Joying Universal Single DIN Unit FYT Based?

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Aug 23, 2006

Im looking at one of these units from Joying for my older Jeep. Curious if these are FYT based or not?

Does anyone have one of these adjustable screen units? Im looking to buying, the only thing I'm going to use it for is carplay thru a zbox zlink adaptor to play music and take calls. Will the 1GB model work ok for this? I think the specs are quite low, but the zbox Zlink or Carlinkit apps dont require much resources.

I ask if they are FYT because I have a Px3 2gb coreboard lying around, and if this unit is FYT based and I can just plug it in, getting the cheaper 1gb version vs the 4gb 8 octo core at twice the price seems like it would make more sense.

Anyone know?


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May 4, 2010
interesting. i emailed them to ask if the 1 gig+16gig one is fyt based and they said no.
Well, I guess they know better than I do, but if you look at all the apps: Those are the FYT apps.
Microntec, Topways, Antoto and other manufacturer apps do look different.

I would ask them which firmare you need for this unit, and then I'm very curious which firmware they point you to.