JF 1.5 ****ADP1**** build released. JFupdater has it!

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Feb 25, 2009
Northern Virginia
i updated to 1.5 finally and i have no problems everythings cool but i do have a question...i searched for it and couldn't find anything, i know amazon is gone that's fine wit me, is picture gallery also gone now or is it just me?


Mar 8, 2009
hello everyone i need some help

i have downloaded and played with this new update all day and its great but i am having a problem with the headphone adapter and its not cool because it was working fine yesturday anyone can you help me??

im also having a issue with signing on to my bank site i used to be able to go on there when ever i wanted now i cant at all give me some feed back would like to know if the JFupdater is givin me crap or its just a bug in the works that need to be fixed down the road help guys thank for reading...
Not open for further replies.