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Jul 25, 2010
OnePlus 6T
got a error when trying to flash Resurrrection Remix rom in twrp says "E: Error executing updater binary in zip ' /external_sd/cm-Resurrrection_Remix_LP_v5.4.0-20150403-jfltexx.zip'"
someone said to flash this recovery on my device and it would work will it?:confused:
im on sgh-m919 t-mobile s4
my rom is CarHDRom V.43 19505

if yes which one do i flash the jflte or jfltetmo?
Maybe the zip is corrupted? I would download it again.


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Feb 21, 2012
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Jan 28, 2012
Sorry Guys, for this question:

I have installed the V 6.59.0 and i see in custom format two new format:
-Format Firmware
-Format Firmware-mdm

What are they?

Thanks in advance

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    Main thread + features + install instructions + dev support

    PhilZ Touch is a CWM Advanced Edition that adds all the features you could ever miss in CWM
    It is a well proven recovery for many phones

    It also adds a full touch interface a completely configurable GUI

    Please give your feedback, what works, and any bug you could encounter
    Read the features, and check if you are missing something

    Also, do not forget to read about the powerful aroma file manager integration and double tap shortcut

    Download links
    Last version can be found here:
    Now: one common recovery for all: jflte
    The jfltexx variant is no more updated, use jflte common variant

    i9505 (jfltexx ---> jflte)

    Big thanks to @wanam and @ausdim for their great support with providing kernels and support in compiling them
    PhilZ Touch 6.0
    Change log: so huge that it will come later
    Please browse a bit inside all menus and sub menus
    Check new touch kinetics
    Root with superSU from chainfire
    Flash kit kat
    and so crazly more things


    Theme files (put them as in folders in zip AND Internal SD):

    Enjoy and huge thanks to all donators who got me this phone
    Philz Touch 6.59.0 jflte Attached To XDA Server

    Here is the Direct Download Link with Full Speed and Pause Option.

    (Do not forget to press the Thanks button.)
    libtouch_gui 1.18:
    - confirm cancel nandroid jobs (prompt to press 'Back' twice or resume after 5 secs)
    - vibrate after backup/restore operations

    Stop asking for updates
    I was offered the i9505 by S4 owners. It is my development flagship device. If there are no updates, it means you do not need any
    Start by reading change-logs. When they are relevant, I always release for jflte to thank who offered me the device
    I will miss PhilZ recovery a lot!...
    Tried TWRP 2.7 and three versions of 2.8. My nandroids disappear after booting, browsing files and flash process is much more inconvenient...
    Well it's a pity :(

    For now you have a fully working PhilZ Touch

    To all donators: CWM is no more supported in a good way by CM team. They moved to CyanogenMod Simple Recovery. As the name suggests, it is really a simple recovery with basic and limited features.

    PhilZ Touch being based on CWM, this means I have to start a whole new project from near scratch if we want to continue with PhilZ Touch. I started doing it, it ended with very good version you have now that is compatible with latest CM files. However, continuing this to completely migrate it to c++ complying code is an endless hours job. My life imperatives don't allow it.

    S4 won't see Android L for the next many months probably, so, until then, it should be fine
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