July 27: Has anyone seen the U1000 WM6 upgrade yet?

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Feb 5, 2007
Update on India ROM

Please post feedback and details about this rom

I tried the Indian (SEA-English) version of the ROM. I dont see any difference in the ROM. Also I see that the Rom Version is lower than what we had before.

CE OS 5.2.1437 (Build 17944.0.3.1)

ROM Version : 2.19.707.4
ROM Date : 07/06/07
Radio Version :
Protocol Version: 32.78.7020.19H
ExtROM Version : 2.19.707.101


Senior Member
Oct 14, 2006
Stuck On Boot Loader

Can you guys help me out, I was not able to do the upgrade because I git the error "invalid vender id". I read NOW that I need to unlock the cid first? I was trying to do so but I cannot get out off the screen that says SERIAL.

I tired a hard reset and it still goes to the same screen. Is there something else I can do??


Senior Member
Jun 1, 2007
Is the windows live working in this new version?

To Jasjarman:
i think u need to flash the right version for yr model if u haven't unlock cid.
so try to flash back the right ROM.


Senior Member
Oct 14, 2006
Thanks royalman, I finally got it out of the bootloader but now I cannot get it to do the automatic cid unlock. It freezes the x7500 when I run the SSPL-HERM. Am I using the wrong unlocker program> I downloade the Hard-SPL(2).zip but like I said it freezes. When I skip the SSPL-HERM file and go straight to the unlock app it does unlock the cid. Than I wait 10sec and soft reset. Than I try to install w6 and I STILL get the error "INVALID VENDER ID"

What am I doing wrong?


Senior Member
Mar 24, 2006
I ran into the same situation two weeks ago and the way out is to winrar the exe file and, while in the bootloader, use the update file for the ROM you previously had.
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