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Jan 6, 2010
Hey guys :)

I've decided to turn back in time and re-install my Touch Pro and if I remember well, I used Sencity on my Raph :)

Can someone maku a re-up of Sencity version? Please ...
Thx a lot ;)

I found it on my notebook :)) yes!

So, if anyone is interested in Energy.RAPHAEL.29020.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.sencity.May.15, I can post it somewhere ...
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Nov 15, 2008
Energy ROM for Raphael = Old but Gold

Just installed Jul.062011 on my Touch Pro (yes I am from the past) and works like a charm. Previous ROM was Jul102010.
Thanks NRGZ28 for the great effort. :good:
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Jan 2, 2006
Hoi HTC0017,

Do you still have by any chance the original Energy ROM cookie 2.0 (the ROM without applied themes)? You'd help me out a lot if you have it and could post it. Tnx.

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    Welcome to the "EnergyROM" thread !

    This development thread is for my "Energy" custom firmware series for the HTC Touch Pro (Raphael) device.

    The current build numbers and date can be seen in the title of this thread. I usually update the ROMs about twice a week, as new builds come down the pipe or as new software/updates are available.

    I build my ROMs with four main goals.

    • Eye candy ( I want my ROM to look great and for it to all flow together nicely)
    • Speed !!!
    • Smoothness, consistency and good aesthetics
    • Stability through private beta testing before public release

    I pre-configure a lot of things in my ROM, because when I flash it on my phone, I want it ready to go. So, expect the backlight to be set at the maximum brightness, the ringtone, sms/email and other notifications to already be set. Doing it this way, makes for a nice ROM that's ready out of the box.

    I recommend learning to backup your settings with either Sashimi or UC (User Customization). Backing up with SPB Backup or similar products, is NOT recommended, as they tend to backup the previous release's registry/file bugs as well!

    Looking at the download folder you will find two core versions of my ROM.

    • The 21916 Build which is the most reliable, fast and bug free release. It has the Start menu button at the top left corner just like a stock ROM. I recommend you start with this first! :)

    • The 29022 Build that's the latest in the 6.5.X series with the Start menu button at the bottom left corner and big softkeys. These builds reflect the latest cutting edge technology from Microsoft. These are also much more finger friendly throughout.

    You can stay up to date on the status of my ROM development by "following" me on Twitter.

    It's definitely the fastest way to get in touch with me and please don't be afraid to tweet me if you see major issues with the ROMs.
    I generally do not answer "support" questions on Twitter, as it's really not the proper medium for that. Service packs and quick fixes will always be released as links in my tweets and that's definitely the fastest way to get a fix for a ROM.

    To follow me on twitter, click here!

    If you own an European\Asian Touch PRO, use the "Keyboard Selector" application under Utilities > Tweaks (after you flash the ROM) to select the "Pro" keyboard layout. The ROM comes with the american AT&T Fuze layout enabled by default.


    This post features all the Cookie Hometab based ROMs I make.

    The original ROM is the "energy" version and that's a good starting point. All the rest, are themes applied to that ROM.
    They all come in two versions,
    Cookie 1.8.5 and Cookie 2.0 (the ROM filename will be labeled "Cookie" and "Cookie.2.0, plus the name of the theme)

    You can see more screenshots of these ROMs a couple of posts down.

    The two Cookie versions look pretty similar, but Cookie 2.0 has multiple sliding homescreens/freely moveable widgets (similar to Android) and
    quite a few more features and speed, however it's still in 'beta'. Cookie 1.8.5 is considered the less complicated and stable build for now.

    My own 'Energy' style

    • This is the best ROM version and the way Sense should have been designed by HTC
    • Offers the biggest customization ability out of all versions. You can add/remove bars or items on the homescreen, arrange items any way you like, plus lots of extra features
    • Three built in lockscreens. "HD Mini" style, Manila style or Windows style
    • 3 pages of quicklinks with a configurable amount of shortcuts displayed
    • 3 Homescreen layouts to choose from, as seen in the above screenshots, all completely customizable !
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
    Dinik's "Anastasia"
    • This ROM series is skinned with Dinik's great "Anastasia" theme applied on everything.
    • Everything has been skinned, including Sense, the start menu items, the soft keyboard, parts of the dialer... etc
    _LeCiel_'s ".sencity"

    • This ROM is themed with the .sencity theme released by _LeCiel_ who is a very talented artist ! Please support his work if possible.
    • .sencity is not %100 complete yet, but _LeCiel_ is working hard on finishing his work to completely skin the entire ROM.
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
    DJC & Bobsbbq's "Touch Of Glass"
    • This ROM series is skinned with DJC's "Touch of Glass" theme throughout Sense and the Start Menu
    • More will be skinned as DJC continues his work on the theme in the future...
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
    ElCondor's "GTX"

    • This ROM has the white GTX theme applied
    • Android styled taskbar, matching dialer, matching start menu background and Action screen background
    • GTX is a total reskin of the operating system, so expect a very different (white) experience
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <





    List of installed applications


    • Bubble Breaker
    • Solitaire
    • Teeter

    • Digital Compass
    • QuickGPS
    • Google Maps
    • HTC GPSTool
    • ChartCross GPS Test

    • Opera 9.7
    • Jbed Java
    • RSS Hub
    • Remote Desktop
    • A couple of widgets for ROM Updates
    • MSN Messenger and Windows Live
    • Barnes Noble eReader
    • Facebook
    • Palringo
    • Windows Live
    • Messenger
    • Bing
    • Send and Receive All
    • Data Controller

    • Audio Booster
    • FM Radio
    • MP3 Trimmer
    • Voice Recorder
    • YouTube
    • TCPMP
    • InCall Recording
    Office Mobile

    • Full suite of Office Mobile 2010

    • BsB Tweaks
    • Flashlight
    • Lock Device
    • Microsoft MyPhone
    • Registry Editor
    • PIM Backup
    • FDC TaskManager
    • Wifi Router
    • XDA UC
    • My own Settings Exporter tool
    • Shake and Save (screenshot app)
    • Wifi Monster
    • Wifi Router (internet sharing app)
    • tBattery
    On the Start Menu

    • Backlight control app
    • Total Commander
    • Rotate Screen (by clicking icon or by pushing down Send key)
    • Windows Marketplace

    ROM features at a glance:

    • Very fast startup time. You won't find any startup wizards in this ROM. You'll be up and running in a couple minutes after flashing the ROM and ready to go. No need to spend time to set everything up.

    • XDA_UC is built in. It will import your custom XML and REG files from your storage card after first boot.

    • My own Settings Exporter application is found in the Tools folder. Use it to export all your settings after you customize the device. When a new ROM comes down the line, use it to import everything and save time.

    • Everything is setup to use the phone right after flashing. Sounds, notifications, all options, etc

    • The HTC Messaging client is removed, leaving the windows built SMS client for much faster texting, but still able to use a nicely skinned Sense text messaging app with "iphone style" messaging bubbles.

    'Standard' ROMs that have no addons installed on the homescreen. Stock Sense 2.5 !


    • This series retains the stock functionality of the Sense UI. The files have been compressed by "CFC" compression. making the UI lighter and faster
    • This ROM still retains my theme and style, plus all the regular apps you find in my ROMs.
    • There are no homescreen addon-ons in this ROM. The best speed and the most stock functionality.


    MaxSense UI (android style homescreen)

    • This is a complete rewrite of the Sense homescreen, by maxycy.
    • It features a 3 screen, Android style, homescreen with widgets! The widgets can be placed ANYWHERE on the three screens.
    • 75 Quicklink accessible on all tabs
    • You should really visit the original thread for this mod shown on the next line to see all the features!
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <.
    Titanium (ROMs for raw speed!)

    • This is a minimal ROM version without Sense in it. It's used primarily for people that like to customize the default 6.5 homescreen (Titanium)
    • You can use it to install alternate homescreen interfaces like SPB Mobile Shell, etc
    • Very low memory footprint and good battery life, but very simple and lacks a lot of features that you would otherwise have available in Sense...

    Click the following link for addons, XDA_UC help and various cabs specific to this ROM series

    Camera / G-Sensor Issue

    In the Rhodium, I found that HTCSensorSDK.dll was missing in both the December 11th and December 13th ROMs.

    I found this by running depends.exe on Camera.exe.

    I saw that HTCSensorSDK.dll was a dependency.

    Since there were also G-Sensor issue, it seemed like a likely cause.

    I uploaded my December 5th version of that file. A user applied it.

    The Camera started working.

    That particular file might not be compatible with the Raphael, so I recommend someone look at the last ROM where the camera worked. backup HTCSensorSDK.dll from the windows folder.

    Flash the latest ROM. Then copy the backed up file to the windows folder.

    If it works, then zip it up and upload it.

    Hope this helps. If it does, please remember the Thanks button.