[JDCTeam] TWRP 3.3.1-0 Custom builds - Build 2 [ July 28 ]

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    Team Win Recovery Project
    Custom builds By JDCTeam

    Long story / Short story:

    Some of you may know me from my custom ROMS. Some of you may hate me but a few of you love me because I give you free and stable custom ROMS with bleeding edge updates for our 5 year old beloved S4. Although, not many of you realize what steps are required from Google's AOSP until XDA's thread with my ROM.
    I personally test the roms I build. That means that I flash about 10-15 zip files per version I release...There are many times where my device is sitting in recovery waiting for the next build to test. While doing that I saw that battery drain is huge.. temperatures too... the time needed to flash and wipe felt like a year... So with that I decided to build a custom TWRP which aims to
    1. Lower battery consumption
    2. Avoid burning out retinas with thaaat brightness
    3. Stop being annoying with haptic feedback, vibration, "install twrp app", "allow modifications"....
    4. That TWRP blue... pff....

    So here we are. I would like to share that build with all of you.

    Differences compared to original / official builds:
    • lowest brightness by default
    • Built with Buffcore kernel from our Pie ROMs
    • Stop vibration
    • Total black / Red Theme
    • Use -O3 flag for TWRP executables
    • Source built kernel with Linaro Toolchain optimized for jf
    • Never ask for TWRP update app
    • Stop asking to "Allow modifications"
    • Revamped lockscreen. Unlock with button - not slider
    • Total black background
    • Optimized Ramdisk including performance governor , increasing the speed of flash and wipes

    Guide and questions
    How to install:
    From your recovery -> Install -> install image -> select the .img -> Press home -> Reboot -> Recovery

    Can I flash it through odin ?

    "Build#1" ? Will there be more builds?

    "I loved it but i dont like the red. Can I change it ?"
    Yes you can. Send me a PM and I will send you some .pngs. Color them as you like and I will build a specific builds for you. Generally I can make ANY modification you personally want.
    Your name? Your nickname on UI? Other colors?
    Just ask it!

    Download: Here
    build 2 tar : https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=80068589&postcount=12

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [JDCTeam] TWRP 3.3 Custom builds, Tool/Utility for the Samsung Galaxy S4

    side, buff99

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2019-04-28
    Last Updated 2019-07-28
    Changelogs and md5:

    Build 1 - Initial
    md5 .img: 04a0ec347b830524fad38843c2ab7dc1
    md5 .tar: 3f62aed870c616be24aef54ffcc40422
    • Lowest brightness by default
    • Built with Buffcore from our Pie ROMs
    • Stop vibration
    • Total black/Red Theme
    • Use -O3 flag for TWRPs executables
    • Source built kernel with Linaro Toolchain-Optimized for jf
    • Never ask for TWRP update app
    • Stop asking "Allow modifications"
    • Revamped lockscreen. Unlock with button-not slider, Total black background
    • Ramdisk including performance governor , increasing the speed of flash and wipes
    • Disabled thermal
    Build 2 released.

    md5: 6bb81b7c6a352a42b87e5708ff8f2fde

    • Rebased kernel
    • Fixed touch issues for some people
    • better performance/battery balance
    • fixed encryption and such
    I've made a .tar file with the latest TWRP-JDCTeam- to flash it directly from Odin, if someone needs it.
    Source and other boring stuff:
    - https://github.com/jdcteam
    - https://github.com/teamwin

    Do you need a custom theme but you cant build it ?
    Do that ->

    1. Go to TWRP sources
    2. Press the green button on the right side Download/Download zip
    3. Extract the zip
    4. Theme the images (*.png) that are located at : gui/theme/common and gui/theme/portrait_hdpi ( Thats what S4 uses. Be careful!!!)
    5. The .xml files are kinda advanced to be understood if you dont have much experience on how XML works, so i can do that for you (just tell me the colors)
    6. When you are done, send me those source (or your gui folder)
    7. I build it and release it on this thread

    I would make themes for you but editing images on Linux is not that easy and will cost me many hours.

    i need HEX colors codes...Do not tell me "please build green...build pink..."
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