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[Jul 7, 2013][ROM][4.1.2] MIUI V5 |3.5.31| NAND/NativeSD Tytung Kernal

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    This is June 28 2013 version of MIUI.

    MIUI is one of the best android ROMs, based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean MIUI provides a fresh user experience with Cloud services, backup and security tools. MIUI is released every Friday round 12pm UK time. MIUI is now 3 years old and is growing stronger every day with over 10 million users world-wide.

    Click here to see the full Changelog

    MIUI ROM 3.6.28 Full Changelog

    Optimization - Attribution database update

    Fix - In some cases "pre-written" messages can not be displayed
    Fix - When adding dialog box of private contacts, the Back key does not disappear after being pressed
    Fix - Adding image with high aspect ratio as an attachment might cause Messaging app FC
    Fix - Switching Xiaomi account results in MMS synchronization failure
    Fix - Reboot might cause "Show previews" feature to be enabled again after being disabled
    Fix - MMS thumbnails occupy too much memory and cause the program to run slowly or crash

    New - In “Filter Files”, "recording" and "ringtone " folders will be filtered by default
    New - Songs in Music can be pushed to Xiaomi MiBox

    New - Added desktop batch sorting mode (In edit mode, you can click the icons for multiple choice)

    New - Clicking on the recommended theme image can go to related web page
    Fix - Prompt error for authorization obtaining failure

    New - Added time watermark

    Optimization - Improved application stability

    Fix - In some cases , watching videos might cause FC error
    Fix - In some cases, using Flash plug-in might cause FC error

    Fix - Accessibility relevancy errors

    Installation procedure
    1. Task 29

    2. Magldr

    3. CWM (change flash.cfg as follows)
    misc ya 1M
    recovery rrecov|ro|nospr filesize recovery-raw.img
    boot yboot|ro 5M
    system ya 300M
    cache ya 2M
    userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

    4. Download the ROM and install it using CWM. (http://turbobit.net/qvcjda8i2vkm.html) (http://www.mediafire.com/download/a2w6uxrb7h6yaws/miuiandroid_hd2_jb-3.6.28.zip

    5. Increase your memory limit by using the following app (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1661892)

    5. Once installed you will not see Google Play store app. You can either install it via Gapps (search for it) OR download the following MIUI supermarket app (attached below)

    6. Move the supermarket.apk to your SD card and install it. Once installed, open it and in the search bar write google. You will see lots of app but none showing Google play store. Scroll down till it says 'search other markets'. Click on that and you will see the Google Play store (I guess it is number 2). Download and install it.

    7. You should have fully working MIUI v5 with Google play store.

    Have fun!

    Credits go to MIUI DEVs, HD2 DEVs, gtbluesky(official rom creator), dcordes, cotulla, tytung, ungaze, Anurag pandey, miuiandroid.com and us all for keeping our beloved HD2 going...
    New link added. Enjoy!
    Excuse me i am a noob for swap!

    I have already a swap partition ( 256 mb) but i don't know how to active in android.

    When i type "free" ( with su ), i have 0mb. i suppose it's not active. Which command to active?

    My card is class 4, i know, it's not a speed card.


    The swap doesn't need to be activated. Android will understand it by itself. It is more to do with your card speed rather than anything else. if you had a class 10 card, you may not face this issue at all.
    Reporting a problem,( dont know if itz already covered) with possible fix for the current version of rom.

    Problem:- headset controls not working in call,players etc.

    Solution:- replace the contents of system/usr/keylayouts from another rom ( i used files from nexus hd2 jb4.2.2 rom v2.4) , in which u know itz working.


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