[JDCTeam] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 FINAL Rel 40 [23 Mar] [7.1.2_r36] [EOL]


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Apr 16, 2009
Resurrection Remix 5.8.5
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 (jfltexx)
Release 40 - 23rd March 2018
 * Your warranty is now void.
 * And other random stuff no-one reads.

This is a straight port of Resurrection Remix with a tweaked kernel for Galaxy S4 i9505.
It is based on Nougat 7.1.2_r36 and nightlies of LineageOS 14.1 and Resurrection Remix from 20th March.
Security updates up to 20th March are applied, including Kernel.
OMS / Substratum is the integrated theme engine since Release 12.
Magisk is the integrated root and system modification hiding solution since Release 18.
Since Release 37 only the Rootless build is distributed.​
● navigation bar ▼
- enable/disable navbar
- navbar colour tint
- navbar button customisation smart bar
- navbar pulse 
- navbar fling            
- double tap to sleep navbar

● status bar ▼
- brightness slider
- enable / disable show notification count
- superuser indicator switch
- double tap to sleep status bar
- carrier label  
- carrier label switch
- carrier label colour
- carrier label size
- clock customisation's
- time & date
- day & date toggle
- centre / right / left clock choice
- date format
- clock font styles

● battery ▼
- battery bar customisation
- battery icon customisation (circle / landscape / portrait and more)
- battery % text

● network traffic indicator ▼
- network traffic arrows switch
- incoming / outgoing traffic
- network traffic colour

● status bar RR logo ▼
- RR logo colour
- position

● custom logos ▼
- logo colour
- position
- style

● status bar weather ▼
- weather colour
- weather position (left / right)
- weather font style
- weather size

● status bar ticker ▼
- ticker text colour
- ticker icon colour

● animations ▼
- toast animations
- list view animations
- system animations
- qs tile animations
- power menu animations
- misc animations

● gestures ▼
- gestures anywhere feature
- 3 finger swipe screenshot gesture

● app circle bar ▼
- choose apps in app sidebar
- trigger width
- trigger height
- trigger position

● app sidebar ▼
- choose apps in app circle
- trigger width
- trigger height
- trigger position

● pie control ▼
- pie trigger (left / right / bottom)
- pie targets
- pie colours
- more pie features

● recents panel ▼
- clear all button switch
- clear all tasks switch
- clear all button location (top right / top left / top centre / bottom left / bottom right / bottom centre)
- full screen recents
- recents styles
- omniswitch

● cclock widget ▼
- clock and alarm customisation's
- weather panel customisation's
- calender events

● lockscreen ▼
- lock screen bottom shortcuts
- lock screen general shortcuts
- 100+ icons for shortcuts
- double tap to sleep lock screen
- lock screen media art / enable disable
- quick pin / patter unlock
- lockscreen wallpaper
- lock screen weather widget
- lock screen icons colour

● quick settings draggable tiles ▼
- customisable tiles
- dynamic tiles adjustment
- number of columns / rows
- tile animations

● notification drawer ▼
- task manager
- custom headers
- long press toggles to enter settings
- disable immersive mode messages
- force expand notification
- quick pull-down
- smart pull-down
- notification panel transparency
- volume dialog transparency
- notification panel stroke
- volume dialog stroke

● buttons ▼
- back-light timer
- back-light strength

● advanced reboot menu ▼
- power off
- reboot (recovery / boot-loader / hot reboot)
- screen-shot
- power menu end calls switch
- restart systemui
- aeroplane mode
- screen record
- on the go mode
- sound panel

● home button (for devices with hw keys only) ▼
- home button answer call
- long press actions
- double tap actions

● menu button (for devices with hw keys only) ▼
- short press actions
- long press actions

● search button (if device supports) ▼
- short press action
- long press action

● volume buttons ▼
- wake up device
- playback control
- ringtone volume control
- keyboard cursor control
- swap buttons on landscape mode
- volume key answer

● miscellaneous ▼
- selinux switch (switch between permissive and enforcing selinux if device has selinux enabled)
- clock shortcut
- disable battery saver warning colour
- ota updates
- camera shutter sound enable / disable

● systemui tuner ▼
- enabled by default
- removed demo mode and tweaked systemui tuner as compared to aosp
- status bar icons customisation's
- quick settings customisation's

● other features ▼
- performance profiles
- lcd density
- expanded desktop mode
- heads up switch and customisation's
- live display
- configurable 0/90 / 180 / 270 degree rotation
- lock screen auto-rotate switch
- double tap power button to enable camera gesture
- prevent accidental wake-up
- wake phone on charging plug
- battery light customisation's
- notification light customisation's
- font size
- CM privacy guard
- RR ota
- CM root inbuilt
- new RR configurations 
- overall smoothness improvements
- optimisation's to improve battery
- includes all android nougat features
- includes all CM14.1 features
- and much much more ...

Available releases:
  • Release 17 - 7.1.1, last CM root version.
  • Release 28 - 7.1.2, Magisk 12 root, July security updates.
  • Release 29 - 7.1.2, Magisk 13.3 root, July security updates.
  • Release 30 - 7.1.2, Magisk 13.3 root, August security updates.
  • Release 32 - 7.1.2, Magisk 14.0 root, September security updates.
  • Release 33 - 7.1.2, Magisk 14.2 root, September security updates.
  • Release 34 - 7.1.2, Magisk 14.3 root, October security updates.
  • Release 35 - 7.1.2, Magisk 14.3 root, October security updates, WPA_supplicant fixes.
  • Release 36 - 7.1.2, Magisk 14.3 root, October security updates, WPA_supplicant fixes.
  • Release 37 - 7.1.2 Rootless, November security updates, Krack fixes.
  • Release 38 - 7.1.2 Rootless, December security updates.
  • Release 39 - 7.1.2 Rootless, January security updates.
CURRENT: Release 40 - New builds only from AFH going forward.

Source code

BuffCore kernel: here
Buffs' common device tree: here
RR code: here LOS code: here

Build instructions (use old method) here

All code in this rom is correctly forked / cherry picked / credited where not authored by Buff99.
Anyone can use my repos if they do the polite thing and ASK PERMISSION FIRST - no use outwith this please.

What does / doesn't work

All hardware support issues will be the same as LOS / CM 14.1.

  • GPS, orientation and acceleration work. GPS Status gets a good fix indoors.
  • Camera.
  • MHL video output.
  • OMS support integrated.
  • Magisk integrated.
  • You tell me.


  • You tell me.

Thanks / Credits

* Resurrection Remix core team, The extended team of RR maintainers 
* CM team, LOS team, Omni team, Slim team.
* XDA developers, AndroidFileHost, Sourceforge, Github.
* Everyone who has contributed to LOS / CM on S4.
* The [COLOR=Red]Buff99_RR_test_team[/COLOR] for help and support: 
* [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=4204995"]Sjamie[/URL], [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7995577"]63ck0[/URL], [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=4669592"]Rabbit48[/URL], 
* [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=5978751"]-Sohail[/URL], [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3750366"]Andy Hall[/URL], [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7868788"]Frankv723[/URL]
* Many thanks to [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=5968293"]Side[/URL]
* The [COLOR=Red]OptLos_test_team[/COLOR] and JDCTeam.
* Did I already thank [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=5968293"]Side[/URL]? Yes [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=5968293"]Side[/URL]. [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=5968293"]Side[/URL] MUST be thanked more than once.
* TJsteveMX and Srisurya95 for their previous work.
* DaveJimson, ReubenBrown13, Elv1503, Nxss4 - initial beta testing.
XDA:DevDB Information
Resurrection Remix Nougat for S4 i9505 (jfltexx), ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Buff99, side
Source Code: https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Lollipop supporting bootloader and modem / non-hlos
Based On: LineageOS

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated
Current Stable Version: Release 2
Stable Release Date: 2016-11-27

Created 2016-11-26
Last Updated 2018-12-02
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Apr 16, 2009

Required for installation:
Recovery - Latest version of TWRP - TWRP 3.1.1-0
Firmware - Lollipop supporting bootloader and modem / non-hlos. Look in _Bon_Bon's great MODEMS and BOOTLOADERS collection
Gapps - a latest version of Open Gapps 7.1. Either Pico / Nano or see Addons post #7 below about how to use a Config-Gapps file to customise a Super Gapps install​
1st install - " clean install "
  • Make a full nandroid backup <always backup!>.
  • Properly remove previous root solution i.e. flash Magisk uninstaller and / or UnSU.
  • Fully wipe device.
  • Install Rom.
  • Install desired root solution if using Rootless.
  • Install Gapps.
  • Wipe Cache and Art / Dalvik.
  • Reboot.
  • Wait for 1st boot.
  • Enjoy.

2nd and subsequent installs - " dirty flash "

If you do not follow these instructions you will get install / boot problems.
  • Uninstall all Substratum overlays.
  • Make a full nandroid backup <always backup!>.
  • Properly remove previous root solution i.e. flash Magisk uninstaller and / or UnSU.
  • Wipe System, Cache and Art / Dalvik <wiping System is ESSENTIAL for Magisk>.
  • Install Rom.
  • Install desired root solution if using Rootless.
  • Install latest Gapps (Updating with latest Gapps for every dirty flash is A Good Thing).
  • Wipe Cache and Art / Dalvik.
  • Reboot.
  • Wait for App optimization.
  • Enjoy.

Swapping between Magisk and Rootless builds
Changing build types is as simple as following the full dirty install procedure, changing the root solution in the appropriate place.

While dirty flashing may be possible for some updates, be prepared that progress sometimes means you will need to clean install updates!
Nandroid backups are your friend!
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Apr 16, 2009
Latest changelist

- Release 40 -
md5sum - a365b7177dc31c0b91e7dd85a4395d6d

  • Fixes to APN's and sensitive numbers.
  • Fix SELinux policy for MAX88920 calibration file
  • Updated translations.
  • Bump security patch level to 2018-03-05.
Kernel: Buffcore 1.8.
  • Simple GPU governor added. Don't think it's any better than ondemand though, so not enabled by default.
  • Security fixes, bug fixes, crypto fixes.
  • March 2018 security updates applied for RR, LOS and kernel.
  • RR and LOS code grabbed at 12:00 GMT Tuesday 20th March.
Please view the attachment for further details.

Thanks to Buff99_RR_test_team for help and support: Sjamie, 63ck0, Rabbit48, -Sohail, Andy Hall, Frankv723
Thanks to OptLos_test_team & Side


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Apr 16, 2009
Reporting bugs

Proper reporting of issues will help me spend time productively fixing bugs rather than tail chasing vague issues.
Please follow these guidelines.

Reporting bugs
If you wish to report an issue, then the onus is on you to prove the issue.
  • If you provide exact replication instructions, an idea of how often the issue occurs and logs that enable me to replicate the issue then a fix will be possible ("if you do action 1 then action 2 then action 3 you will find that bug X occurs 100% of the time").
  • If you give a vague complaint about an issue then I will not look at it without explicit replication instructions and preferably logs ("phone overheats when using CallOfDirty") .
  • Issues about overheating, battery life or performance should be backed up with information from relevant monitoring apps.
  • One-off issues generally do not get investigated unless they are well documented and have provided logs.
  • Issues that are specific to one piece of software will generally not get investigated without logs. I am not very keen on installing software to investigate bugs, especially if I need to create user accounts. If you can replicate the issue on more than one piece of software it will increase the chance of being fixed.
  • Issues to do with speaker or microphone related issues need to be explicit about which speaker and mic is in use (internal, head phones, earphones, bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers), whether normal earpiece or hands free mode is in use, Audio mods that have been installed. Logs may be helpful too.
  • Issues with media / streaming / playback should be provided with examples.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words; a movie is thousands of pictures. If you cannot describe your problem in words, post pictures or movies to help show your issue. The rom has in-built screen capture and screen recording tools, so please use them.
  • It can often be difficult to tell what is going on with logs from a fully loaded system. It can help a lot if you make a nandroid of your current system, format and then make a clean install, with gapps only if needed, and only the app that causes the issue - as minimal a system for replication as possible - then replicate the bug and capture logs. If I then have to replicate the issue I can easily replicate your system.

If you want to send a full set of logs for a bug, I recommend using Syslog.
  • Perform some of the functionality that is bugged and then capture logs in the app.
  • If you have had a reboot then capture a set of logs immediately when the system reboots. If the last-kmsg file is empty then the logs are useless.
  • Type a brief description of the problem in the notes field and your XDA username .
  • Select to scrub personal information.
  • Upload it to a web based host (gdrive, dropbox, etc.) and PM the link to me.
And remember:
The Drill .... settings > configurations > about > the drill > logcat or GTFO
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Apr 16, 2009
Hints, tips & FAQs

RR is a very feature laden rom. Don't go mad and switch everything on when you first boot. Concentrate on a feature and see how you like it. Blur for example can take a lot of tuning to look right.
- If something does not run go into Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard and check settings.
- To enable root go to Magisk Manager.
- Use Open Gapps for your Google apps. You can either use the smallest version you can get away with (recommended Pico or Nano) or use a larger version in combination with a gapps-config file, see post #7.
- Most issues / caveats for CM14.1 / LOS will apply for this rom!
- Long boot times on 2nd and subsequent boots? Go into Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard > Advanced > Bootup and disable startup on apps that don't need started on every boot.
- After flashing in TWRP you may see two messages saying "E:unknown command" - this can happen on all CM14.1 based roms and is nothing to worry about.

Q. Does xposed....
A. There are now versions of Xposed which run on Nougat. However Xposed WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED AT ALL. You will be on your own. Do not report bugs. Logs that show Xposed use will be ignored.

Q. The install button does not work when I want to install an app, usually a non market side-loaded app?
A. Stop / disable the application running that is using a screen overlay.

Q. Does OTA work?
A. Yes. It checks to see if a new version has been published and alerts you. Links are provided in the OTA app for direct downloads. The rom will still need to be flashed manually as normal.

Q. Why is there now a Magisk and a Rootless build?
A. The work on this Nougat RR rom is nearly finished. I am now giving the user the option of selecting to install a root of their choice, or go with the current Magisk. Once I have finished releasing builds the Rootless version will allow you to install the latest Magisk version of the day rather than an old obsolete version that will need updated once the rom is installed. Running the rom without any root applied is also a viable option.

Q. What theme engine is integrated?
A. Full OMS7 support has been implemented from version 12 onwards, so Substratum can be installed from the play store if you wish to theme the rom.

Q. Can I use an alternate kernel?
A. You may be able to use other kernels. Use Flashify to flash them or extract the boot.img and flash as img from TWRP. Do not wipe kernel / dalvik if only flashing a kernel. SideCore looks to be a promising alternative. Buffcore FYI is now very closely related to SideCore and for most uses you will notice no difference between the two.

Q. I would like louder / better quality sound.
A. You could us the latest mod by A.R.I.S.E. - ARISE+Magnum+Opus+20180105+Stock+Edition.zip from here. See advanced post #7 for more on Arise. I no longer use Arise as I find the available Magisk mods to be less bloated and better performing. From Magisk downloads I recommend installing "Ainur Sauron", "Viper4Android FA by Ahrion" and "Audio Modification Library".

Q. Can I replace the weather provider?
A. Go to settings > apps > configure apps > weather. Add weather provider takes you to the playstore. Download Yahoo weather provider. Back to weather and enable Yahoo weather provider.

Q. Can I mirror the rom on a different provider?
A. NO! only want the rom served from AFH and Sourceforge so I can monitor downloads. NO mirroring is permitted. Downloads from other providers will not be supported.

Q. Can you make an i9515 (or other variant) build too?
A. Sorry but I am not going to make another blind build, too much grief and hassle.

Q. My screen goes black when making or receiving a call and does not return?
A. You probably need to clean and / or re-calibrate your proximity sensor. See here.

Official Resurrection Remix FAQ: here
Crowdin for translations here
Feature requests to "thoughts / feedback" section of RR G+ page here
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Apr 16, 2009

  • From version 37 I don't include Magisk, it's up to you to choose your root solution.
  • Recommended: enable Magisk hide for Google play store and Google services framework (if using substratum also hide overlays for GPS & GSF - thanks Catscratch).
  • Recommended: disable busy box and host hiding.
  • Recommended: ensure you are certified in Google play store.
  • Recommended: only enable Magisk Hide when you are actually trying to hide something, may have caused root disapearing bugs.
  • If you want to play Mario run, you need both Magisk Hide enabled and Magisk Manager hidden.
  • If you have Magisk problems refer to the Magisk support thread here.
  • Good thread of hints and tips for Magisk by Didgeridoohan here.
  • Debug options esp. ADB over USB should be disabled if you are trying to get a safetynet pass.
    If you need busybox, the Stericson version from playstore works fine.
    Adaway 3.2 is the recommended host filtering solution.​

  • From version 37 I only distribute the Rootless version.
  • Rootless is intended to allow the user to choose which root solution to apply.
  • This will be especially useful in future when Magisk 14.5 is no longer current.
  • The rom should even be useable without any root applied.

Google play store certification:
  • If you find protected applications not appearing when expected in play store, check in the settings to see the certification state. When uncertified, apps like Mario run will not show up.
  • To force certified, stop the play store and delete it's data. Ensure you can pass SafetyNet. Next time you start you should be certified.

  • F2fs file system is supported.
  • It is only recommended to use with the /data and /cache partitions, leave /system as default ext4.
  • Caution! The /data partition contains your internal SD card partition. Although it does not get backed up when you nandroid, if you format /data you will lose the contents of Internal SD. So we need to back this up ourselves if we are changing /data.
  • To change /data and /cache to F2fs:
    Connect your phone to your PC with your trusty USB cable.
    In TWRP, go into Mount and enable MTP.
    Copy everything from your internal SD to a folder on your PC.
    Unmount MTP.
    Go into Backup and perform a full nandroid backup.
    Go into Wipe and change File System on /data and /cache from ext4 to f2fs.
    Restore the /data and /cache partitions from your newly performed backup (will warn you that you are restoring to a different file system, is OK).
    Go back to Mount and enable MTP again.
    Copy the internal SD contents back from PC.
    Job done.​
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Apr 16, 2009

  • For Release 39 use the latest ARISE+Magnum+Opus+20180105+Stock+Edition.zip from here.
  • Recommended: use the in-built compatibility module for Magisk. My attached Arise prop file has had this edit added.
  • DO not install Arise as part of an initial Clean install - has been observed that wifi connectivity has been lost due to this. Do first install as ONLY rom + (root solution) Gapps, let OS boot and settle / install apps THEN boot back into TWRP and do a dirty flash with Arise.
  • Arkamys audio is now broken and should not be used (from my testing anyway).
  • Don't be scared of it not being an aroma installer - it is actually easier and more flexible once you are used to it.
  • Place your edited arise_customize.prop into the root folder of your internal SD card.
  • The procedure for a full dirty flash with Arise then becomes:
    Boot into TWRP and flash: Rom, (root solution), Gapps, Arise Magnum Opus, clear cache, reboot.​
  • My arise_customize.prop for Opus is attached as an example to this post. You may notice it has been simplified. Try it!
  • For listening to loud raucous heavy metal I use:
    Installed using Opus prop: Core install, ViPER4Arise, v4a_profiles, Qualcomm effects = ANDROID_O, DIRAC, Uninstall MusicFX.
    Viper4Arise settings: Convolver ON (DFX metal rap big bass), Viper Bass ON (Freq 60Hz, Boost 12db), Viper Clarity ON (Natural, 3.5db)​

Big Gapps:
  • Large Gapps packages can be installed with our large system volume, saving valuable /data space by allowing you to fill unused /system space with the Google apps you normally install from the play store.
  • However, do not just install the full super package and expect there to be no impact on the fluidity of your system. Installing everything will bog your system down with too much unnecessary crap.
  • Recommended: setup a gapps-config.txt file to customise what gets installed to your preference and use the full Super Gapps file. Using this I delete some unnecessary apps for me from the rom (trebuchet launcher, AOSP keyboard, live wallpapers, exchange, calendar) and add in about 400 Mb of google apps I normally install anyway.
  • Gapps-config.txt can be leveraged to uninstall pretty much any file in the rom. This is a very powerful feature.
  • The basic idea for setting up the config-gapps file is: Core gapps are automatically installed, so you don't bother with them. Add the Pico and Nano apps as you prefer. Add all the Google apps you normally install from the playstore.
  • Gapps-config.txt needs to be in the same folder as the gapps file you will be using.
  • Careful you do not delete essential apps for boot : you need to have a launcher and keyboard, otherwise you won't be able to do anything on first boot. Watch out for apps which delete others when added (launcher, keyboard, etc.).
  • I have included a zip with my config-gapps as an example and a template file setup to make it easy for you to creat your own custom version.

Spectrum is a basic profile switcher app by @frap129 for switching performance profiles pre-setup by the rom dev.
  • Download Spectrum app here.
  • There are 4 profiles setup in the rom for use in Spectrum. The names and descriptions are preset - the descriptions in Spectrum don't really relate too much to Buff99 profiles.
  • The Spectrum application does not need to be installed if you do not wish to use profile switching.
  • If you do not install the app the default profile ("Balanced") is used.
  • You can directly change profiles without the app by saving a value of 0 - 3 to /data/property/persist.spectrum.profile
  • The default Buff setup, same as without Spectrum applied.
  • Slightly slower version of balanced.
  • Tweaked for a lower speed and better battery usage. Will not be as quick to perform certain tasks but will be more battery frugal.
  • Setup the same as balanced, except the governer is tweaked to work with user tweaked voltages.
  • Balanced, Performance and Battery are setup to use with default voltages (Power efficient speeds are favoured).
  • Gaming is setup to be used with user tweaked voltages, and scales more smoothly between all voltages.

Any suggestions of settings to apply are welcome.

View attachment Buff99_arise_customize.prop.zip
  • Setup for Arise versions from 20170424 - 20180105
  • Core install, ViPER4Arise, v4a_profiles, Qualcomm effects = ANDROID_O, DIRAC, Uninstall MusicFX + ADDED magisk compatibility mod.
View attachment Buff99_gapps-config_2.0.zip
  • Version 2.0 - new template to make it easier to create your own version!
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Apr 16, 2009

- Hall of Fame -​

Никита Перерослый
Matthias Behr
Bruno Mercier
Quentin Vanduele
Scott Dill
Sean Higgins
Jeremy Watts
Andrew Swanson
Kristopher Kolessar
Andre Kuehne
Jose Angel Palenque Plaza

Many thanks for your generous donations !

All donators are welcome to join the Buff99_RR_test_team and / or get access to beta versions built every couple of days, PM me for details.
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