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[JELLY BEAN]WhiteBalance from Xperia ZL

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Senior Member
Sep 20, 2012
working on my XV .140
even there's a delay some second , but it's okay for me ..
some certain values (hue and saturations) can't be applied. when i slide the slider to the value i wanted and then i press okay, both sliders back to 0 values .... but for some other values it can be set perfectly
Sep 15, 2013
i wonder whay should i give so many permissions???
Why does the app want all of them?
Its a letdown. THe App requires all posible permissions and i am not willing to do it.

Please, explain to us the reason of the permissions.
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Sep 15, 2013
It is amazing in my xperia V with 13,7 and 219,4. Thanks to the one wrote it.

The yellow problema has been solved, but not perfectly. The second that delay my phone remains me that i have a problema.

can anyone solve it?


Senior Member
Feb 15, 2012
I I read all answer but I do a question on my Xperia. 140 firmware if I flash this modI have problem and I need to set on the white balance o it work normally???

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    WhiteBalance was ported from the ZL to the Z by mw1kaduxx, But in order for it to work (to appear in settings); It needed the Z/ZL's settings.apk, So I packed Z's settings [thanks to gm007 for uploading it] in a flashable zip.

    All you have to do is go to the thread thank the guy and download the mod, Then flash Xperia Z's settings and it's ready to use.

    BUG: You can't set the brightness from this settings.apk, It'll just force close (Screenshot :
    ). Brightness can still be adjusted, e.g from the power toggles, 3rd party apps, but not from the settings.



    - mw1kaduxx for the port
    - gm007 for the settings apk
    - ME for zipping/signing the settings apk

    Make a backup before installing (at least of your settings.apk).

    UPDATE :
    Use this version http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=40835269 which is a flashable zip with the latest fixes.

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    Are the settings sticking after lock-screen?

    Try this version, if doesn't work after lock-screen unlock:


    Work this in Xperia P with JB ?

    Share your Settings.apk and I can take a look.
    I've mod this Setting.apk from Xperia V,
    just added white balance option and no other changes, so should not have compatibility problem,
    enjoy it;)

    Simply change the Setting.apk by yourself
    or Flash XV_WhiteBalance.zip by recovery.
    Here is a workaround, until someone makes the right service in ramdisk.

    Install white balance mod.
    Download this file - http://d-h.st/fVW
    Rename it to "battery_monitor" and copy to /system/bin.
    Give it 755 permissions, owner "root", group "shell".
    By advancing this, I made a CWM zip gathering all progress, and enabling to add this feature easily for everyone:


    - Download ZIP.
    - Make a full CWM backup (recommended).
    - Flash in CWM (no wipes needed).
    - Confirm that works.
    - Enjoy.

    Give thanks to all who have contributed in this and other theads;)