some APNs
      • RIL/native: small fixes
      • Updated TC
      • Proprietary blobs: updated thermal engine blobs
      • OMS: exposed more hard-coded colors
      • Sepolicy: more denials fixes
      • SystemUI: Display bluetooth battery status when available
      • Turn off carrier provisioning by default to allow tethering
      • Reverted Toybox upstream/cm changes (fixes OMS permission issue and all related bugs)
      • base/native/core: general fixes
      • ir: fixed ir for variuos apps (tested: Peel, ASmart Remote, AnyMote and Ir Universal Remote)
      • Hopefully fixed media crashes when phone is connected as mtp
      • OMS: ported latest changes from Substratum gerrit
      • DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager - Updated and fixed for MM
      • Updated translations

    20160726 - Stable 5
    MD5 - 76027d5d43225b3adea27741167893ae
    • Kernel
      • General code updates
      • ASoC: msm: small fixes
      • Ramdisk cleanout/optimisations
    • ROM
      • Audio: enable again fluence mode
      • Updated translations
      • RRO: move to Substratum
      • Updated translations
      • LatinIME: fixed gesture input without gApps installed
      • init: some small cleaning
      • Add back Messenger app, fully themeable with Substratum
      • Substratum: build masquerade
      • Contacts/ContactsCommon: expose more colors for themers
      • Settings/Dialer: more changes needed for themes
      • Settings: Add dashboard tile for Substratum (enable "remove icon" option into Substratum)
      • More general fixes for Substratum/Themes
      • Settings - Apps: show/hide Substratum overlays
      • OMS: disable Zygote preloaded drawables
      • Adreno blobs: update to version flo-mob30p
      • Proprietary blobs: remove unused DivX dependencies
      • Proprietary blobs: remove unused rmt_storage blob
      • Proprietary blobs: update Widevine from flo (razor-MMB30P)
      • jflte: do not use legacy mmap
      • flte: webview: move to beta version v52.0.2743.62
      • jflte: refactor system properties
      • jflte: clean out camera vendor hacks
      • Browser: completely reworked from cm, tons of fixes/enhancements
      • bt: fixed stuttering audio for Broadcom bt chipsets
      • GCC: move to generic 4.9 Linaro TC for ROM compiling (stock kernel now is compiled with arm-eabi-4.9 TC)
      • LiveWallpapers: add LiveWallpapers LiveWallpapersPicker to build
      • jflte: clean out init
      • native: general fixes
      • jf: thermal engine updates

    20160709 - Stable 4
    MD5 - 69ec40a0025ea47e919232f85b389216
    • Kernel
      • General code updates
      • f2fs: general updates from 3.18 kernel
      • Ramdisk: update busybox to v1.26.0
      • Update busybox to v1.26.0
    • ROM
      • Increase available volume levels for media (from 15 to 30)
      • libbt-vendor (BRCM): Add ssr_cleanup
      • Some translation updates
      • jflte: enable MMS when mobile data is disabled
      • jflte: Audio/Volume improvements
      • wifi: small fixes + fixed a mismerge & enable WiFi IpReachabilityMonitor by default
      • bt: don't use CLOCK_BOOTTIME where CLOCK_MONOTONIC was expected
      • Settings: general fixes + expose some hardcoded colors in storage settings
      • General wifi/bt fixes
      • SoundRecorder: add Bluetooth sound recording
      • Audio: reworked audio mixers
      • flte: rc files cleanup
      • jflte: enable thread migration notifier & improve interactive timer values
      • Update source to Android 6.0.1 Release 52 (MOB30R)
      • core/vold/extras/build: move to stable branches
      • jflte-audio: various fixes
      • Update SuperSU to v2.76
      • Proprietary libs: revert to old adreno libs (hopefully fixes random app crashes)
      • Audio-msm8960: fix AudioEffect reply overflow

    20160613 - Stable 3
    MD5 - d76ab480ecbe38d29658975356da8650
    • Kernel
      • General code updates
      • ASoC: msm: Add flexible playback periods (fixes skip tracks sometimes not working with bt and other audio issue)
    • ROM
      • Switch to new audio HAL, big thanks to @arco @dookiedude @dkati
      • MediaProvider: updated translations and reverted r22 merge
      • apps/Bluetooth: general fixes
      • rootdir: disable USB when we switch between different states
      • Update SuperSU to v2.74
      • audio-caf/msm8960: drop all legacy code
      • Art: small updates/fixes + added support for other devices
      • LayersManager: update to v4.4.5.1
      • Updated translations
      • DeskClock/LatinIME: updated translations, reverted r22 merge + other small fixes
      • Base: fixed a NPE in DocumentsUI
      • jflte: update partitions size and added missing BOARD_CACHEIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE

    20160612 - Stable 2
    MD5 - 2d6ee70f1ae8e9d094d5db8e725f3e38
    • Kernel
      • General code update + fixes
      • Updated BusyBox
      • Update soources to latest Dorimanx updates
    • ROM
      • SEPolicy: fixed more denials/relax some neverallow for userdebug builds
      • av: reverted some changes abandoned by AOSP and ported latest updates from upstream
      • LatinIME: update and clean dictionaries
      • Ramdisk: small fix for adb in charge mode only
      • Native: ported again parcel changes from upstream
      • jflte: update partitions size and added missing BOARD_CACHEIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE --> [REVERTED, not tested on all variants]
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 46 (MOB30M)
      • SnapdragonCamera: fix focus + fixed button visibility in landscape mode
      • Partially reverted some commits ported with the release 22 merge
      • Sepolicy: small fixes
      • APNs updates and fixes
      • XML Pull Parser optimizations
      • Reverted session callback API support
      • Sounds: use enhanced system/notifications sounds and ringtones, big big thanks to @Locklear308
      • jflte: do not retain classes.dex in APKs for non-user builds
      • build: added support for more qcom devices
      • Bionic: added arm64 optimisations
      • bt: sync wit cm/caf. Hopefully fixed all BLE and other minor issues
      • More Selinux fixes
      • Rootdir: small fixes
      • Bootanimation: cleaning/fixes
      • Build (Experimental): enabled Ninja builds
      • Updated Toolchains
      • Proprietary files: updated adreno blobs
      • Bt: sync code with cm after r46 merge
      • Art: compile with clang
      • Settings: Allow sorting Applications list by size
      • jflte: set minimum value for auto-brightness
      • Bt: some clock fixes

    20160416 - Stable 1
    MD5 - f31fe1ec17a6f6862773ef5fe3b350df
    • Kernel
      • General code update + fixes
      • More code ported from 3.10
      • Updated Toolchains (5.3.0) and Busybox (from official Master branch)
    • ROM
      • Remove "Various" from battery stats
      • Bluetooth: small cleaning and updating
      • Start to underp things after r22 merge
      • audio-legacy: move all QCOM stuffs + small fixes/cleaning from our device tree to libhardware repos
      • frameworks/opt/bluetooth: merged all AOSP changes + CAF code + removed no more needed fixes/changes
      • SuperSU: update to v2.68
      • frameworks/av: removed all QCOM legacy flags from AudioPolicyManager.cpp
      • Bring back Exchange services
      • WebView: update to v50.0.2661.35
      • DeskClock: fixed crash when the Alarm starts and another crash when trying to enter into Settings
      • Vold: fixed extsdcard ext4 mounting
      • Added hardware key rebindigs feature
      • Update LayersManager to v4.4.2
      • Buttons: small fixes
      • frameworks/base: merged a lot of fixes
      • SoundRecorder: Updated, ported some fixes for MM and materialized. Now icon is available in the launcher
      • Location: disable qualcomm location service and speed up GPS lock
      • RRO Layers: allow more SystemUI customisations
      • Fixed adb at boot (no more need to set the usb connection to file transfer) and device recognition (at least on Kubuntu)
      • Added battery icon customisations (option in SystemUI Tuner)
      • Added BSOD killer from opt-cm-12.1 until the rom is stable for everyone
      • Native: reverted Parcel changes ported from upstream
      • Telephony: Hopefully fixed NO SIM issue when the device is encrypted
      • Fixed/suppressed some build warns on various repos
      • SoundRecorder: fixed pause/resume
      • Restored missing GAPPS permissions removed with r22 merge
      • Allow camera to use power key as shutter
      • frameworks/base: fixes from upstream
      • Settings: general fixes ported from master branch
      • WiFi settings: display connect button in the wifi connection menu
      • frameworks/av: ported some fixes pending on master branch
      • jflte: small fixes on audio_policy.conf and removed unuseful ethernet configuration
      • jflte-bt: enabled again previously disabled features
      • libjpeg: enhancements for QCOM devices
      • Removed/suppressed some spam during compiling
      • Drop MusicFX and switch to AudioFX
      • Bluetooth: fixes from upstream/CAF
      • fixed apicheck and other small things for jdk8 compiling
      • init: fixed radio not working after a soft-reboot
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 24
      • Update SuperSU to v2.71
      • Update LayersManager to v4.4.5
      • Ramdisk: Reduced boot time, configured power mode for recovery and removed some unuseful things
      • JFLTE: improved TCP performance + small fixes on sepolicy
      • General APNs updates
      • Enable dex-preoptimization. Increase the rom size, but decrease significantly the first boot time after an update.
      • f2fs-tools: update to 1.6.1
      • vold: Mount ext4/f2fs portable storage with sdcard_posix context. This fixes r/w issues for ext sdcard
      • av: more fixes from cm and upstream

    20160314 - Beta 6
    MD5 - 7c256c5fd2dece2a2a9d3ba5baa7ca9e
    • Kernel
      • General code update
      • Ramdisk: cleaning and some small opimisation
      • FS / BLOCK / PROC / CPUFREQ / eCryptfs / FUSE / FS Drivers : Sync with 3.10 tree
      • Fixed kernel wakelocks list on Better Battery Stats
    • ROM
      • TEST: handle lid/smartview covers in a different way (ported from AOSP master) --> Reverted because actually HallMonitor doesn't work properly on MM, but
        this allow us to let all 3rd party apps handle the cover window like stock ROMS
      • TEST/WIP: Enable MIDI support
      • Bluetooth: stop bluedroid debugging + toned down more bt logspam
      • Bluetooth: removed not used feature on jflte device tree
      • Sepolicy: fixed a denial
      • jflte: remove obsolete crda service
      • Bluetooth: updates/fixes from upstream
      • RIL: fixed data after a reboot without the need of reboot the modem
      • CameraWrapper: small fixes
      • Added call recording feature
      • BootAnimation: improvements, added support to play a music during boot/shutdown animation
      • Vold: fixed exfat/ntfs support and handle things on ROM side
      • f2fs-tools: update to v1.6.0
      • Hopefully fixed random soft-reboot when formatting an sdcard as adopted storage
      • Camera: switch to SnapdragonCamera from CAF + CM updates
      • Bluetooth: general fixes from Master branch
      • Small fixes on APNs
      • Vibrator: drop legacy code and sync with upstream
      • libhardware/libhardware_legacy: fixed some warns
      • tinyalsa: fixes for call recording
      • Camera: ported some fixes from caf and from upstream
      • ffmpeg: update to v3.0
      • native/bluetooth: fixed a lot of clang warnings
      • Bluetooth/core: fixes from AOSP master branch + reduced disable delay
      • CameraWrapper: disable clang
      • Bluetooth: ported some fixes from CAF
      • Bluetooth: Hopefully fixed "Cannot play song" error
      • Fixed "Unknown Number" or "Private Number" in call log for some providers (option under Settings --> Other --> Cellular Networks)
      • WiFi: fixed 5Ghz not working for some variants
      • Bluetooth: ported more fixes from upstream and CAF
      • system/extras: fixed a lot of clang warnings and a couple of potential memory leaks
      • system/core: fixed some warnings + small updates from upstream
      • Launcher3: Small updated/enhancements + speed up animations + added MM wallpapers
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 22
      • Accept underscore and tilde in web URLs
      • Fixed calendar fields comparison (Month was compared with the day and vice versa)
      • inputflinger/EGL: cleaned warnings
      • Added Ad-Hoc WiFi support to framework
      • WiFi: merged fixes from SonyMobile/Intel/Xiaomi devs (pending on upstream)
      • libhardware/libhardware_legacy: reverted not needed changes
      • Small fixes for DHCP
      • Updated APNs
      • Base: more updates from upstream
      • Bluetooth: ported various fixes from CAF
      • BootAnimation: New custom bootanimation!! BIG BIG THANKS TO @gadget! (xda)
      • Small fixes after r22 merge
      • SnapdragonCamera: small fixes
      • art: improved speed when optimizing apps at first boot

    20160208 - Beta 5
    MD5 - 5f3a8b2a554ad89f7aef31bc0e3df985
    • Kernel
      • General code update
      • Netd/wifi: updates and fixes
      • Added support for SGH-S970G and SM-S975L
      • IR: fixed phone hotboot, crash, reboot using IR-Blaster
    • ROM
      • RIL: fixed emergency call
      • RIL: fixed a couple of permission denials (QMUXD)
      • Telephony: small improvements
      • RIL: more updates for lp ril
      • RIL: fixed NO SIM when phone is in Airplane mode and the SIM is inserted
      • AOSP Settings: Updated translations
      • Bluetooth/Stagefright: other small fixes
      • RIL: fixed network search
      • Added support for SGH-S970G and SM-S975L
      • Bluetooth: fixed reboot when user starts a call when the screen is off and the magnetic cover il closed
      • Bluetooth: fixed call not working/bt share FC after the phone is reconnected to a bt device
      • Audio policy: fixes for bt calls
      • Telephony: remove multiple default dialers support
      • Updated APNs
      • Audio/av: more fixes for qcom legacy devices
      • wifi: small improvements
      • bt: merged updates/fixes from upstream
      • bt: fix connection with BLE devices
      • av: fixed some overflows (from upstream)
      • Telephony/Dialer/InCallUI/base: upates and fixes for IMS
      • base: small fixes from upstream
      • Display-qcom: fixes for video playback and KW issues
      • Improved APN selection
      • Media-qcom: removed drm library + fixes for video playback
      • wifi: set country code to ALL
      • core: updates from upstream
      • TEST: libhardware_legacy: ported some changes merged/pending on aosp upstream
      • av: allow media server to disconnect the camera even if the camera is unlocked (should fix the camera bug "Camera Error, Camera is unable to initialize.")
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 13
      • Bluetooth: fixed 48k sample rate
      • Telephony: fixes for some sims/carriers
      • Base - apps/Bluetooth: other small improvements for bt

    20160106 - Back on jflte, read post #1504
    MD5 - cdd8d2ca29884305848ceb1df6c18c92
    • Kernel
      • Fixed button vibration/lights when screeen is off
      • Fixed music sometimes stuttering when user turns off the screen
      • Fixed freeze when booting connected to an AC/USB cable
      • General code updates
      • Updated Toolchains (5.3.0)
    • ROM
      • Media: added function to skip tracks with volume buttons when the screen is off
      • Vold: fixed mkfs execution (sepolicy)
      • Browser/Gallery: Materialized + Code update + Fixed tons of bugs
      • Camera: Fixes, enhancements and code updates
      • Camera: fix photos size
      • jemalloc: update to v4.0.4
      • Webview: drop aosp webview and use Google version v48.0.2564.48
      • Fixed charging mode
      • Merged cgroups/ioprio enhancements from cm
      • Camera: Add storage preferences
      • DeskClock: fixed crash when user press the world button + small fixes
      • Fixed MMS receiving
      • Finally switch to new proprietary RIL blobs
      • Sepolicy: tons of fixes
      • Updater-script: fixed permissions/selinux context for RIL blobs
      • Updater-script: remove not used libraries for GSM
      • RIL: fixed invalid number error
      • Build: enhanced kernel task
      • Vendor blobs: update some blobs from OK1
      • Telecomm/Telephony: Allow multiple default dialers
      • Browser: fixed runtime permissions
      • Fixed adopted storage. TWRP is still not compatible, rom zip and gapps must be moved to /data/media/0 folder then reboot in recovery and update zip will be available on internal storage. DO NOT TOUCH EXTERNAL STORAGE IN TWRP
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 10
      • Fixed Bluetooth sometimes not turning on after a flash
      • Fixed data not working after a reboot
      • Added GoogleDialer as alternative dialer, can be disabled in Settings-->Apps
      • Updated SuperSU to v2.66 (may not work on multirom, if someone experience issues during the flash of supersu simply flash the old version 2.52)
      • Updated LayersManager to v4.4.1

    20151224-GSM - Build only for GSM devices
    MD5 - b73703f560fd502e2ed81912162dd128
    • Kernel
      • Updated bluetooth drivers
      • Various code updates
    • ROM
      • Android 6.0.1
      • Added Screencast
      • Fixed BT A2DP
      • Fixed GPS
      • Fixed init.d support
      • Fixed LTE not coming up at boot
      • Vold: small fixes/enhancements
      • Fixed keyboard gesture typing
      • Fixed SuperSU sepolicy
      • Fixed bt after 6.0.1 r3 code merge
      • RIL/av/vold: small fixes
      • Fixed network switch
      • Fixed write access on NTFS
      • Fixed emergency call
      • BT: reverted cm/caf changes. We lose bt obex and other advanced functions, but no more bt share FC
      • RIL: fixed apns for verizon. More small updates for other providers
      • Telephony: small changes/fixes
      • Enhanced opening apps speed
      • Sepolicy: more fixes for persistent properties/vold/kernel

    Tips & Tricks
    To be done after this ROM is installed. You decide what to do :)
    • To enable Developer options go in Settings>About phone and press "Build number" for 7 consecutive times.
    • Go to Setting>Wifi and then turn the Wifi On and Press the Option key and go to Advanced and Turn off Network notification.
    • Go Setting>More then Turn off NFC
    • Go to Setting>More>Cellular Networks and if you don't use mobile data, then you can choose 2G for Preferred network Type.
    • If you don't need Auto Brightness for Screen, Go to Setting>Display & Turn off Adaptive brightness.
    • Go to Setting>Display>Power Menu and put tick in Screenshot & Sound Panel.
    • Go to Setting>Display>Recent apps and untick Search Bar and tick Fullscreen Recents & tick Clear all button & choose Clear all location and select Bottom Center.
    • If you don't use Ambient Display, Go to Setting>Display>Gestures & Turn off ambient Display.
    • If you don't need hardware Key Backlight,Go to Setting>Display and Choose Backlight and Untick Illuminate buttons.
    • Go to Setting>Sound & Notification>Other sounds and turn off all of them...
    • Go to Setting>Supersu and Press No Thanks, then go to Setting Tab and Untick Re-authentication and choose Default Access then select Grant and Untick Show Notifications.
    • Go to Setting>About Device and press the Build Number for multiple times until Developer Options unlocked.
    • Go to Setting>System UI Tuner and turn on Show embedded battery percentage.
    • In Setting>System UI Tuner>Quick Settings, You can customize your favorite quick settings.

    Using F2FS
    What it is? Wikipedia

    To use it you should first convert your EXT4 partitions through recovery, before installing this ROM.

    1. Download and install this TWRP version: https://romhut.com/addons/twrp-2-8-7-2-f2fs
    2. Wipe->advanced wipe
    3. Select data->change or repair file system->f2fs (Warning: internal storage is formatted, make a backup of your personal data before doing this!)
    4. Select cache->change or repair file system->f2fs

    No need to convert /system as it is basically read-only, therefore better to keep it as ext4.

    Now you can install this ROM following installation steps in post above
    Beta 5 released

    Hi guys, finally it' s time for the new build!! :) There' s a tons of fixes in this new release, here's the partial changelog (for a full list of changes please take a look at our github here):

    IMPORTANT: Alucard kernel profiles will be resetted, set again your custom values after the first boot!

    20160208 - Beta 5
    MD5 - 5f3a8b2a554ad89f7aef31bc0e3df985
    • Kernel
      • General code update
      • Netd/wifi: updates and fixes
      • Added support for SGH-S970G and SM-S975L
      • IR: fixed phone hotboot, crash, reboot using IR-Blaster
    • ROM
      • RIL: fixed emergency call
      • RIL: fixed a couple of permission denials (QMUXD)
      • Telephony: small improvements
      • RIL: more updates for lp ril
      • RIL: fixed NO SIM when phone is in Airplane mode and the SIM is inserted
      • AOSP Settings: Updated translations
      • Bluetooth/Stagefright: other small fixes
      • RIL: fixed network search
      • Added support for SGH-S970G and SM-S975L
      • Bluetooth: fixed reboot when user starts a call when the screen is off and the magnetic cover il closed
      • Bluetooth: fixed call not working/bt share FC after the phone is reconnected to a bt device
      • Audio policy: fixes for bt calls
      • Telephony: remove multiple default dialers support
      • Updated APNs
      • Audio/av: more fixes for qcom legacy devices
      • wifi: small improvements
      • bt: merged updates/fixes from upstream
      • bt: fix connection with BLE devices
      • av: fixed some overflows (from upstream)
      • Telephony/Dialer/InCallUI/base: upates and fixes for IMS
      • base: small fixes from upstream
      • Display-qcom: fixes for video playback and KW issues
      • Improved APN selection
      • Media-qcom: removed drm library + fixes for video playback
      • wifi: set country code to ALL
      • core: updates from upstream
      • TEST: libhardware_legacy: ported some changes merged/pending on aosp upstream
      • av: allow media server to disconnect the camera even if the camera is unlocked (should fix the camera bug "Camera Error, Camera is unable to initialize.")
      • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 13
      • Bluetooth: fixed 48k sample rate
      • Telephony: fixes for some sims/carriers
      • Base - apps/Bluetooth: other small improvements for bt
      • Removed GoogleDialer (can be flashed with a flashable zip or installed from PlayStore)
      • Updated WebView to v49.0.2623.34 (big thanks to @josegalre )

    Here' s the download link:Download AOSP-JF-6.0 - AOSP-6.0-20160208-jflte.zip

    I hope you like it, happy download!! :)

    @FPSUsername : theorically should work even with our ROM, but i cannot update supersu for the moment, because does not work for a lot of people... :(

    Galaxy S6 Marshmallow Theme v1.1


    Click on the Screenshots to get full size:

    Changelog v1.1:

    • Added Clock icon from S6 Android 6.0.1
    • Fully themed Galaxy Launcher like S6 MM
    • Added all official icons from S6 MM Dump
    • Adjusted icon's dimensions & margins same as S6 MM

    1. First Download Holo Notifier & Install it Normally.
    2. Then Download this Zip & install it via Recovery & reboot and after reboot Choose Galaxy Launcher.
    3. Download this Zip (I'ts my Backup) and extract it to your internal Storage and the Address of the Folder should be like this:
    4. Then go to Launcher Setting>About and Restore my Backup.
    5. Download & install Zooper Widget Pro.
    6. Then Download My S6 Weather Widget & Put it here:
    7. Then put a 4x1 Zooper Widget on Homescreen and click on it, and there is a folder icon on top of screen, click on it and load Galaxy S6 Weather Zooper.

    Optional Choices:

    • In order to have Bright Lockscreen, download This and install it & activate it in xposed.
    • For more S6 Marshmallow icons, visit Here.
    • For the wallpaper you can check this Thread
    Well, for my opinion I think that @AntaresOne is going to the wrong direction of his ROM developing career and should turn around at the right direction, I think that @AntaresOne have made a wrong choice about making cm13 and a closed chapter(I don't care about optimized), the only way to fix this is by making at least cm13 an open chapter again(or optimized, its @AntaresOne choice)

    Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk

    Mate, what I said time ago is that I changed device and will not focus on any Optimized CM anymore. Official CM13 will come for the S4 devices.
    It's bad to think that Official and Optimized deserve the same deal, only because I changed device doesn't mean that S4 will not get Official CM anymore.
    And just for the chronicle: I still have my beloved S4 around.

    Nobody is getting paid for the commitment, electricity, time, thoughts, swear, drugs for the hurting head, then why we should do this for you? We don't get anything in return, you enjoy new stuff like this ROM and their updates, so please next time rather than saying that something which you got for free SUCKS just keep that thought for yourself. This is exactly what makes a developer sad and tired, this is what makes developers to throw in the towel.
    We're not mechanical organisms and capable of feelings and emotions, on balance we're both human. Samsung abandoned you, then just take this thanking or not take it at all.

    To close this OT, if what you're searching are answers for your doubts or questions I'm available, just send me a PM. Thanks for your understanding.

    @The_Merovingian sorry mate, I just pressed send without refreshing the page. I would really like to let guys read this please, at this point I think it's needed.