Joy-Cons connected but no input


May 4, 2016
I have everything set up and working as I want it to but (besides the known bugs) one big issue still remains.
I receive zero input trough my Joy-Cons even though they both are connected.
via Bluetooth.

I described all I tried in order to fix them below, hope that I'm not the only one who has this and maybe that someone know a way to fix this?

-I paired both of them using the pair buttons on the side of the Joy-Cons
-I flashed the with System mounted in TWRP multiple times
-I checked for input with 'Gamepad Tester' but it registered no button pressed, although I did see the joycons under the connected devices section of the app
-I tried the 'Joy-Con Enabler' app but that didn't help me either
-I tried remapping the keys with 'Key Mapper' but it doesn't register the button press so that didn't help either
-I checked in '/system/usr/keylayout' and the 'Vendor_057e_Product_200(6/7/9)_Version_0001.kl' files are there with 644 as the permissions
-I also installed the '1controller' Magisk module and the 'DS4Adapter' EdXposed module (but those aren't for joy-cons but maybe worth mentioning)
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